Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites

Nearly 200 kilometers from the center of Ha Long city, Tra Co resort, Mong Cai City is a unique cultural tourist site and attractive marine tourist detonation attracting thousands of tourists to visit every year.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
Tra Co is considered the beach owning the most tourist sites
Tra Co beach resort is located on the northeast pole - the border area of the country. Tra Co beach is the ideal sandy beach stretching 17 km from Got cape (in the North) to Ngoc cape (in the South) and is enough for thousands of people to swim and play. The sand here is as smooth as a carpet mingling with the blue sea found in the Central coast, but there are mountains reflected characterizing the see in North. Along the coast, there is dozens of kilometers long poplar forest creating a very romantic landscape.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The white sand and blue water in Tra Co
Visitors come to Tra not only to swim, but also to participate in sports games such as soccer, volleyball on the beach with friends. Especially, in the summer early morning or afternoon, visitors can walk on the seaside promenades to enjoy the fresh air of the vast ocean. The deep hollow note of the church bell gives visitors a sense of calm. Despite being situated on the busy economy and trade area of Mong Cai border gate, Tra Co still has something very quiet, peaceful, and no hustle. Going to the in the early mornings, visitors will witness the fishing rafts returning from a night of hard work at sea moored closely together. Tra Co fishermen lumber the heavy nets carrying the fresh fish and shrimp....

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The fishermen with heavy nets of fish and shrimp
Apart from that, approximately 6km from Tra Co, it is Con Mang, an extremely romantic place to see the dawn and dusk. Here, visitors can sit leisurely on the big rocks around a totally secluded setting to listen to the waves with white foam crashed on to the rocks, which gives visitor the feeling like being immersed to the nature.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
Con Mang- the ideal place to see the sunrise and sunset
There are many beautiful old architecture such as Tra Co church, temple, tomb, Xuan Lan temple… around Tra Co beach. Historic Cultural Tra Co communal house relic built during the fifteenth century worships the 6 Creators, the first people to set up ancient Tra Co village, and also attracts many tourists.

Besides the traditional Vietnamese architectures, Tra Co also has a quite famous Western-style architecture, Tra Co Church built in the 1880s and restored in 1995. The church of quite ancient, massive and has luxurious architecture with hundreds of reliefs and a nearly a hundred year old bell.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The ancient and magnificent Tra Co church, an attractive destination in Tra Co
Like many other major resorts, Tra Co is now being invested to become a luxurious resort with high quality tourism service. Tra Co has been becoming an indispensable destination for travelers in each time visiting Quang Ninh, visiting the city located on the northeast border of the country...


Tra Co is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, about 8-9 km from Mong Cai district and Mong Cai border gate. People who live here are mostly migrants from Do Son coming to live and do business.

If you travel from Hanoi by private car, you can go along the highway No. 18, Hanoi - Hon Gai, turn to highway 4 in Tien Yen to go to Mong Cai town. From here, you can move to Tra Co beach. The path from Mong Cai to Tra Co quite spacious and safe.

If you go by passenger car, you should choose Hanoi - Mong Cai car, it takes you about 5 hours and cost from 120,000 VND/ sear or 150,000 VND/ berth. These cars are available at Giap Bat, My Dinh, Luong Yen stations. A travel experience when coming to Tra Co by this way is that you should book the night car since it will save you time.

If you start at Hai Phong or Bai Chay, you can travel by hydrofoil. The Hydrofoil goes smoothly, so you will not feel seasick. Each day there are two trips from Tra Co returning Bai Chay and from Hai Phong going to Tra in the morning and in the afternoon.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Three Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

If you have opportunities to go to Dalat, you should not forget to visit the three famous flower villages named Thai Phien Ha Dong and Van Thanh in this plateau city.

1. Thai Phien Flower Village

Thai Phien flower village is located on ward No. 12, 7 km from the center of Da Lat City. Compared to many areas in this plateau city, Thai Phien has a fairly flat terrain, fertile soil and water from the streams leading to Than Tho lake.. . these conditions are very favorable for growing flowers.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

Therefore, while more than 50 years ago, Thai Phien just planted some kinds of flower such as chrysanthemum, gladiolus, roses, hydrangeas, now, coming here, tourists can see many varieties of flowers imported from France, Japan, Indonesia, the Netherlands as lilies flower, lisianthus flower, carnation, tulip... Since the flowers are cultivated all year round, the flower beds in Thai Phien village are always full of vitality.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

In the garden, you can not only unleash enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers, but can also observe the farming practices in many sections. Some people cultivate seedlings, some plant the flowers, some fertilize and take care, some pick the bloomed flowers, some wrap and package the product flowers. At harvest time, especially near Tet period, the atmosphere in Thai Phien becomes animated with vehicles transporting flowers appear in every roads.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

While in the daytime, Thai Phien is brilliant with thousands of flowers blooming and showing their beauty, the night here is attractive with the beauty of the shimmering yellow lights. Seen from above, the flower village is like a fascinating "city" of light with accumulating gardens which are sparkling in a hilly area.

2. Ha Dong Flower Village

Founded 75 years ago by a group of 35 households coming from Hanoi, Ha Dong flower village, located on ward No. 8 today, is considered the first flower-growing village of Dalat. Only approximately 2 km from the center of Da Lat to the west, Ha Dong flower village is an attractive destination for tourists who want to admire the colorful flower gardens.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

Despite having passed three fourths of the century, the imprints of the predecessors are still preserved in the village with the architecture of garden – pond - barn characterizing the countryside in the North, and especially, the pure voice of Hanoi.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

Like Thai Phien flower village, Ha Dong flower village was formed on the beautiful terrain, sloping along the low hillsides with fertile soil and stream water running through. Initially, the plants here are mainly strawberries, vegetables and chamomile, lily, gladiolus ..., but now, Ha Dong flower village has added many new varieties such as lilies flower, orchids, cymbidium, roses, Japanese chrysanthemums, baby... In particular, the traditional flowers are given priority by the villagers and are preferred by the customers.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

3. Van Thanh Flower Village

In spite of not being as perennial as Thai Phien and Ha Dong flower villages, Van Thanh is known as the largest flower village in Dalat, and is about 3 km the from the city center. From a dozen years ago, the inhabitants from Hanam province migrated to Dalat, established Van Thanh flower village today.
Famous Flower Villages in Dalat

Although Van Thanh has steep mountainous terrain, in the form of terraces, this is still the main supplier for Dalat flowers, especially roses. Van Thanh Rose are mainly grafted from the trunks of wild rose stems. With new rose buds imported from Holland, Van Thanh villagers have created many types of roses which have different colors such as red roses, pink rose, pink, yellow moon rose,...

Besides the rose strengths, Van Thanh also attracts visitors with many beautiful flowers like daisies, lily, Salem, carnation, gerbera... Drifting in the "kingdom of flowers", you can also enjoy the charming aroma.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nui Coc Lake- the Land of Legends in Thai Nguyen Province

The Dan – Tan Cuong - Nui Coc Provincial Road is asphalted smoothly, is winding, and gently embraces the immense green hills, the green of the trees and the green of the Tan Cuong tea leaves- the representative of the famous Thai Nguyen tea. Following that road about 15km from Thai Nguyen city center, visitors can not help being flabbergasted in front of a mountain lake with alternate big and islands - Nui Coc lake.

Nui Coc Lake scenic area

Nui Coc Lake is not a natural lake, the lake was created when a dam was built on Cong river. With 89 heaving islands all over the lake, Nui Coc Lake is like a miniature of Ha Long Bay. Clouds blend with the mountains, the trees are silhouetted against the blue lake with exotic allure, especially for those who have already been familiar with high-rise buildings and crowded streets.

The three-door temple gate leading to the ancient house

During the Voyage on the lake, tourists can not help being curious about a large three-door temple gate on Nui Cai island. Docking here, stepping over the gate, visitors will have to step up the 108 steps to reach the Ancient house. This house is about 200 years old. Inside the house, over 1,000 objects are displayed, these items on display are the products of traditional villages taken from more than 90 handicraft villages in all parts of the country.

Legend of Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc

Referring to Nui Coc Lake, we should not forget to mention the love between Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc - a tragic love which still leaves traces nowadays.

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy living as a woodcutter, his name was Coc. Because he was too poor, he could not get married. When he was sad, he could only send his feelings on melodies of the flute. In a bad harvest year, he came to the house of the hereditary mandarin to work as a hired labor. This mandarin had a beautiful daughter who was well-known throughout the region for singing and dancing beautifully, her name was Cong. Many people came to ask to marry her but she didn’t like anyone. As an union made in heaven, the flute’s melody of Mr. Coc made Ms. Coc’s heart stirred.

Nui Coc Lake is associated with the legend of tragic love of Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc

Hearing the news, the hereditary mandarin was ablaze with anger . He forced Mr. Coc to do hard works in order to harm him. With the help of the fairy man and wild animals, Coc completed the works and met all requirements. However, this did not satisfy the mandarin, he put Ms. Cong into custody and lock her in, and gave commands to his underlings to chase Mr. Coc. As for Coc, he returned home and waited for the day to see his lover again. He waited, waited until the whole body turned into a mountain but Ms. Cong did not come. Missing Mr. Coc, Ms. Cong uninterruptedly cried, and her body was dissolved into water.

Coc mountain now is the embodiment of the boy in the old days while his lover was transformed into gentle Cong river. People said that, when the flood water rose, Ms. Cong always tried to emerge to get closer to Mr. Coc

What to see in Nui Coc Lake

On arriving here, tourists will certainly be surprised at a tall and majestic work which is the giant statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. The statue is 45 meters high, especially, this is a hollow statue, inside the of Buddha statue there is a temple named Thac Vang (Golden Fall)

The majestic Buddha statue and Thac Vang Temple

Coming to Nui Coc Lake, visitors can be attracted by a series of other attractive destinations. Sitting on the pontoon boat, drifting along the small river symbolizing the tear of Ms. Cong in the legend, visitors can understand more deeply about the legend of Cong River - Coc mountain through the illustration of the story. Additionally, visitors can discover Ba Cay Thong (Three pines) cave, the Fairy world cave or play in the water park (in summer), visit the zoo or shop in the love-market ...

The water park in Nui Coc Lake tourist site

Not merely is Nui Coc Lake a place to rest, it is also a place for visitors to immerse themselves in the legendary world, feel better about love, life and even have the opportunity to look back at themselves.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why You Should Visit Whistler

Whistler is a town in British Columbia, Canada. It’s located in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains. The town is fairly small with only about 10,000 permanent residents. There’s also a rotating population of people from outside Whistler who come into the town during certain seasons to work. The town is very popular for its mountains. In fact, about two million people each year visit Whistler. The primary season for visiting is the winter season, obviously. This is when people love to ski and snowboard. However, it is also popular during the summer. Mountain biking and hiking are very popular sports in Whistler during the summer. In fact, the town is so popular and so well-suited for sports that Whistler hosted many of the events during the 2010 Winter Olympics.


The town itself was actually designed to attract the 1968 Winter Olympics. Through some political means, the bids never actually materialised, but the town was built. That means, from its inception, the town was designed as a great ski resort. The hotels are built with all of the luxury amenities that you come to expect.

Perhaps most importantly, they are placed close to the ski slopes as well as easily accessible by road. Many ski resorts have hotels that might be nice, but they have to compromise between easy access to the slopes and accessibility by road. That’s not the case with Whistler, since it was designed as a ski resort. Luxury ski hotels in Whistler are perfectly placed for your enjoyment.


The hotels in Whistler are typically built on or near British Columbia Highway 99. This is also called the Sea to Sky Highway, because it travels from the coast all the way to the mountains. The highway is a very well-maintained and well-travelled one. Also, the Whistler railway station and the Whistler Mountaineer offer regular rail service to and from your hotel. They are provided by Canadian National Railway Services.

In addition to driving or taking a train, you could also take a bus. Greyhound Canada serves large parts of the country and provides passenger service to the mountain, so you could take a bus pretty close to your hotel. The quickest way to get to your hotel would be to fly into Vancouver and make the 140-kilometre trek to Whistler.

The hotels in the area are designed specifically for skiers and winter athletes. That means, they are located close to the most desirable skiing locations, they’re well-maintained, and they can provide you with all the information you need to learn to ski or to get your skis fixed. Just as the concierge can tell you about the best restaurants and entertainment spots in the town, he or she can tell you about the best places to ski. Also, you can find the best pro shops that will outfit you with new gear or repair your damaged gear. Since the town is so small, none of this will be very far from your hotel.
Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Traditional Festival Holidays in Southeast Asian Nations (P2)

1. New Year Festival in Thailand

The Traditional New Year in Thailand is called Songkran held from 13th - 15th April annually. This is the time when Thais show their respect to the Buddha. They clean the house, get rid of the old things, splash water to each other with buckets of water, squirt guns, balls... those who “receive” more water will have more luck. This festival has some similarities with that of Laos and Cambodia, but each country also has some different rituals and ceremonies. During the festival, many parades and beauty contests are organized. In addition, people also cook traditional dishes and wear colorful costumes. There is also Wan Nao, the day dedicated to prepare foods for the upcoming holidays. According to tradition, people would come to the riverside and build sandy temples, each grain of sand will sweep away a sin. The Wao Nao is similar to the 30th (last day of the year) in Vietnam.
Water festival in Thailand

Wan Payawan is the first day of the new year. Firstly, people go to the temples in the early morning to offer food and clothing. At home, the pictures of the Buddha will be cleaned and sprinkled with perfumed water. Payawan Wan is also the begining day of the Water Festival. Finally, it is Wan Parg-bpee day– the day used to pray, commemorate the old, ancestors and sprinkle holy water. Songkran Festival is the day to think of the dead; therefore, people prepare sumptuous meals ordered to the ancestors first and then enjoy the new year.

The Magic and Traditions of Songkran Thai New Year

2. New Year Holiday in Philippines

In the Philippines, eventhough Christmas is the most expected holidays of the year, New Year is the happiest, boisterous and busiest day. It is the opportunity for people in the family to reflect on the things occurred during the old year, and look forward to the future with bright hopes together. With Filipinos, Tet symbolizes changes, hopes, opportunities to correct the faults and do good things. In the days near Tet, most Filipino families clean their house, check the furniture and belongings, throw away the redundant or worthless items.

New Year firework over the Philippines sky

Before the Eve, the family members help each other to prepare the "Media Noche" for the whole family to enjoy at midnight. Main courses usually include pancit (noodles with chicken satay and vegetables), fried chicken, sweet rice cake or pudding, and other traditional dishes, and there is always a bottle of champagne or red wine on the table. Before eating, everyone in the family pray to thank the past year and welcome the new year. Adults will lade children bags with of coins because they hope that they will not have to worry about money in the whole year. The children will jump up and down because Filipinos believe that doing so will help children become taller.

Filipino New Year recipes

In the early days, many Filipinos traditionally list the bad habits that they want to quit, and then provide a list of targets that they aim to reach in the New Year. In rural areas, the Philipinos climb the highest mountain to eager for luck and a quite life in 9 days and this only ends at Christmas day (the Philipinos celebrate the New Year before the Christmas). At Tet, children in Philippines wear new clothes while adults sing happily and enjoy the party. Each quarter, the village had the collective game. In the countryside teenagers wear masks to disguise the mountain god and dance with the villagers to bless, pray for luck, an abundant crop and a happy new year.

Visiting Diem Dien Salt Marsh in Thai Binh Province

During the journey to Thai Binh, many visitors come to Diem Dien traditional village where the salty white salts of the sea are born.

Located 110 km to the southeast of Hanoi, the town of Diem Dien, Thai Thuy District, Thai Binh Province is one of the 3 largest biosphere reserves of the Red River Delta. According to Sino-Vietnamese meaning, Diem is salt, Dien means the field; therefore, the original meaning of the word Diem Dien is saline, or salt marsh. The name of the craft village tells visitors about the traditional job of the villagers, which is to produce salt and inshore fishing.

A worker is watering the saltern, this will help the salt to crystallize more quickly

Water in Diem Dien territorial waters has the standard salinity to produce grains of write salt. Traditional craft villages making salt has existed for a long time. Salt crop starts from about April to July anually. Especially, April and June are the best time to produce the big and salty grains of white salt because there are south wind and baking sun in these months.

A working day of Diem Dien people starts early in the morning. The first stage in producing salt is the tilage (the preparation of land for producing crops). People soak sand with sea water, then they level the sand, dry them on the plots of land and water them with sea water. When the sand dries, small grains of salt crystallize on the grains of sand.

In midday, from 12a.m to 1p.m, it is the time when people use the sea water salinity measurements (Refractometer measuring salinity) to determine the salinity. This work contributes to ensure the stable quality and quantity (production) of salts. Sea water curdles to become grain of salt when its saltinity reaches 25 - 30 degrees.

Harvesting salt

In the baking sun of the summer, on each plots of salt, people work very hard to reap the fruit of their labour. They are happy to work in the burning sunshine, to hope that the crop will be more abundant than usual and the salt will be pure white. However, if there is a sudden rain, farmers have to start again from the first stage, which is a waste of time and effort.

At about 2 p.m14h everyday, salt starts crystallizing on the field, farmers harriedly harvest the salt. Salts are gathered into white heaps reflecting on the surface of the field and creating unique paintings. Each mound of salt is landed so that the steam will evaporate, then it is packed.

The salt field spreads and is beautiful in the sunshine

Although making salt is a hard job, but people in this coastal area areycaafnill laborious with their occupation. If you have an opportunity to come here and experience the process of making salt, you will respect the salty grains of salt, and love the wỏking people in the white salt fields.

Diem Dien coast is also famous for the delicious fiddler crab sauce. Thai Thuy people usually invite guests to their houses to enjoy the local specialities such as Nhệch fish salad, sour jellyfish, jellyfish salad, …. Tourists coming here can also take a trip to Thuy Truong mangrove forest, An Co temple, the temple worshiping the ancestor of Salt- making job, Nguyen Duc Canh monument…

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The most Romantic 'Love Roads' in Hanoi (part two)

1. Long Bien Bridge

There is a place where is extremely exciting for not only lovers but also the single people- Long Bien Bridge. This bridge was finished in 1902 and was designed by the great French architect Gustave Eiffel (the designer of Eiffel Tower – the famous tower all over the world).

The old beauty of Long Bien bridge- the witness of Vietnam history 

By far, Long Bien Bridge has become the bridge of love of young people in Hanoi because there are so many couples in love having attached "love locks" onto the bridge with the hope that the remembrance "lock" will tie 2 people forever, and they would never break up and be far way from each other.

The love locks- the witnesses of love on Long Bien bridge

In consciousness of Hanoians, Long Bien Bridge is not only the first bridge connecting the banks of the Red River but also a place witnessing many magnanimous and pathetic historical events of Hanoi. Today, although Long Bien Bridge is not the traffic artery, it still proudly stands there to witness the construction of many modern and sizeable bridges, and to witnesse a Hanoi which is changing vigorously each day, each hour.

2. Phan Dinh Phung Street

With about 1.5 km long, Phan Dinh Phung street stretches from Mai Xuan Thuong Street to Hang Cot Street. This street crosses the streets including: Hoang Dieu, Dang Dung, Nguyen Tri Phuong and Hang Bun. This is one of the streets which have the widest sidewalk with old dracontomelum trees in Hanoi. There is a special thing is that this is the street having two rows of trees on the same sidewalk. Dracontomelum leaf fall season brings many memories of a time when students went to school. In the last days of the autumn, it is easy to find a peaceful and romantic setting in the heart of a noisy and boisterous Hanoi.

A silent Phan Dinh Street at night when people can find the real character of themselves

Being considered as one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi, Phan Dinh Phung Street attracts many tourists. Coming here, they not only admire the historical buildings such as Bac Mon (North Gate), the old French villas, but also are immersed in a green space.

The flower vendors in Phan Dinh Phung streets

Wandering along the street, you'll always catch the bikes with the bamboo baskets that sell seasonal flowers. They are peach blossom signing the spring, lilies in April, lotus in early summer, marigolds in autumn….

3. Thanh Nien road (Youth Road)

Situated between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, Thanh Nien Road (also called Youth Road) has long become the meeting point of the couples who prefer to confide in each other and see the sunset in the windy lakeside.

Thanh Nien- the most beautiful road in Hanoi

Thanh Nien Road was originally a dam which was built in the early 17th century to keep the fish in Truc Bach Lake. The road is nearly 1km long, starting from the Yen Phu slope to the junction of Quan Thanh - Thuy Khue.

The charming of Thanh Nien road at night

In sultry summer evenings, both roadway and sidewalks are crowded with people coming to get some fresh air. In the cold winter days, there are many people drinking hot tea inside teahouses. This is also the meeting place of the couples in love sitting in the lakeside. It is also the reason why Thanh Nien is called the most romantic road in Hanoi, some people even called it "The Road of Love".

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The most Romantic “Love Roads” in Hanoi (part 1)

Hanoi has been famous for the poetic roads, beautiful and antique street corners. Specifically, the beauty of the capital varies from seasons and spaces. Therefore, in different times, different moments, we can see the beautiful Hanoi at different angles.

However, Hanoi has the roads and streets which many young people often literally call the "love roads" for their romantic and poetic beauty, and is the ideal places for dating or taking lovely photographs of the couples.

1. Korea- Japan Roads

Talking about the beautiful and romantic streets in Hanoi, we should not forget to mention the two roads surrounding West Lake, namely Korea and Japan roads. No one knows who named these roads, they just hear their friends call these names, then they imitate. In fact, they are only the cute names called by the young based on the scenery and houses surrounding this two roads, on one side, there is the vast lake, and on the other side, there are houses with modern and luxurious architecture, which creates a similar scene to the Korean films on television.

Korea road (also called Korea Habour) is the favourite dating place of couples

Japan road is the road stretching from the West Lake villa area, passing West Lake Hotel to the water park. There is a fact that since this is the villa area, it is only busy on some certain periods, the remaining time is quite romantic and quiet; therefore, this is an ideal dating place of the couples.

JAPANESE road in West Lake at night !
Most notably, in the evening, the 2 road becomes more sparkling with high voltage lights, striking on the peaceful lake. The part which is closest to "Korea" is the giant ferris wheel at Water Park creating a really romantic and sweet scenery.

In summer, this is truly the "love" road for the fact that in two sides of the road, lotus flourishes and brings a pleasant scent and a poetic space for the couples. For a long time, these road has become two dating places of a lot of young people, couples in love.

2. Kim Ma Street

Perhaps this street is not a strange place of the young in Hanoi, especially those who are keen on photography. Everyday, this is a pretty nice street with the ancient trees planted along the 2 sides and in the middle of the road, the sidewalks with red bricks. Howerver, in mind and feelings of many people, this path offers the most emotional moments in winter- the yellow leaves falling season. With the perspective and talent of the photographers, many romantic, loving photos of sweet couples in love on a road full of yellow leaves with scrubby twigs or the colour of the leaves turning red have been introduced.

The simple and peaceful beauty of Kim Ma street

In addition to this, walking on the old-fashioned and quaint appearance road, hand in hand with our darling in the cold winter of Hanoi would rather be a memorable date .

Kim Ma street is full of dropped yeallow leaves
Going through Kim Ma, we will certainly would like to halt and linger for a while to contemplate the road with full of yellow leaves falling down, or be interested in the lines of very green tree along the street. If we have time and opportunities, we can walking in the vault of the green leaves and enjoy that poetic scenery which is a special gift that the nature is affectionate towards Hanoi.

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Things to Consider Before Finding a Quality Cheap PC Printers

Computer printers are extremely modest nowadays that some are truth be told lower estimated than the ink required for them. Acquiring another printer rather than an ink cartridge is very normal. Be that as it may, some of these printers, while cheap, are somewhat poor in quality. Not simply will you have to buy new gear sooner than later, however your print occupations will often be smudged and streaky. Not precisely the expected result. You can discover excellent printers that are shabby however you essentially need to comprehend where to begin.

Nearby Computer Stores

Offices supplies shops are a best indicate start your quest for a modest, better printer. They pretty much dependably have deals likewise you can get moderate printers for sensible cost. Guarantee that the ink cartridge fused and you have gotten yourself one hell of deal. Acquiring from a neighbourhood shop in your district additionally makes trades and returns a snap.

Search for Online

Internet shopping is another fantastic approach to show signs of improvement arrangement on PC printer, whether it is for your office or for house. There are various trustworthy stores on the web that offer a variety of PC hardware, offers best printer reviews. Conveyance may be free or exceptionally sensible, notwithstanding you may be flabbergasted at how low the rates can truly go. Likewise you can discover mixtures of models of printer you need at the solace of your home.

Leasing Option

On the off chance that you are hunting down computer printers reviews for your office, consider leasing an awesome quality printer rather than purchasing one. Various rental suppliers will give regularly cleaning administration and snappy repair administration for any rental gear. This may be a sensible alternative over the long haul, especially if your business depended incredibly on printing, for best printer reviews visit

Bear in mind to Study the Reviews

Before obtaining any PC printer, you must check client and expert computer printer’s reviews on the brands you are occupied with. Supposition from people simply like you is an amazing approach to discover which printers is actually a superior arrangement and which gave clients inconvenience. There are various online audit sites on the web where you can search for specific models and brands of PC printers. By settling on an insightful choice you are sure to get a cheap exceedingly quality hardware that will continue for a long time.
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Three Things To Do in Puerto Rico

Planning on a trip to Puerto Rico? When this paradise is haunting you down, take pleasure in it. Go to Puerto Rico with your best company and do these 3 things:

Check in at a five-star hotel

A nice and wonderful hotel makes your vacation in Puerto Rica complete. So, find the best hotels to check in. Among are the top hotels that you can choose from:

Royal Isabela Golf Resort

Located in Isabela, this hotel has 20 rooms ready for occupancy. What makes this as the number one hotel in PR is its total stay experience. You cannot find any other hotel that has all this playful rooms or suites where you can stay. Aside from that, the hospitality of the staff is just so welcoming that you feel like you want this to be your home.

Hotel El Convento

Located in San Juan, this hotel offers 58 rooms for visitors and locals around the area. When you’re looking for total luxury and comfortable stay, this is the hotel for you.

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Located in Dorado, you will love the picturesque view from your room in this hotel. It has over 118 rooms ready to be filled in. Guests are provided with VIP treatment and the wonderful resort ambiance.

Dine in and experience the Puerto Rican cuisine

Las Vistas Café at Siete Mares Bay Inn

Go for breakfast or brunch here in Fajardo and find this restaurant. You can experience different cuisines such as American, Caribbean and Puerto Rican. Never have you eaten this fabulous!

Restaurante Vida Ventura

This five-star restaurant offers many international cuisines that you want to try. With a price range from $65 to $100, it is not bad to take pleasure in eating while you’re in PR.

Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ready to go luxurious but not spend that much? This restaurant offers meals from $25 to $100. This is definitely among crowd’s favorite where you can get a taste of sumptuous international dishes such as French and Caribbean.

You shouldn’t leave PR without visiting these places

According to PuertoRicoTips, below are the TOP-3 places to visit while in PR (for more attractions visit

Flamenco Beach (Playa Flamenco)

You definitely don’t have the right to leave when you’ve never been to the number 1 attraction in Puerto Rico. This beach is a paradise that you can call home. Swim or enjoy the sun. You choose. But it’s all the same fun at the beach.

Barefoot Travelers Kayak Tour to Monkey Island

Located in Humacao, get ready to go nature tripping in this place in Puerto Rico. You can try a refreshing kayaking trip to the Monkey Island and hear the fresh sounds that nature produces. Clearly, you don’t need a spa to be rejuvenated.


People call it heaven and paradise in the Caribbean. This is one of the beaches in Puerto Rico that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. More so, you’ll just persuade yourself to come back in this very place.

Just live and breath. Come back for more

Enjoy the scenery, food and the people while you’re on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Once you’ve experienced these things, you will surely want to come back for more.
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