Places to visit in the center of Cambodia

Angkor relics

This population including two main temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, is just 6 km from Siem Reap to the north. This especially important relic of Cambodia tourism can be divided into 5 main areas:

Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom: Angkor Wat temple has the most majestic architecture in the entire population while Angkor Thom is the ancient capital territory. Angkor Wat is the embodiment of Mount Meru, the center of the universe in Hinduism. Angkor Wat architecture is divided into 3 floors representing the three key factors making the universe according to the standpoint of Hinduism: earth, water and wind with 5 towers. According to legend, Mount Meru lies in the ocean in the universe and the ocean is the deep and wide moat built around Angkor Wat.
Places to visit in the center of Cambodia
Angkor Thom owns the outstanding temples and architectures such as Bayon temple, Baphuon temple, Phnom Bakheng temple atop the hill (you can ride elephants to get here), Elephant Terrace, Terrace of the Leper King and 5 big gates leading to Angkor Thom. This is the most characteristic image of Cambodia tourism.

Little Circuit: The most famous temple in this area is Ta Prohm “ancient tree” Temple, where the work of nature is combined with the human work. The stone architecture of the temple is so closely tied to the branches and roots of ancient trees creating an impressive and spectacular scenery, attracting tourists to Cambodia.
Places to visit in the center of Cambodia
Big Circuit: this region has a structure which is similar to the Ta Prohm temple, Preah Khan temple where has stone walls interspersed old trees. Apart from that, Pre Rup temple is the ideal place to see the sunset in Big Circuit.

Roluos Group: the ruins in this area belong to Hariharalaya ancient city, and are older than Angkor. In this group, Bakong temple with pyramid architecture is the most outstanding site.
Peripheral temples: this area is located quite far from the center of the ruins, but has the most unique and different works. Banteay Srei Temple attracts visitors mainly for its meticulous architectural details. The ruins of Kbal Spean, also called the "Valley of a 1000 Lingas" or "The River of a Thousand Lingas" (linga is worshiped symbol of Indus valley civilization), with the rocks under the stream in a square area in the woods. Beng Mealea temple is close to nature, with plants growing on ancient architecture creating fresh air but murky, ancient space. Phnom Krom temple is situated on a hill, with a view of the Tonle Sap, a pleasant experience while traveling to Cambodia.

Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, linked to the Mekong via the Tonle Sap River in Phnom Penh. In rainy season, Mekong River water flows so fast that iit significantly raises the amount of water in the lake. You can take a ferry on the lake in 2 routes: Phnom Penh - Siem Reap or Siem Reap – Battambang.

People living on the rafts floating on the water, when the water rises, they move close to the shore near the town of Siem Reap, when the wayer is down, they also follow the water and move away, sometimes up to 2km. They flock together and build a floating village attracting many Western tourists because of its uniqueness. Life on the floating villages is quite busy with merchant boats carrying all kinds of goods to sell for each family, moving in the winding "streets".

Also, in the cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang and some other lakeside cities, visitors can rent a boat to explore the floating villages on the lake, which is a very poetic experience for tourists in Cambodia.


Located near Sangkae river, Battambang is a peaceful small town with buildings in French architectural style. Some interesting sights in Battambang include: Kamping Puoy lotus pond, Wat Ek Phnom with 28m high Buddha statue, Prasat Banan temple, temple Prasat Snung and Nory bamboo train. Inspite of being not ancient and mysterious as the other tourist destinations in Cambodia, Battambang still has its own attraction.

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Three Days Exploring Da Lat - Phan Thiet (Part 2)

Day 2: Da Lat - Phan Thiet

In the morning, you can go to Dalat Market to buy specialities as a gift, or attend picking strawberries in Biofresh strawberry hanging garden in Than Tho Lake resort before leaving for Phan Thiet.

At the central of Phan Thiet, there are interesting attractions bearing the stamp of President Ho Chi Minh, such as Ho Chi Minh Museum and Duc Thanh School where Ho once taught before going to Saigon. After nearly a century, the school remained almost intact and preserved the important historical objects.
Duc Thanh school
Besides, there is the residence of Van Thuy Tu on Ngu Ong road, Duc Thang ward, worshiping Nam Hai God. This place preserves the bone of 22 meters long, 65 tonnes weigh whale which is considered the largest whale in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Ong Hoang building, dating place of poet Han Mac Tu and Mong Cam, is another place for you to stop to explore. Poshanu Cham Tower located on Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai Ward, 7 km from Phan Thiet center to the northeast with the majesty and mystery of ancient art style of Champa is also a place to visit.
Poshanu Cham Tower
You can go bathing in Bai Rang beach, the most beautiful beach of Phan Thiet, about 15 km from the city center to the north. Not only can you dip in the cool water under the green canopy of coconut trees, you can also enjoy delicious grilled green flying fish. In addition, the beaches are now active with games like kite flying and kite surfing, windsurfing with canoes, windsurfing.
Children are playing on Bai Rang, the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet
At night, you can enjoy the unique cuisine of the coastal city with fascinating dishes like squid tooth, fish... or, more interestingly, go fishing for squid at night to have a truly rustic unforgettable experience.

Day 3: Phan Thiet – Hon Rom - Sand Hill - Saigon

Welcoming the dawn at Mui Ne market, you will feel the atmosphere of coastal life when fishermen hurriedly moor the boats full of fresh seafood. This bustling scene will become a memorable part of your travel itinerary.
The rustic but happy life of fishermen in Mui Ne
After that, you can travel to Hon Rom in Long Son Village, Mui Ne Ward. It is also an ideal bathing place. Hon Rom is near sand dunes of Mui Ne which has fascinated many visitors.... Suoi Tien is near Hon Rom, this landmark is compared to the fairyland. Walking in this small water stream, you can admire the beautiful valley sand dunes, natural stalactites of strange shapes with two colors of red and white.

18km from Hon Rom, passing Mui Ne market, Doi Hong (Pink sand dune), driving along the beach in about an hour, you will reach Bau Trang which is located on Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. This freshwater lake lies between the immense sand hills. Far away, the undulating treeless hills, green forests create a very charming landscape.
This freshwater lake lies between the immense sand hills
Standing on the sand hill looking down the lake surface which is as tranquil as a mirror, sparkling with sunshine, dotted with pink lotus intermingled green leaves, tourists will be amazed at the marvel of nature. The ecosystem here is very rich with a variety of freshwater fish such as perch, catfish, snakehead, carp ... Visitors are not only fascinated with the of unspoiled rustic beauty of Bau Trang Lake, but also are enthusiastic renting fishermen's boats to explore, go sightseeing and fishing here.

Things to buy as gifts

Da Lat specialties which tourists usually buy as gifts include strawberries, jam, dried fruit, crispy Japanese persimmon, artichoke tea, coffee. To Phan Thiet, you can buy the sauce, the dried fish, sandwiches, rế cake, dragon fruit… as gifts for your friends and relatives.

Part 1 : Three Days Exploring Da Lat - Phan Thiet

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Three Days Exploring Da Lat - Phan Thiet (Part 1)

Phan Thiet is a great destination for tourists. Here the convergence of hotels and resorts in Vietnam, such as: Victoria Phan Thiet, Beach Resort and Spa, Phu Hai Resort ... Phan Thiet is also known for its wide airy sandy beaches with beautiful lines of coconut trees, sunny and warm all year round. This is an ideal getaway for travellers.

Phan Thiet is known for its wide airy sandy beaches
Ways of travelling

The best means of transport to go to Da Lat and Phan Thiet is high quality car with bed or sofa. The ticket price of some routes are as follows: Saigon - Dalat route which is about 306 km costs from 8$ to 12$ /ticket; Saigon - Phan Thiet route, about 208 km, costs from 4$ to 10$ / ticket; the route Dalat - Phan Thiet, about 198 km, costs from 5$ to 8$/ ticket.

If you travel by private vehicles (motorbike, car), you can come to Phan Thiet from Da Lat by driving along the new way of Di Linh (Lam Dong province) to Luong Son (Binh Thuan), passing Dai Ninh hydropower plant.

If you want to shorten the time of travel, you can travel straightly from Saigon to Phan Thiet by train with the ticket of from 8$ or by plane to Dalat with fare of from 26$/ ticket. Motorcycle rental service is available at both two points (Da Lat, Phan Thiet).


Cheap hotels in Dalat are mainly near market, the popular hotels are Da Lan, Tam Dung 1, Hong Hai ... In the center of Phan Thiet City and around the beaches, there are numerous hotel, hostels, resort, along Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, there are hotels, from 3 star to 5 stars, such as Hong Hai, Truong Thinh, Hoang Ngoc, Saigon - Phan Thiet, Blueocean, Anantara, Mia ...

Suggested schedule

Day 1: Discover the dreamy Da Lat city

Romantic scenery and cool climate of the city of love will give you the relaxing and peaceful holidays. Coming to the city of flower on occasion of the New Year, you should not forget to visit Van Thanh Flower Village, Valley of Love and Dalat Flower Garden to admire the brilliant. colorful flowers. At the same time, you should take part in activities, events taking place in this year’s Da Lat Flower Festival.
Colorful flowers in the Valley of Love, Dalat
Da Lat has many impressive structures such as Dalat Railway Station, the oldest station in Indochina with distinctive architecture and unique pyramidal roofs; Palace of Emperor Bao Dai III marking a historical period; Con Ga (Chicken) church- the largest church marking medieval architecture in Dalat; Pedagogical College of Dalat... Coming to these places, you will get unique photos storing the memories of the trip.

Beautiful road in Da Lat 
If you are too familiar with the landmarks, landscapes inside the city, you can travel to the suburban area to find new places. About 20 kilometers from Dalat city, Cu Lan village is hidden behind the immense green forests at the foothill of Langbiang mountain, and has unspoiled, spectacular beauty with traditional stilt houses. It will let you experience many exciting activities such as rock climbing, crossing forest, kite flying, fishing, exploring by Jeep cars. Besides, Thac Voi or seven-floor Datanla waterfall are ideal places for those who love the feeling of adventure.
Fishing in the stream in Cu Lan village
At night, you can sit sipping coffee, watch the mountain city at night, walk around Xuan Huong Lake, stroll the bustling night market and enjoy countless hot delicacies to warm stomach in cold winter days.

Part 2 : Three Days Exploring Da Lat - Phan Thiet

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How to Discover Phnom Penh Easily, Safely and Cheaply


Currently, there are many buses of different brands from Ho Chi Minh City going to Phnom Penh each day, departing on Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham streets. Fares are approximately 8 to 12 dollars, and traveling in 5 hours.
In the capital of Phnom Penh, the ticket of car returning to Ho Chi Minh city is $ 10 / person. The box office of Cambodia Capital, Mekong Express Limousine Bus operate from 6am to 6pm daily.. Vietnam car company in Phnom Penh include: Sapaco car at 309 Preah Sihanouk Blv, Mai Linh car at 391 Sihanouk Blvd (No 274), Phnom Penh.
Floating village and daily life of working people on Tonle Sap Lake
In Phnom Penh, you can rent a tuk tuk to travel all day for $ 10 USD. Each trip costs up to 2-3 USD. Motorcycle Rental cost is $ 5 or $ 3 for a bike rental / day.


You can rest in the area for Western backpacker, overlooking the Tonle Sap River, next to the Royal Palace, room’s cost rates from 10 to 30$ depending on type. There are many bars, restaurants and services for travelers.

In addition, hostels which are clean, large and airy in Orussei market on the road 107 at a price of 5 to 12 USD are suitable. It is very convenient for dining because many delicious and cheap food are served in Orusey market at night.

Places to visit

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh was built after King Norodom had moved the capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh in the middle of 1800. The Palace is also a symbol of the whole kingdom. Royal Palace associated with Silver Pagoda include a complex of palaces, buildings and gardens. Palace overlooks the Tonle Sap River. In Saturday and Sunday nights, the lights are turned on and create a shimmering look.
The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: The horrible places with a tower full of skulls.

Wat Phnum Pagoda, also known as Mrs. Penh temple: this temple is quite nice and pleasant. Upon entering the place, remember to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts.

Cambodia National Museum: Do not miss this place, it has beautiful architecture and many exhibits.

The Independence Monument of Phnom Penh: it was begun to constructed in 1958 and inaugurated on 11.09.1962 to mark 9 years of independence of Cambodia from foreign oppressions.
The Independence Monument
The interesting and unique markets

- Sorya Shopping Center: is located at 13-61, South of Phsar Thom Thmei, Trasak Phaem (St. 63), 12208 Phnom Penh.

- Russian Market on 163 Street is opened from 7 am to 5 pm. There are many choices for you to shop when arriving Russian Market: clothing, footwear, silk, antique (both auth and fake), the sculptures ... You can by T- shirt with only USD 2- 3. Antiques street in Phnom Penh city is also located near the Russian Market.
Products sold in Russian Market, Phnom Penh
- Central Market on road 128 is the place where you can buy jewelry made of silver and gold; ancient coins; watches (fake); clothes; Footwear; silk products ...

- Phsar Reatrey Night Market: Located at the junction between Sisowath Quay and Oknha Ing Bun Hoaw road.
Phsar Reatrey night market is bustling at night
- Kanda market is located near the new foreigner street of Phnom Penh (Sisowath Quay area). The items sold here are mostly to serve to the needs of local people.

How to Discover Phnom Penh Easily, Safely and Cheaply

Memorable Day Trip to Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta

While Mekong Delta is most famous for its exotic wildlife, we also cannot help mentioning the hectic floating markets here. There are many floating markets in the region but the most well-known must be Cai Be in Tien Giang Province. It is also the biggest wholesale market in the whole Mekong Delta.

The attractiveness of Cai Be Floating Market is so great that every Mekong Delta Cruise have to go past it once so travelers can immerse themselves in the busy daily life of the locals. From afar, Cai Be looms behind the coconut trees but visitors can already hear the voices of hundreds of sellers and buyers added with the “soundtracks” of the boats’ engine. In the nearby area, there is an abundance of rivers, canals gardens and rice fields. Waterways is the only mean of transportation in Cai Be.

The market often opens from as early as 5 a.m, just before sunrise. That’s when hundreds of boats from all corners of the Mekong Delta gather to trade all kinds of goods, from cloth, house ware to poultry, seafood and even beverages. However, the most popular trading item in Cai Be is tropical fruits. There is even an exclusive area just for fruit trading, stretching for several kilometers. Boats come here from Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, An Giang, Can Tho or Ca Mau. They altogether create a fruit heaven in the middle of Mekong Delta, from mango, orange, watermelon to the less popular ones like durian, guava, pomelo, tangerine or rambutan. There are also some small boat catering like a food stall, weaving through the trading boats to sell rice meals, pho, hu tieu (a famous local food in Southern Vietnam). So when visiting Cai Be Floating Market, you don’t have to worry about the absence of eating spots. You can also buy yourself some fruits but prepare to haggle unless you’re accompanied with an experienced Vietnamese tour guide.

Meandering deeper into the market, you will encounter the green zone which sells vegetables. One interesting fact here is that each boat will hang a sign labeling its selling item so there’s no intrusive offering here.

When the sun gradually disappear behind the lush trees in the distant background, Cai Be Floating Market is lit up. At nights, the market does not lose its vibrancy. With hundreds of yellow lights dotted in the darkness of the wild Mekong Delta, this is the perfect time for photographers to showcase their talents. At the end of the day, you can have the chance to listen to traditional Southern Vietnam folk music, a memorable finishing touch to your day trip to Cai Be.

No journey to the Mekong Delta is complete without taking a visit to Cai Be Floating Market. When coming here, you will explore and learn a lot about one of the liveliest corners of the S-shaped Vietnam.

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The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year

1. Have fun in Royal City

Coming to the Royal city, you will have the opportunity to travel in the heart of the city, see the sights in European garden on the "antique cars", or go shopping at the giant mall, enjoy the warm space with a good meals with family and friends on Food Street in Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, or indulge in relaxing in entertainment area, spa ...
Royal city is an ideal place to welcome the New Year in Hanoi
2. Explore the largest aquarium in Vietnam

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City is always a favourite address of many people at weekends and in holidays.

Located in the Vincom Mega Mall Times City trade center complex (shopping center) (at 458 Minh Khai, Hanoi) with an area of 4,000 m2, with thousands of creatures with more than 30,000 organisms from all over the world, along with water storage capacity of up to nearly 3 million liters of sea water, Vinpearl Aquarium is the modernest and the largest aquarium in Vietnam, as well as the first aquarium to have a tunnel in Hanoi.
Vinpearl Aquarium in Vincom Mega Mall Times City trade center complex attracts many visitors with the diversity of water creatures
In New Year, Many families in Hanoi plan to take children to this aquarium to join in the journey to explore the mysteries of the ocean, enjoy the exciting moments with many activities such as meeting, talking and taking photos with the splendid "Little Mermaid" of the fairy world in Mermaid Show.

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City is the first aquarium to have a tunnel in Hanoi
Not only that, coming here, tourists can witness the mischievous whale and the penguin cared for meals by the hands of dedicated professional divers with Feeding Show.

In addition, Vinpearl Aquarium Times City also has "Touch Tank" – where children can satisfy their curiosity by directly touching the sea stars, snails, turtles, coral ...

3. Bao Son Paradise Park

Located on km8, Thang Long Avenue, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Bao Son paradise park is an interesting places for people in Hanoi and surrounding areas to entertain in the coming New Year.

Coming to Bao Son Paradise, the families will have opportunities to visit 15 most famous traditional craft villages such as Phu Lang pottery village, Van Phuc silk village…, The Ancient Quarter section, Orchid Garden, Butterfly Museum, enjoy the traditional art performance in the village’s communal house bustling with Chèo (Traditional operetta) lyrics and infatuated folk song lyrics, and enjoy yourself in the minority villages to see the boys, girls of Thai Muong ethnic to perform the traditional dances such as Khèn (a traditional wind instrument), Sạp dance (bamboo pole dance) in Thai Muong House on stilts, enjoy the water puppetry performances.
The life and living activities in the past are reconstituted in Bao Son Paradise
Visitors can visit the epic aquarium with thousands of fish species from the mighty ocean, or enjoy performances of the " funny sea artist" - dolphins, seals.

Apart from that, families can visit the zoo with many rare species from the Amazon region, and also can directly watch, interact with the giraffes.

Children can play with and feed giraffes in the zoo of Bao Son paradise
Additionally, visiting Bao Son park paradise in the New Year, tourists can enjoy playing the games package (unlimited number of times) to experience floating sensation, romantic adventure, challenging bravery with extremely vibrant and attractive games. In XD Tech Park, visitors will enjoy the movie with vivid sound, multi-dimensional effects.

Part 1 : The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year

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Things to Consider When Making Your Port Reservation for Your Cruise Vacation

Cruises are a popular vacation option for Australians, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. A cruise gives you the ability to enjoy getting to your destinations as much as you may enjoy exploring each port of call. You may relax by a pool, get a pampering spa treatment, spend time in the casino and enjoy a host of other activities and amenities while you travel across the water. In addition, you will be able to enjoy visiting several ports of call with most cruises rather than spending all of your time in one location. However, before you can enjoy all that a cruise has to offer, you need to make your travel plans. If you are going to drive your vehicle to the port, you will need to make plans to use cruise parking.

The Ability to Make an Online Reservation

The best cruise parking lot to choose is one that enables you to make reservations. Many will accept advance reservations, and this gives you the ability to know precisely where you will park on the day of your trip. With some parking lots, you need to call the office during normal business hours to make your reservation, and this can be time-consuming and inconvenient in many cases. After all, you may have to work during business hours and may not be able to make a reservation over the phone at this time. Therefore, the best port parking lot to use is one that will enable you to conveniently make your reservation over the Internet at any time of day or night.

Getting to the Port

The parking lots at the port are generally located within a mile or two of where your cruise ship will be waiting for you, but there is some variation in this. Even when you use the closest parking lot, you will not want to haul all of your luggage up to the cruise ship on your own. Instead, you may benefit from using a valet or shuttle service. The parking lots offer shuttle service, but some may only have one shuttle vehicle running at a time. On days when cruise ships leave or arrive at port, the shuttle may be very busy. This means that you could be kept waiting for a long time if you choose a parking lot that only has one shuttle running at a time. Therefore, pay attention to the shuttle service available and how many shuttles may be in operation at the same time.

Affordable Rates

The rates charged by different parking lots near the port may have different rates, and the variation in these daily rates can add up over the course of a longer cruise vacation. Therefore, finding the lowest rate possible may be ideal. When you are looking at rates, pay attention to whether the parking lot is gated and if on-site security is available. Rates may vary based on whether the parking lot is covered or uncovered, and this may be a matter of preference for you. When comparing rates for different parking lots, ensure that all of these factors are the same so that you can see the true difference in rates and find the best overall deal in the process.

Special Services Available

Some parking lots provide you with additional services that can be a true benefit to you. Some people may simply want to park their car and hop on the cruise ship, but others will take full advantage of services such as oil and filter changes, transmission services, car washing and detailing and more while they are away. These are things that may take up hours of your time once you return home from your trip, so it can be beneficial to put these services to use in a time-efficient way. You can explore the rates for these services as you make your decision about which parking lot to visit.

Reserving a parking space at a port parking lot ensures that you have a place to park your vehicle when departing for your trip. When comparing the options, pay attention to each of these factors before you make your reservation.

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Unbelievable Ways to Get That First Class Seat For Less

It may seem too good to come true, but it does come true!

Many of us believe flying first class is beyond our possibilities because of the exorbitant airfares. But who says dreams don’t come true? The comfortable flat beds, luxurious cabins, divine cuisine and the world of top class entertainment are all within your reach. After all, who doesn’t enjoy freebies, especially if they come in form of an airline upgrade?

Learn some secrets of how you can fly first class to travel around the world without spending a fortune.

1. Loyalty Speaks

Remember the last time you were given a special treatment in a restaurant for being their regular customers? Airlines work in the same manner. Passengers who’ve loyally spent their time and money on a specific airline have a greater chance of earning an upgrade. This is because once the airline staff is going through the possibility to upgrade; they’ll go through the list of loyal customers as a priority.

2. Use Air miles

Frequent fliers have a better chance of winning an update because of the air miles they collect. Although this means you put in a conscious effort to earn air miles, using them to get a first class upgrade would be a treat for a traveler. It is important to go through the policies your airline has and the frequent flying program that they are operating.

3. Dress like you’re there

No, that never guarantees. However, dressing the part means you have a fair chance of earning an upgrade in comparison to a passenger who is dressed casually. Whenever you’re flying, it is best to dress smartly. This doesn’t mean you end up causing yourself discomfort, but some luxurious accessory would certainly do the magic!

4. Travel Alone

Admit it; airline would prefer benefiting passengers who are traveling solo. Simply because it is difficult to let the whole family get a first class upgrade. So the next time you’re traveling solo, lift your chin high because you’ve the amazing chance of flying first class.

5. Flying on your big day!

Well, you can’t possibly fake about it. Since you’re spending your birthday high up in the skies on a metal tube, you’ve a fair chance of turning left instead of right. This would be the airline’s gift for you! So the next time you’re flying and that too on your birthday, let your attendant know!

6. Escape a troublesome scene

You might have witnessed passengers rushing for an overbooked flight. Since there are limited seats, you can make the most of this troublesome situation. Instead of competing to grab the seat, opt to switch to the next flight. That means you’ll have to spend longer at the airport?

Yes, you guessed that right. This is your golden chance to ask the airline for the world class upgrade!

And then there are more; being more generous, breaking a leg, checking in a day before! Although none of it is guaranteed to work out for you, they are all tried and tested. It’s worth giving it a shot because this is your golden chance to fly first class to travel around the world!

Witty Ways to Stick to Your Travel Budget

Many of us survive through our work days only because we crave for the holiday season to begin soon. Even long before they start, we have a compilation of our grand plans.

Revamping the house, spending a hefty amount on shopping, movies and food or buying plane tickets… Wait, let’s rewind! Buying plane tickets sounds great. Who doesn’t like traveling?

Surprisingly enough, you might end up disliking traveling if it results in blowing your budget. It’s certainly very difficult to enjoy the rest of the year if you’ve spent a bit too much on your traveling. This is the reason you’ll come across plenty of people suffering from a holiday spending hangover.

Want to avoid the possibility of a post-trip headache? Here we’ve compiled the best guideline to stick to your budget on a vacation.

1. Create One!

If you ask me, there is no right amount of fund to travel to a foreign land. It all starts and ends with you, so you have to rely on yourself to make the smartest decisions along the way. So whether it’s a backpacking trip to Europe or a beach holiday to Thailand, it has to be planned within a budget. It is a treat to be exploring the world but certainly not at the cost of spending your life footing the credit card bills. Create, maintain and stick to your budget as a golden rule!

2. Plan Ahead

Sadly, many of us even when knowing a year ahead of time about our travel plans stick to the last minute reservations. This makes your costs go high substantially. As soon as you’ve a plan chalked out, get the bookings done the earliest you can. The rest of it can always wait. This way, you’ve the great chance of grabbing amazing flight and hotel deals.

3. Become an Expert at Currency Exchange

Foreign exchange can be a very tricky topic for many people. Contrary to the common belief, the best exchange rates can be availed at your destination rather than the home country. Most often, the bank ATMs offer the best rates, far attractive than what is being offered at the commercial exchange counters. It is better to get in touch with your bank ahead of time to get to know the costs of these transactions. If you don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself, it is important to inform your credit card company about the travel plans ahead of time.

4. Eat and Spend like a local

Everything in a foreign land looks attractive. But before you end up spending recklessly, know that it’s a trap! To get the best experiences of the destination while sticking to your budget, it is important to live like a local. Shopping, especially of souvenirs is attractive for many. However, many of it ends up in trash because you don’t even need it as soon as you head back. Everything costs so you must avoid making these grave mistakes. In addition, ditch fancy hotels and stick to eateries the locals prefer going to. This will help you save a lot of your expenses.

This guideline will keep your worries away and help you to stick to your budget on a vacation.

The Possibility of Getting a Refund on Non-Refundable Tickets

When booking flights, airlines would always warn you about the possible problems that may arise if you book non-refundable tickets. This is the part you quickly skim through while booking. However, there are still many of us who still want to book non-refundable tickets despite the possibilities of troubles coming our way. This is simply because non-refundable tickets work out cheaper. Who doesn’t like saving money?

The Possibility of Getting a Refund on Non-Refundable Tickets

The problem stays that if you change or cancel plans, you’ll have to suffer from financial loss. When there is a will, there’s always a way. There are luckily some smart ways and sensible company policies that would allow you to make your situation less miserable.

Let’s learn how refund on a non-refundable ticket is possible.

When it comes to States, there are some rules to follow. The U.S Department of Transportation Regulations allows you to cancel or change your booking within a day’s time, provided you’ve booked a week ahead. Although many airline carriers work around the same rule, there are some who’ve devised their own interesting policies.

1. Alaska Airlines
The airline is a popular choice among travelers and there’s no way it would want to displease their valued customers. With Alaska Airlines, you’ve the choice of making changes or even cancelling your plans if you do it 60 days before you’re meant to fly. The airline wouldn’t charge you anything against this service.

2. American Airlines
The airline has devised the smartest way of making choices as a traveler. The next time you decide to book a flight with this airline, you’ve the option of holding the flight for 24 hours. Since there are no charges against it, you can easily alter your plans later. However, if you pay immediately without considering the option of holding, you’ll have to pay the cancellation fee according to the airline’s policy.

3. Allegiant Airlines
This airline believes in being more specific when it comes to providing the customers with this opportunity. With Allegiant Airlines, you’re welcome to cancel the booking you’ve made if there are still 168 hours or more left for you to fly at the time of booking.

Since there might be an instance where you would have to change or cancel your booking plans, it is best to book directly through the airline, whether you opt to do that over the phone or on the web. This is because with third parties involved, matters will become far more complicated.

In addition to that, airlines in the past had been catering to these changes in case of an ailment or death. However, since people started misusing this facility, you no longer have the option to do so. You’ll only get a refund in today’s time if you or the person traveling along passes away, and that too against a death certificate.

It is important to keep in consideration that company policies vary when it comes to refund on non-refundable tickets. It is essential to go through the terms and conditions before you’re too eager to hit the booking button.

A Marvelous Trip to Seoul

Whether it comes to culture, politics, entertainment or economics, Seoul is the hub of Korea. The wonderful scenery of the city can be enjoyed all year round and there’s always so much to do in Seoul. It can be an expensive travel destination so planning and booking early is a must when visiting Seoul. For the most economical deals of Business class tickets to Seoul, Corporate Express Travel is the best platform.
A Marvelous Trip to Seoul
Explore what you can’t miss in the city through the Seoul Travel Guide.
1. The ideal time to visit

Seoul is the happening city where you’ll find something to do every time you visit. However, the ideal time to visit Seoul is between March and May. Since this is when spring time starts in Seoul, the beauty of lilacs and cherry blossoms would leave you awestruck. The weather is pleasant and you’ll have no troubles in going out and about. Fall is another great time to visit Seoul because of the affordable deals available throughout this season. Since there are lesser crowds, you’d have the opportunity of exploring the city to the maximum. December is only ideal for you in Seoul if you’re in for adventure and thrills. Since the temperature drops down a great deal, you’ve the opportunity to ski, snowboard and go fishing.

2. Places you must visit

Seoul is home to spectacular sites and your journey would be incomplete without visiting some of them. The Gyeongbok Palace, literally meaning Shining Happiness is one of its examples. The magnificence of the palace attracts millions of visitors. The palace has seen an extremely turbulent and disturbing past, but still stands high for its beauty and vastness.

The Cheonggyecheon is an attractive stream in Seoul that runs through the downtown and is 11 km in length. Even if you’re not too keen on dipping your feet in, you’ll be thrilled to see the beauty of the stream.

Changdeokgung is one of the other majestic palaces of Seoul and is also listed as the World Heritage Site. A guided tour of this spectacular palace would delight you a great deal.

If you want to explore the unique architecture of Seoul, head to its iconic Tower. Proudly standing at a height of 236 m, it has been a popular tourist spot since it opened in 1980s. If you visit during the night time, have the pleasure of witnessing the multi-colored light show. The digital observatory at the tower will give you the best views of Seoul. Above all, it’s very famous for tying love locks!

3. Cuisine You Must Taste

Foodies will fall in eternal love with Seoul because of its divine cuisine. Koreans certainly take food very seriously and you’ll experience it through the cuisines you’ll taste. Street food in Seoul is the best way to enjoy the novelties. Forget how you’ve been having chips, Tteok is what you’ll love having there! When visiting the city in winters, please yourself with a pork and potato soup known as Gamjatang. Koreans cook cold noodles in the best manner and that is why Naengmyunis such a popular street food. There’s much more and it would be a delightful experience to indulge in the Korean cuisine.

Explore Seoul and have a truly magical holiday!

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Visiting Ham Ninh fishing village, you will feel the primitive and rustic life with thatched cottages with bamboo walls of the fishermen here. In the afternoon, you can see the blue sea, the Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands in the distance, Hon Nghe (Nghe Island) looming in the sea.

Visiting Ham Ninh (Phu Quoc, Kien Giang), you will have opportunities to visit the ancient villages, immerse yourselves in the life of the simple- minded fishermen whose main occupation is diving for pearls, sea cucumbers and spreading nets. Ham Ninh today is also famous for Bai Vong jetty, beautiful beaches, and rustic and attractive Ham Ninh fishing village.

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village
The rustic and attractive Ham Ninh fishing village
No one knows when this village appeared, people just know that, when the island was still deserted, some residents from far came here to fish, and established the village.

In Minh Mang reign, Ham Ninh was a village of Phu Quoc canton, Ha Chau District, An Bien Government, Ha Tien Province. Over the Thieu Tri, Tu Duc times, and in the early French domination period, Ham Ninh belonged to the county of Kien Giang, then Rach Gia and Ha Tien. From 25th May, 1874, Ham Ninh belonged to Phu Quoc county. From 16th June, 1875, Ham Ninh was located on Ha Tien county. From 1st May, 1876, it was called the village of Ha Tien county. From 20th August, 1888, Ham Ninh changed to become a village of Chau Doc county. From 27th December, 1892, it returned to belong to the county of Ha Tien.

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village
The poetic beauty of the pier in Ham Ninh ancient fishing village
Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the east coast of the island, behind the mountain and facing the immense sea. Ham Ninh sea is still shallow a few hundred yards away. Standing on Ham Ninh beach, we can the Pirate Islands in the distance; the dim Hon Nghe on the blue waters in the Southeast; and Ong Doi cape, the last headland of the island in the South.

The first impression when coming to this land is that you will admire the 300m high Ham Ninh mountain. Here, people have still preserved the legend of Mr. Dao Dun. The story is that, there was the old man living in a cave in the mountain, tilling the fields and planting banana, he occasionally brought the ripen banana down the mountain and hung on the crossroad for travelers and pilgrims to eat to assuage their hunger. Pedestrians who wanted to give something to him also hung the items in that place. After a period of time when people did not see him went down the mountain, they went to the cave and discovered that he had passed away a long time ago, his white skeleton had been lined up. It was thought that Mr. Dao Dun turned into a fairy; therefore, he knew in advance the time he would travelled to the fairyland (pass away).

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Ham Ninh mountain has been associated with the legend of Mr. Dao Dung
Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning or at night when the moon shines, we can enjoy fully the beauty of the sea. Coming here, visitors will enjoy views of the sun or the moon “floating” on the sea.

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village
The sunrise over Ham Ninh fishing village
Time flies, but the scenery in Ham Ninh fishing village still retains the wild characters. The lifestyle of people has not changed either. While the outside world is bustling with chaos and worries of life, noise, bustle, the Ham Ninh fishing village remains its peace, steadiness in the rustic, idyllic people and the harmony of man with the nature.
Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Life of residents in Ham Ninh village
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Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites

Nearly 200 kilometers from the center of Ha Long city, Tra Co resort, Mong Cai City is a unique cultural tourist site and attractive marine tourist detonation attracting thousands of tourists to visit every year.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
Tra Co is considered the beach owning the most tourist sites
Tra Co beach resort is located on the northeast pole - the border area of the country. Tra Co beach is the ideal sandy beach stretching 17 km from Got cape (in the North) to Ngoc cape (in the South) and is enough for thousands of people to swim and play. The sand here is as smooth as a carpet mingling with the blue sea found in the Central coast, but there are mountains reflected characterizing the see in North. Along the coast, there is dozens of kilometers long poplar forest creating a very romantic landscape.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The white sand and blue water in Tra Co
Visitors come to Tra not only to swim, but also to participate in sports games such as soccer, volleyball on the beach with friends. Especially, in the summer early morning or afternoon, visitors can walk on the seaside promenades to enjoy the fresh air of the vast ocean. The deep hollow note of the church bell gives visitors a sense of calm. Despite being situated on the busy economy and trade area of Mong Cai border gate, Tra Co still has something very quiet, peaceful, and no hustle. Going to the in the early mornings, visitors will witness the fishing rafts returning from a night of hard work at sea moored closely together. Tra Co fishermen lumber the heavy nets carrying the fresh fish and shrimp....

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The fishermen with heavy nets of fish and shrimp
Apart from that, approximately 6km from Tra Co, it is Con Mang, an extremely romantic place to see the dawn and dusk. Here, visitors can sit leisurely on the big rocks around a totally secluded setting to listen to the waves with white foam crashed on to the rocks, which gives visitor the feeling like being immersed to the nature.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
Con Mang- the ideal place to see the sunrise and sunset
There are many beautiful old architecture such as Tra Co church, temple, tomb, Xuan Lan temple… around Tra Co beach. Historic Cultural Tra Co communal house relic built during the fifteenth century worships the 6 Creators, the first people to set up ancient Tra Co village, and also attracts many tourists.

Besides the traditional Vietnamese architectures, Tra Co also has a quite famous Western-style architecture, Tra Co Church built in the 1880s and restored in 1995. The church of quite ancient, massive and has luxurious architecture with hundreds of reliefs and a nearly a hundred year old bell.

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
The ancient and magnificent Tra Co church, an attractive destination in Tra Co
Like many other major resorts, Tra Co is now being invested to become a luxurious resort with high quality tourism service. Tra Co has been becoming an indispensable destination for travelers in each time visiting Quang Ninh, visiting the city located on the northeast border of the country...


Tra Co is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, about 8-9 km from Mong Cai district and Mong Cai border gate. People who live here are mostly migrants from Do Son coming to live and do business.

If you travel from Hanoi by private car, you can go along the highway No. 18, Hanoi - Hon Gai, turn to highway 4 in Tien Yen to go to Mong Cai town. From here, you can move to Tra Co beach. The path from Mong Cai to Tra Co quite spacious and safe.

If you go by passenger car, you should choose Hanoi - Mong Cai car, it takes you about 5 hours and cost from 120,000 VND/ sear or 150,000 VND/ berth. These cars are available at Giap Bat, My Dinh, Luong Yen stations. A travel experience when coming to Tra Co by this way is that you should book the night car since it will save you time.

If you start at Hai Phong or Bai Chay, you can travel by hydrofoil. The Hydrofoil goes smoothly, so you will not feel seasick. Each day there are two trips from Tra Co returning Bai Chay and from Hai Phong going to Tra in the morning and in the afternoon.

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