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  • Vietnam Travel Guide – Vietnam Travel Information

    WHAT TO WEAR Throughout the year, it is advisable to wear summer clothing: thin clothes in light colour. In December and January, warm clothes are recommended for visits to the northern provinces. It is advisable to bring umbrellas or raincoats in the rainy season from May to November in southern and northern Vietnam, from August […]

  • Vietnam beach discover

    Vietnam beach discover Vietnam beach tours Vietnam beach discover Vietnam’s coast-line stretches the entire length of the country, almost 3000km with hundreds of beaches up and down the country that cater to all tastes; from white sand beaches where you can view sunsets, to beaches with 5 star facilities, and beaches with nothing at all […]

  • Welcome to Vietnam travel

    Vietnam northern tours Welcome to Vietnam travel Vietnam is a country any serious traveler should visit at least once in his/her life. Its natural settings, its religious monuments, its local markets, its people, its cuisine, and its beaches are the main reasons for visiting, but there are many more. If you look at the map […]

  • Best time travel to Vietnam

    All countries of Southeast Asia are subject to monsoon climate. Laos and Cambodia have similar climate to Southern Vietnam where it is warm all year round. Only the North of Vietnam experiences a winter when temperature may drop to 10 ° C. North, Central and South Vietnam have significantly different climatic conditions. Vietnam Climate With […]

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