Plan for a Long Holiday Trip to Vung Tau

Beside beautiful beaches, Vung Tau also has primitive forest, which makes this area become an ideal destination for you and your family to discover in the holidays.

Trip to Vung Tau
Vung Tau Vietnam

#1. How to reach Vung Tau?

  • By public transport

You can get to Vung Tau by buying tickets at all bus stations of the provinces. Note that you should visit the bus station one day before the departure to refer to the fare, type of car (budget, high-end), and departure time.

In particular, from Ho Chi Minh City, besides buses and passenger cars, visitors can also travel by Hydrofoil in the route Sai Gon - Vung Tau. In Vung Tau, you can rent a motorbike, double bike to go around or explore the city by taxis.

  • By motorbikes and private cars

There are many ways to come to Ba Ria - Vung Tau, but two main directions are from Vung Tau intersection (from Highway 20) going straight another 80 km or from Phan Thiet, Phan Rang.

In addition, if you are not clear or prefer the comfort, you can also rent a tourist car. Remember to make sure that the driver has to carry you anywhere in Vung Tau or Ba Ria. Rental price of a tourist car from Saigon - Ba Ria - Vung Tau for 2 days 1 night is 3 million VND for a 16 seat car and 5-7 million VND for a 50 seat one.

#2. What is the best time to visit Vung Tau?

Excluding the months of September, October or the rainy days when the water is rather opaque, unsuitable for bathing or sightseeing, the remaining months in the year are the perfect time to visit Vung Tau because the sea then is beautiful, pristine and charming.

#3. Where to stay in Vung Tau?

The density of motels, hotels in Vung Tau is quite crowded, so prices are competitive. You can rent a room with from 80,000 VND to 500,000 VND. You are advised to rent a hotel room, guest house on Hoang Hoa Tham street or road along Bai Sau (Beach) to be able to take a walk to explore the night sea (the price may be slightly more expensive). Reservations should be made in advance on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Particularly in Ba Ria, you can spend the night camping in the resort with the price from 55.000 VND per person, rent a room in hostel in Ba To town or Binh Chau town for 200,000 VND. If you have more money, you can rent a room in resorts such as Loc An, Hong Phuc, Ho Tram Yasaka, Binh Chau hot springs resort... (the price is from 800,000 VND upwards).

Wild, romantic beaches

  • Chi Linh Beach

Coming here, you will be able to soak yourself in the cool water, play with the waves, listen to the “song” performed by the sea through the waves mixed with the orchestra of young birds in casuarina forests. At noon, sitting under the canopy of green trees, dropping the soul in the sound of the waves, of the leaves rustling, you will forget the sultry days in the city.

  • Vong Nguyet Beach

This beach still owns many wild features, the three sides are majestic cliffs. To get to Vọng Nguyet beach, you have to cross the gentle slopes, follow the trail under the green trees. Taking a breath in the fresh air and welcoming the cool breeze blowing and whispering are the things you get when coming here. Vong Nguyet beach is always a favorite place for travelers to explore or for those who like to enjoy quiet, peaceful and cool space.

  • Doi Nhai Beach

Unlike other beaches in Vung Tau that are bustling and crowded, Doi Nhai beach is quite peaceful and does not have many people. This place is only explored by backpackers and local people. Camping overnight to watch the sea at night or strolling the beach watching the sunrise, welcoming to the new day with the chirping of the birds are interesting things you can experience when you visit this place.

  • Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu primary forest

This is the only remaining coastal forest that is relatively intact in the South. The forest along the seashore is interspersed with sloping hills covered by green trees. In the jungle, visitors will feel the coolness which is enough to let us get away from the summer heat.

Sometimes, you can encounter gentle streams smoothly flowing into the sea to create a romantic beauty. Looking up to the canopy of trees, visitors will encounter countless beautiful and rare flowers. Visiting Binh Chau- Phuoc Buu you will be immersed in the wild and majestic nature.

Famous monuments

  • Christ statue

Started to be built in 1974 and finished 19 years later, the statue of Christ faces the south looking out to sea with the face expressing a generous, benevolent feature. Since the statue is located on the top of Tao Phung mountain with the height of over 200 m, visitors can enjoy the cool breeze from the sea blowing and panoramic view of Vung Tau when crossing the 133 spiral steps inside the statue.

  • Hon Ba Temple

Hon Ba Island is located in an idle island amidst the vast blue sea with waves all year round. There is a small shrine of the same name on the island. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the purely peaceful space of incense’s smoke or enjoy the romantic, poetic scene around the island. The clear, cool water is reflected in the colorful stone plate of various shapes. The combination of rock and sea creates the characteristic of Hon Ba Island. Especially, in the sunrise or sunset, the island is more brilliant due to the light reflecting sunshine.

  • Thich Ca Phat Dai (Temple of the Shakyamuni Buddha)

As a large temple on the side of Lon (Big) Mountain in Vung Tau city, the beauty of the temple is a very clever combination between religious architecture and natural scenery. Notably, in this temple, there is the tower of Bat Giac (Octagon) of 19m high and the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha sitting meditating on a lotus tower built on the back of a mountain that visitors can see from a distance.

#4. Enjoy the specialties

The abundant seafood has made special dishes of various types in Vung Tau. Beside traditional dishes with regional flavors such as Vung Tau khọt cakes, Long Hai pancakes, Long Dien fish sauce, An Nhut hỏi cakes..., there are dishes made from fresh and alive seafood caught from the calm sea in Vung Tau.

Enjoying the gourmet delicacies in the scenic seaside setting, watching the sunset over the sea are the unforgettable experiences that tourists gain in Vung Tau. A trip to Vung Tau will bring visitors real relaxation time.

#5. What to bring when traveling to Vung Tau?

  • Clothes and footwear

You should bring clothes which are lightweight, easy to wash and fold. Besides, you should also bring a hat, raincoat, personal umbrella to avoid rain or to move in the sunshine.

Going to the beach: When you go to the beach, you need to bring bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, wide hat ...

Climbing: You should prepare dress, low base shoes (bata or sneakers are the best), warm attire, scarf ...

- Footwear: When traveling, you have to move frequently and walk quite a lot. Therefore, you need to prepare shoes, sandals for convenient and comfortable moving.

  • Personal items

Things like phones and cameras will be essential to save the moments of the trip. With the frequency of use, the battery charger, backup battery are also indispensable things to carry.

Many visitors do not usually carry towels, toothpaste, brushes, as these are available at the hotel. However, sometimes, the items at the hotel can cause visitors allergic. Therefore, you should bring these items in case of bad situation.

  • Drugs and medicine instruments

It seems to be serious, but you only need to bring some cotton, personal tapes, a bottle of Hydro peroxide to disinfect and wash the wound in case you or your companions fall and get injured. In addition, insect repellent, cold medicine, medicated oil ... are also items which should be in the luggage of visitors.

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Travel Routes for Cloud Sightseeing in Vietnam

Ta Xua Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La is now a popular cloud hunting site. Immerse yourself in the sea of Ta Xua clouds, you will feel like you are wandering in a heaven on earth. The appropriate time to hunt for cloud is from December to March. So this is also an ideal site to explore.

The road from Bac Yen town to Ta Xua is 13 km long. On the way, you can watch the whole town of Bac Yen hiding in the clouds, hovering over the mountains.

Y Ty is a mountainous northwestern border commune, bordering China, located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This is a popular cloud hunting destination with the people. The best time to hunt cloud in Y Ty is from August to March.

When spring comes, Y Ty is not only magical with the sea of white clouds like cotton, but also gorgeous blooming peach blossom. The romantic scenery along with the warmth of the people of this place is so interesting that not everyone can resist.

Da Lat city (Lam Dong) not only captivates people with brilliant colors, but also beautiful natural scenery. What is more romantic than in the early morning, admire the clear sunshine, through the sea of  floating clouds.

Camping on the high, airy hills to enjoy the beautiful sea view clouds are interesting experiences in Dalat for those who love to travel.

Ba Den Mountain (Tay Ninh) is the highest mountain in the Southeast. In recent years, this place has become a popular cloud hunting site.

On cloudy days, the scene here appears magical, especially the moment when the sunrise, the white cloud of the sky, the bright yellow of the early sun, the green of the grass. All combine to create a romantic natural painting.

Ba Na Hill (Da Nang) is located in Mount Chua, 1,489 m high in the middle of the sea of white clouds, cool weather all year round. This is an ideal place for family and friends to celebrate Tet holiday.

Coming to the occasion of the Lunar New Year, besides participating in modern entertainment services, visitors can admire the Buddha's door and watch the vast sea of clouds at sunrise or sunset.

Suggestion of Best Places to Enjoy Bun Cha in Hanoi

The famous bun cha restaurants, which are at least 20 years old in Hanoi with their own charming marinating secret and traditional sauce making methods, are always attractive to any customers.

Dac Kim Bun cha Restaurant 

It’s impossible not to mention the bun cha Dac Kim whenever thinking about Bun cha in Hanoi. It has been a famous restaurant for a long time and became a frequent destination of gourmets as well as international guests to the capital.
Located at the beginning of Hang Manh Street, the restaurant has a relatively small area, during peak hours you have to go to the upper floors or sit right at the sidewalk because it is too crowded here.

The restaurant opened around 1965 and is known by the special and meticulous –chosen material of the owner. It must be only pork slap meat or armpit meat, after shredding it will be marinated with spices, onion, garlic and fish sauce then grilled over charcoal.
Each bun cha serving in Dac Kim is prepared quite plump with lots of meat / rolls, a plate of noodles, fresh vegetables with sweet and sour sauce bowl together with delicious papaya salad. It is about 50,000-60,000 VND (2 – 3 USD ) per bun cha serving depending on customers ‘needs.

Despite complaints about the lack of sitting space or price that is somewhat expensive, the restaurant is always crowded with guests and became a symbol of the culinary in Hanoi capital.

Sinh Tu Bun cha Restaurant

One of the most famous bun cha restaurants in Hanoi is Sinh Tu, born in the early '70s in the crowded street of Nguyen Khuyen. The word "Sinh Tu" is taken from the original name of this street in the last century and now has become the brand of the bun cha dish. It is popular thanks to the delicious taste and affordable price as well, only about 35,000 VND (1.5 USD) per serving.

The secret, which is the soul of the food here, is how to make meatballs and mixing sauce with the featured flavour. According to the restaurant’s owner, selecting meat is also very important to the rolls’ deliciousness, meat should be very fresh, warm and marinated according to their own secrets. Guests coming here always give out many compliments for the delicious meatballs and baked meat, which are half-lean and half fat, making guests feel happy. Price is just 35,000 VND (1.5 USD).

Nguyen Bieu Bun Cha Restaurant

The Bun cha restaurant is small but crowded everyday for lunch. It often serves many patrons.

The highlight here is the sauce with very different tastes because of the colour, variety minced garlic and carrots. You will realize that the meatballs and grilled meat is so flavour, fragrant and attractive to the diners when they come across. There is a strange smell of grilled barbecue here because the meat is coated by a layer of banana leaf and then grilled over charcoal.
This is not a popular way of processing, so the taste has become a selling point. Price is 30,000 VND (1.5 USD) per serving.

Duy Diem Bun cha Restaurant

Along the small street of Ngoc Khanh which is only a few hundred meters long, there are tens of bun cha restaurant. Go through the street, you will be captivated by the aroma emanating from the burst grilled skewers right at the sidewalk.

However, let’s stop and try bun cha at Duy Diem restaurant, which has long been a reliable address for gourmets in the capital of Hanoi with its own flavour, different from the rest of the street. It’s about 20 years old and captivates anyone if ever enjoyed thanks to the delicious, tasty and fragrant meatballs, which are marinated skilfully.
It is 40,000 VND (1.6 USD) per serving at Duy Diem restaurant. The meatballs are made elongate, very fragrant with onion, scorched, moderate thickness. The restaurant space is quite spacious, bun cha is very tasty and staff attitude is enthusiastic, moderate price… are selling point of the restaurant.

Huong Lien Bun cha Restaurant

Today many people call this restaurant is "bun cha Obama" because the former President Obama stopped off and enjoy the food here in his visit to Hanoi.

The restaurant has existed for 20 years and it is favourite address of the people living around the neighbourhood of Thi Sach - Le Van Huu - Ngo Thi Nham.
Unlike above restaurant, the meat and meatballs here is soft, sweet and tasty, aromatic with onions, especially delicious sauce with moderate sweetness. The space of the restaurant is clean, spacious, 40,000 VND (1.6 USD) per serving of bun cha and quite crowded at lunchtime.

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Vietnam in 2017

1. Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thuan province

Cu Lao Cau or Hon Cau is one of the two marine reserves of Binh Thuan, about 100 km from Phan Thiet. Looking from the mainland, Cu Lao Cau is like a "stone kingdom" with strange shapes, attracting visitors by clear water color, looking down to the bottom. Therefore, this is also considered a diving paradise.

Come here, during the day you will have the opportunity to see the vegetation, natural coral diversity and extremely beautiful. In the evening, you can join your party on BBQ on the beach, camp fire, and team building games. Sometimes just listening to the waves, the wind blowing in the face of the salty sands of the sea is enough to vibrate the "wandering heart" of the moving people.

2. Tam Hai Island, Quang Nam Province

About 40 km south of Tam Ky city, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, Tam Hai island is separated from the outside world by the romantic Truong Giang. Want to come here, you can go by motor boat from Tam Tien commune to the north or go along the National Highway 1 and then turn to the sea about 10 km, through a ferry at the mouth of the Ky Ha River. Because the road is not favorable, it is very difficult to develop in tourism despite the great potential.

Tam Hai Island as a jewel hidden in the shell has not been honed. But perhaps, its pristine beauty appeals to those who love to explore and like new sensations. The local people on the island live peaceful and happily under the green coconut trees reflecting the immense water.

3. Whale Island, Khanh Hoa

Hon Ong, also known as Whale Island, is a small island located in Van Phong Bay in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, nearly 100km from Nha Trang.

Hon Ong Island is very different from other tourist island in that there are no inhabitants. On the island only a single resort named Whale Island Resort, and all services are provided by the resort. Environmental protection is also very important in Hon Ong island (not fishing or hunting birds). So if you are looking for a place where you can "hang out", a crowded place or a noisy night bar, then Hon Ong Island is not perfect.

Hon Ong is only suitable for those who love the sea, like to explore the natural wilderness, tranquillity, those who want to shirk away from the noisy or tumult of urban life, newlywed couples want to enjoy the sweet honeymoon together.

4. Nam Du, Kien Giang

Nam Du is an archipelago of 21 big and small islands, located in the southwest of the S-shaped map. A small archipelago of two communes, An Son and Nam Du, located in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, 65 nautical miles from Rach Gia, is known as Kien Giang. Nam Du has many beautiful places to make visitors enjoy, according to which the early days, you should take the time to explore the points such as Ma Thien Lanh, Hon Be, Hon Hai Bo Beach, lighthouse ...

Cuisine in Nam Du is mainly fresh seafood, so you can enjoy the choice of fish such as bone marinated banana, grilled onion, ginger steamed squid, sour fish soup, dried fish ...

5. Diep Son, Khanh Hoa

Diep Son consists of 3 small islands, lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay. The journey to discover the island starts from Van Gia town, after about an hour floating on the sea, the beautiful archipelago Diep Son appear gradually, cut clearly on the horizon.

The special thing about Diep Son Island is the journey to conquer the 700-meter long sea road which is extremely unique and interesting, connecting the island to the large Diep Son island. The winding road, about 1 meter wide and deep below the sea, is less than half a meter deep. Walking on this road brings a sense of excitement, nervousness and a little fear when you have to walk in the middle of the ocean. You can enjoy the view of the small fish swimming on the two sides, sometimes seeing the fish jump out of the water, or raise your hands to wave the boat passing by.

6. Ta Dung Lake, Dak Nong Province

Ta Dung Lake is a valley in Ta Dung Mountain, Dak Som Commune, Dak G'long District, Dak Nong Province. As a blue mirror which is prominent in the wild mountains of thhe Central Highlands, this place attracts so many visitors. Many people even nicknamed Ta Dung Lake as "Halong Bay of the Central Highlands".

The journey to Ta Dung Lake is not too difficult. After coming to Gia Nghia town, you go about 48 km along the national highway 28 to reach the lake. Long, but easy to drive. Driving in the forest scenery will leave you unforgettable experience.

7. Hon Son, Kien Giang

Hon Son belongs to Lai Son commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province. Hon Son Island is located in the middle of Nam Du Island and Hon Tre Island, which is considered one of the most pristine and unspoilt islands in the Kien Giang Sea. Hon Son owns clean beach, white sand beach, blue sea with coconut trees, wild rocky terrain, quiet and comfortable space suitable for you to relax after long busy days in the city.

8. Hon Mong Tay – Nail Island, Phu Quoc

Nail Island is an ideal place for camping, exploring the island and admire the beautiful natural surroundings. Come to the Nail island, open before your eyes is the clear jade water in the shadow of the green coconut, the beautiful natural stones, sandy white beach with special beauty. Going deep into the island is the grasslands.

You can also find some henna trees (or hina tree – means Mong Tay in Vietnamese), the reason for the island has this special name. At your ear only the sound of the waves, the wind, the noise of the city are gone. The feeling of full harmony with the vast space of heaven and earth will create a dizzy overwhelming feeling for those who come here.

9. Hai Tac - Pirate Islands, Kien Giang

Pirate Island in Kien Giang is considered a strange destination right from the name. In fact, this is the name of an archipelago of 16 islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island (Hon Doc), located in Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien District. It is located near the coast of Ha Tien 28 km and Phu Quoc island is about 40 km away. Much of the island is covered by forest, the place near salt water is surrounded by unspoiled rocks. Here, in addition to exploring and listening stories from local people about the origin of the name of the Pirate islands, you will have the opportunity to experience the natural landscape with pristine, cool and fresh beauty.

10. Dam Mon, Khanh Hoa

Dam Mon Peninsula is located in Van Phong Bay, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, about 80 km from Nha Trang city along the National Highway 1A to the north. Dam Mon beach is especially quiet and clean, because the sea is shielded by Hon Gom peninsula and Hon Lon arch so there is no big wave all year round.

Come to Dam Mon you can visit the fishing village to learn about life here, admire the scenery because it is very beautiful. It is a great place for amateur or professional photographer. Other activities in Dam Mon that you can experience are exploring the ocean with scuba diving or snorkeling trips to the islands, discovering the island's beauty or simply dipping yourself under a clear, sparkling beach.

Mandalay Palace – The Last Royal Palace of Myanmar

This place is known as the last royal palace of Burma's monarchy. The palace was built mainly from wood, between 1857 and 1859, as part of the founding of the new Mandalay Royal Capital of King Mindo.

For most parts, the palace was designed in a traditional style. Situated on a square area of 413 hectares, this palace was built inside a solid fortified wall and surrounded by a beautiful water moat.

Mandalay Palace is the main royal residence of King Mindo and King Thibaw - the last two kings of the country. So all parts are magnificently constructed by teak and were gilded and painted in reddish color. Wall system is of 2 km long, 8 meters high, and 3 meters thick, with 48 cannon launchers. There are 12 doors representing 12 zodiac signs. Each wall has 3 doors divided separated evenly in term of space and corner. Outside, there is a moat of 64 meters wide, 4.5 meters deep. It is believed that in the past, under the moat, there was also a system of thorn, thorns to trap the enemy in case of attack.

Nevertheless, the construction of high solid walls with ramparts, moat, water system, roads, gardens with shady trees, playgrounds, swimming pool, mint, security gate With infantry, cavalry, archers, artillery, camps, stables, auditoriums, throne rooms, religious mansions and monasteries and ethics halls are meticulously planned. Inside the palace, there are various buildings: clock tower, relic tower, Supreme Court, royal tomb, audience hall, lion throne room, glass palace.

With its sophisticated and unique architecture, Mandalay Royal Palace has been preserved over the years, to retain the essence of human architecture. Visiting this heritage of Myanmar, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the royal culture of this place. In addition, when the tour is complete, you can visit downtown Mandalay and enjoy the special dishes of this city.

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Advice for Your Trip to Inle Lake, Myanmar

General speaking, if you travel to Myanmar without visiting Inle Lake, then you cannot say that you have traveled to Myanmar at all. This is enough to see how attractive and charming this place is for visitors.

Inle - The Blue Sea of Shan State

Inle is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar in Shan State, it is called the "blue sea of Shan State." The Lake lies at the altitude of 800 meters above sea level and occupies a large area of about 116 square kilometers. The deepest point of the lake is nearly 4m and the average depth of the lake is 1.5m. 

Appealing destination around Inle Lake
You can visit the unique floating villages such as the village planting flowers, the one producing cigars, the village of long-necked Pa-o people, the villages that weave cloth and produce handicrafts, In Dein village. In addition, there is also Ywama Floating Market that meets once every 5 days. Or you can visit the dance monastery or admire the sunset in the poetic afternoon.

Poetic afternoon on Inle Lake

One of the great points of Lake Inle is the beautiful and romantic natural scenery and especially fresh, pleasant climate. Therefore, Inle Lake is suitable for excursions around the year, especially ideal for couples or travelers looking for relaxation. In addition, if you go to Inle Lake from September to October every year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of vivid, colorful festivals.
The lake attracts a lot of visitors everywhere to visit to enjoy the beauty of the lake by its pristine and attractive beauty. Going to the middle of the lake, the boat carrying visitors will slow down and stop so people can take pictures of local people fishing on the lake, a beautiful image often promoted by Myanmar tourism on postcards.

When going on the lake, the boat will go slowly so that tourist can see the view of the shore, which is considered as the village of green vegetables of indigenous people. The population is sparse and concentrated around the lake by traditional villages. Upon visiting the village of Sendu, tourists will see here, people weave cloth from a unique material in the world, they take silk from the lotus to spin and weave into fabric. According to some sources of information, it takes 8000 lotus stems will be able to weave a piece of fabric with the width of 0.6 meters and 2 meters long with the price up to hundreds of Dollar.

One more day to visit Inle Lake, visitors will have more time to explore and contact with the women of the ancient Padaung group. This is the ethnic group still living in the border areas of Myanmar and Thailand. The life of the people here is tranquil, not entangled. They are cheerful and friendly, willing to take pictures with the visitors, then continue their work of spinning and weaving fabric.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda - an iconic sight of Inle lake

Around Inle Lake, there are sacred temples built centuries ago. Notably Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the pagoda is a community gathering point for the community of Inle Lake. The temple has five golden Buddha statues that the local people here, as well as visitors, pay homage when visiting. The temple also displays some photos of the president and senior Myanmar officials who came to the temple.

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4 Appealing Destinations in Yangon, Myanmar

The former capital of Yangon is the largest tourism center in Myanmar, where possesses many popular attractions, diverse and appealing tourist services. And it is highly recommended that tourists visit Shwedagon Pagoda, Botataung Temple, Bogyoke Aung San Market or China Town, which are famous attractions in Yangon, Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon - The Golden Pagoda

Yangon is the first stop on the Myanmar tour, simply because it is the largest tourist center in the country and the hub to travel to other places. The Golden Pagoda of Shwedagon is a place where visitors should never miss out when visiting Yangon, which is considered as the symbol of Myanmar. So far no one is able to determine exactly when the golden pagoda was built, many hypotheses claim that the temple is more than 2000 years old. At present, Shwedagon Pagoda holds four sacred treasures of Buddhism such as the stick of the Buddha, the water filter of the Na Jataka Buddha, a piece of the Buddha's Karmapa and the eight hair strands of Shakyamuni Buddha. The pagoda is inlaid with thin gold foils that make the color extremely attractive especially in the dawn or sunset. The pagoda is also decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies.

Botataung Pagoda

Botataung Pagoda

After visiting Shwedagon Pagoda, the next destination must be Botataung Pagoda, an appealing destination in Yangon. The temple is located along the river bank of the city. The name of the pagoda means "thousands of general" because it was built by the offerings and support of generals in the military of Myanmar. The first impression to visitors when visiting the pagoda is a slight dazzle because the ceiling and the walls of the pagoda are inlaid with gold. The temple also holds a treasure that is the Buddha's hair relic. The space of the pagoda is both tranquil and solemn which will help visitors stay calm and relaxed.

China Town

A vendor in China Town

In almost any major city in Southeast Asia, it is easy to see Chinese communities intermingled with indigenous peoples and Yangon is no exception. There is a great number of Chinese people living and working here, creating an interesting culture, attractive to visitors. The China Town looks like a miniature China with shops selling food, clothing, household items; the mode of living is almost unchanged. Besides, you can stroll around the night market in China Town, enjoying delicious Myanmar dishes such as Shan dumplings, Shan noodles, coconut cakes.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

A corner of Bogyoke Aung San Market

During the trip Myanmar almost all visitors also want to shop for souvenirs bearing the spirit of Myanmar to bring home as gifts for relatives. And Bogyoke Aung San Market is a great place to shop. This is the largest traditional market in Yangon, which sells almost everything made by Myanmar people. Handicrafts, jewelry, souvenirs or even longyi skirts are popular items.

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Suggestion of 5 Polite Places for Vegetarian Buffet

1. Ha Thanh vegetarian restaurant

Although located deep in a lane on Kim Ma Street, Ha Thanh vegetarian restaurant is still the familiar address of many people. On regular days, the restaurant only serves vegetarian according to set menu and à la cart but on the 1st and 15th day of lunar month, there is buffet with many dishes for diners to choose.

The vegetarian buffet in the restaurant is quite diverse with steamed, fried, baked food, cakes, tea, jellies, and fruit at 100,000 VND (4 USD) per serving. The vegetarian dishes is quite delicious, but the most plus points are still strange sweet dishes like sticky rice with jackfruit or Kungpao chicken (fried chicken with bell peppers).

Besides serving guests in the restaurant, they also prepare a variety of vegetarian items to take away such as vegetarian rolls, vegetarian barbecue ... at quite reasonable prices. Among the dishes, mushroom roll is very delicious, worth to try.
The restaurant is quite simple, little decorative, with wooden furniture – very typical style for vegetarian restaurant. Especially, though located in the alley, the yard is relatively spacious, convenient for guest to park their vehicles.

2. Loving Hut, Quan Thanh street

In the list of popular vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, of course Loving Hut can not be ignored. Simply, the buffet price here is just at 100,000 VND (4 USD) per person.

The plus points for Quan Thanh vegetarian buffet are various dishes, including rare dishes such as steamed rice rolls, spring rolls ... In addition to the buffet, the price of set menu here is also very reasonable (around 30,000 VND (14 USD) / serving) with main dishes, soup and dessert.

If you intend to come here to eat vegetarian food, please note that the restaurant only serves it in 1st and 15th day of lunar months. In addition, there are so many guests while there are only 80 seats, so you should book in advance to have available seats.

3. An Lac vegetarian restaurant 

The biggest plus of An Lac vegetarian restaurant is its daily vegetarian buffet, serving both lunch and dinner. In addition, the price here is also very reasonable, only 99,000 VND (4 USD)/ serving.

In terms of space, the restaurant is quite professional, elegant and harmonious with two spacious floors, creating a very comfortable feeling. However, on the 1st and 15th day of lunar months or holidays, this restaurant is very crowded, so if not booked in advance, it’s likely that you will have to take time to wait for an available seats.

4. Tam Viet Vegetarian restaurant

Tam Viet vegetarian restaurant serves vegetarian buffet on the 1st and 15th day of lunar months with the price of 70,000 VND (2.8 USD)/ person. At this price, the buffet here is considered one of the cheapest in Hanoi.

About the menu, the buffet at this restaurant has about 20 dishes, besides the familiar dishes such as fresh rolls, fried rolls, dumpling, salad, cake ...they also serve vegetarian pho, vegetarian vermicelli...
Everyday, the restaurant also serves food according to the buffet model but lesser dishes with price of 30,000 VND (1.2 USD). Besides rice, there are also other dishes like hot pot, noodles, pho... In terms of space, the restaurant is lightly decorated with many tables.

5. Nhat Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

Compared with most vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, Nhat Tam has more advantage of serving vegetarian buffet in 6 days a month. Buffet schedule of the restaurant is on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th day of the lunar calendar.

Nhat Tam vegetarian buffet has more than 25 dishes with traditional Vietnamese food such as mushroom soup, traditional rolls, fruit rolls, veggies rolls, grilled chopped pork rolls, tofu rolls, vegetarian chung cake… they even have excellent dishes such as sour spring roll, vegetarian spring rolls, sweet sticky rice. Almost the food are cooked by the restaurant itself so the taste is quite impressive.

Although located in the alley, the space of the restaurant is quite clean with luxurious decoration and spacious quiet space. In addition to the vegetarian buffet, the food here is also varied with many dishes, even a variety of hot pot. The price of a buffet here is 120,000 VND (4.8 USD) per serving.

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