The Beauty of Lap An Lagoon Mesmerizes Travelers

Thua Thien – Hue province is the beautiful destination in Vietnam, which owns not only many historical – cultural relics but also famous for charming sceneries, in which Lap An Lagoon is one of the must – see place during Hue travel

Lap An lagoon or An Cu lagoon is a brackish water region covering the area of more than 800ha in the west of Lang Co Bay. It is located near the National Highway 1A between Danang and Hue at Lang Co district and Phu Loc province. It has the position quite beautiful at the foot of Phu Gia Pass with a radius of 15 sqm running along to Hai Van Estuary. Besides, it is surrounded by a range of Bach Ma – the majestic mountain and the turquoise water of Lang Co bay. 

Here is the best habitat for many animals and aquatic plants, mainly oysters, which are the favorite seafood of many visitors because of their high value in nutrition. Also, fishing is the major career of locals in Lap An lagoon.

When the tide withdraws, the locals start their work by getting to sand dunes to catch hai sam or sipunculus nudus (a species belongs to holothurians genus). It is the delicious seafood that contains high value in nutrition and brings high income for locals. 

Coming to Lap An lagoon, you will see the image of coracles on the clear blue water, which used for fishing.

Lap An is becoming the popular place for many visitors thanks to its beauty in the vaporous scenery due to the mist covering the entrance of the lagoon. 

You can visit Lap An lagoon all year round; however the period between the March and June would be the best time for visiting, especially for photographers to take romantic sceneries of the lagoon. Besides, it is located near the Lang Co district so you can have combined trip to Lang Co beach, which will make your vacation more interesting.

Moreover, if you are interested in hiking or climbing, you can refer the itinerary with the route of Lang Co – Lap An – Bach Ma within one day and don’t forget to bring along hat, sunscreen to protect your skin.

9 Fishing Villages You Must See on The Coast Route along Vietnam

If you are in the journey of Vietnam’s beaches on the way of Ba Ria Vung Tau – Hue and want to discover further the lively images about local life in the coastal area, then these are top 9 fishing villages in Vietnam below you could refer in your Vietnam travel.

1. Mui Ne

Belonging to Binh Thuan province, and located along the beach of 1km long, Mui Ne fishing village is the ideal residence for boats, ships or rafts. If you come to the village in the early morning, you will see the bustling images of trading activities after the late trips at the sea of fishermen. 

Besides, here you can have chance to enjoy tasty fresh seafood at on – site or bring to your stay to cook with the affordable price such as fish, shrimp, crab, snail, etc. And don’t forget to drink the cool beverage of sweet coconut. 

2. Son Hai

Son Hai fishing village‘s location is near the Cape Dinh, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province. The locals here live by fishing and planting algae. Thus this is also the great opportunity for you to enjoy the tasty dishes creating from algae as well as the popular dishes here. 

Contrast to the busy atmosphere at the Mui Ne fishing village, Son Hai owns the quiet and peaceful space, which is suitable for relaxing outside the noisy life of the ordinary day. 

Visiting the village, you will understand more about the simple life of locals by sharing some interesting stories with the friendly people here and enjoy the fresh seafood. 

3. Bai Ngang – Tau Be

Located in the Binh Lap peninsula, Bai Ngang – Tau Be villages have the romantic landscapes of majestic mountains and seawater. 

Especially you will see many restaurants, and tourist areas such as Sao Bien, Dao Hoa Vang (Hoa Vang island), etc for relaxing in Bai Ngang village. Besides, coming to Bai Ngang you will feel the spacious space of the beach and enjoy the tasty fresh seafood which can be found in Cam Ranh area. 
Tau Be village is also the best place here, where you can hire a boat to get to Binh Ba island quickly. The locals mostly live by fishing. Visiting Tau Be village, you will see the bustling atmosphere of activities daily.

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4. Van Gia

Visitors have to cross Van Gia village to discover Diep Son island which is famous for the walking path with the white sandy beach under the sea level of 0.5 meters. Therefore, the village is becoming busy recently and known for oyster - the renowned specialty with delicious taste and cheap price. 

Visiting the village you will have the most relaxing moments in the pleasant atmosphere with the cool wind while drinking with a beverage of sweet fresh coconut and listening to the sound of the waves.

5. Xuan Hai

Xuan Hai fishing village is located north of Cau river, near Quy Nhon city and Binh Dinh province. Coming to Xuan Hai village, you will have chance to experience and discover the lively life of locals. The new day of locals often start from 4.00 am with daily works of fishing. 

If you travel on the day of full moon in Lunar June, you will see the traditional festival, which expresses the hope of locals about favorable weather. This is an activity belonging to the long – lasting tradition and culture of coastal residents in Xuan Hai particularly and Song Cau generally. 

6. Nhon Ly – Nhon Hai

Located in the Phuong Mai island, the fishing village of Nhon Ly and Nhon Hai are the best places for relaxing with their beautiful landscapes such as Eo Gio, Ky Co in Nhon Ly and Hon Kho or Kho island in Nhon Hai.

Here you will be warmly welcomed by friendly people and have chance to enjoy fresh seafood with cheap price and relax in the pristine beauty of cool water and smooth sandy beach. 

7. Tam Hai

Located about 40km from Tam Ky city, Tam Hai village belongs to Tam Hai island. Visiting the village, you will feel the hospitality of locals, peaceful space and see the simple images of boats in different sizes on the vast blue seawater.

8. Lang Co 

As the 250 – year – old village, nestled in the Lang Co gulf and surrounded by majestic mountains and vast seawater, Lang Co village attracts visitors by the serene beauty of nature and rustic people. Here there are also many famous resorts, and hotels with high standard for visitors to relax and overnight.

9.  An Bang

An Bang village is known as a strange, colorful and lavish cemetery, according to the British newspaper – Daily Mail. In Hue, the locals often call An Bang village as “The City of Ghosts” or “The City of Tombs”. 

90 % villagers have overseas relatives who send money home to build brilliantly colored graveyards in grand architecture. These tombs in this cemetery are constructed in different styles of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Vietnamese, Chinese and Western, etc. Some of them have the same architecture as Nguyen Kings’ tombs and Hue royal citadel. 

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

About 3 hours of driving from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, with a coastline that stretches 20km, Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations in the south of tourists. Located jutting out like a strip of land, from here, people can see the South China Sea both in the sunrise and sunset. Besides the natural landscape values, Vung Tau is also a land owning long history cultural traditions.

1. Vung Tau Lighthouse

Situated atop Nho (Small) Mountain, built in 1862 and rebuilt in 1913, the lighthouse still retains the classic design, architecture, and is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

Walking along the mountainside path with dense trees with a craggy cliff on one side, the bustling city on the other one, visitors will have a very interesting experience. On the height of 170 meters, you will see a cylindrical tower of 18 meters high, 3 meters in diameter painted white standing out from the cloudy sky and the surrounding trees. Inside, a spiral staircase takes you close to the top and have direct access to the balcony outside to observe panoramic sea with spread beaches.

2. Nghinh Phong Cape

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

Being a stretched headland located in the southernmost point of Vung Tau city, Nghinh Phong Cape welcomes breezes all year round as its name, so the climate is always cool, pleasant. Around the cape, there are many big stones of fancy shapes becoming the ideal destination for those who love fishing and adventure. Near the cape is Vong Nguyet beach where has beautiful scenery, blue water, but this place is only suitable for sightseeing or enjoying seafood.

3. Hon Ba

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

From Nghinh Phong Cape overlooking the sea, visitors will easily observe Hon Ba. When the tide is low, a stone walkway leading to Mieu Ba - an important historical monument of local, will be revealed. Mieu Ba is now 4 meters high above the ground, inside the temple, there is worship hall with a basement of 6m long and 3m wide, and is a secret meeting place during the revolution. The shrine attracts many pilgrims to visit and worship, pray for good luck on the full moon day or the first day of lunar month.

4. Heo (Pig) Hill

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

Heo Hill, where was once the place of quarrying and now gradually becomes a favorite of young people, especially those who love to take pictures, is located just behind Sau beach. The landscape here dramatic changes in two seasons. The dry season is barren with stones, while trees and grass are green and fresh in the rainy season. Standing on the hill, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Vung Tau of and take the unique photos.

5. Thang Tam Temple

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau

Thang Tam temple relic complex consists of the communal house, Ba Ngu Hanh temple and Tomb Ong Nam Hai (Whale) located on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Thang Tam Ward. Thang Tam communal house built in 1840 was finely carved, gilded with linking architecture style, including the forefather's hall, hall, central hall…

Mieu Ba was established in the late 19th century to worship Ngu Hanh (the five basic elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth), later rebuilt in the style of one compartment and two lean-tos. Ca Ong mausoleum was also built in the same time of Mieu Ba, currently, the mausoleum preserves the giant Whale skeleton fished out by local fishermen more than 100 years ago. In addition to keeping the characteristics historical, cultural values, Thang Tam temple is a place to organize the festival with bold folk culture and national identity, therefore helps visitors discover many interesting things during the trip to Vung Tau.

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Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors

So, are you first time visitor? Want to plan for holiday trip? Great! As Travel Content Writers, we are here to tell you easy tips which ensure you enjoy your trip away from home

      Make a list of necessary things
You should make a list of every single item whichyou many need. A great way of getting perplexed is forgetting therelevant things that you meant to carry along (comb,toiletries and many more.). You should ignore shelling out your investing money on soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, etc.,if you may use this on drink, food, souvenirs and activities.

         Keep weather in mind
You should keep weather in mind and know what the climate can be like when you travel. Many folksdon’t preparebeforehand and reach with flip flops &shorts when it's rainy and cold... You may spend money on buying new clothes which you didn't plan on purchasing.          

       Get a Detailed Conversation
Before starting your holiday trip,conversations are veryessential. Forgroup traveling, the verytoughfactor is the travel planning part. Because placing everybody in single place is quite a toughjob, you need to do some effort of conversing with them.
So, this conversation is very important. By doing this, you may know what each one of them prefers. Itmay be easy to plan a tourwhich makes everybody happy! While you are making the plan for trip, it is essential to make sure that everybody has a voice, especially the shy ones.

       Traveling with friend
If you are traveling with your friend, you should always close together. You should keep mobile phones ON. Each city has the criminals that prey on travelers and tourists as we are easily determined in other countries. We’re not saying you have to be paranoid, but you should keep checking your surroundings.
When traveling abroad, you should turn off data roaming on your wireless devices. The charges of data roaming maybe very costly. You may take benefit of free Wi-Fi hotspots at places such asrestaurants, hotels, and airports. You may use your free Internet connection through appslike Skype.

For first time visitors, traveling may give best experiences. The chance to try new foods, meet new folks,as well as see distant lands whichyou have only seen in movies. So, it may change your life.
If you want to write down your own experience of trip, then you can find a client who wants travel articles. By applying Travel Freelance Content Writing Jobs or Travel Content Writing Jobs, you can do it!

Happy travelling!

Top 5 Things to Do in Luang Prabang

Mount Phousi is also known as Chomsy hills. You can easily climb to the top (about 300 steps) for panoramic views of the city. On top of the mountain there is a very beautiful temple. There are two ways to climb: from the main streets in the city orthe trails behind Ethnic Museum. The most wonderful time to climb the mountain is late afternoon before sunset.

2. The temples and pagodas

There are more than 30 temples and pagodas located around the city of Luang Prabang. The most famous is Wat Mai which is located on the main road of the city. In Luang Prabang there are also a lot of schools for young monks. They learn about furniture, lacquer and English.

Kuang Si Waterfall (also called Tat Kuangsi or Kuang Xi) is a complex of 3 falls, 30 km from the center of Luang Prabang. This is a favourite destination of lot of tourists to Laos. The main waterfall is about 60 meters high, falling down forming small lakes, like natural greenpools. You can enjoy swimming. Previously, this place is free but then a fare is collected to fund maintenance and conservation. There is also a bear sanctuary with rare alivebears.

As one of the ancient temples and the most important in Luang Prabang, Xieng Thong was built in 1560. Entrance fee is 5,000 kip ($ 0.5). The courtyard of the temple is where we can enjoy interesting architecture. Besides, the frescoes of Xieng Thong are also special attractions.

5. Riding elephants

Elephant park is located about 15 km from the city, surrounded between the mountains. It takes about 3-4 hours of climbing to reach the ElephantKhammuvillage. Here you can both riding elephants and learn about daily living, unique culture of ethnic minorities.

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What to Bring for a UAE Fishing Trip - Few Suggestions

Any fishing trip is incomplete or unsuccessful without proper fishing gear and essential equipment. It is best to be prepared for a fishing trip than to realize you are missing something while you are in the middle of the sea/lake/river. Preparing for a fishing trip involves preparing the best possible fishing techniques and to be well prepared for possible situations that can happen during your fishing experience.

Here are some of the basic and most important recommendations for equipment and things you should definitely bring in on your fishing trip. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge and benefit:-

Essentials and clothing -

Generally daily laundry services are available at the lodge. It is recommended to check out the weather few days before your trip to fishing in UAE. This way, you can plan your clothing for the fishing trip accordingly. If you are unsure about the weather conditions you can choose your fishing clothing suitable for all type of weather conditions.

You can choose to wear clothes in which layers can be added or subtracted according to the weather conditions. You can choose to wear top quality polar fleece, polarized glasses, wind shirts and other sportswear items according to your choice.

Cool weather clothing -

If you are taking your fishing trip in a cool weather make sure you have a quality rain gear, heavy socks and shirts, waterproof foot wear, insulated hat and gloves, insulated underwear, heavy jacket and layers like fleece, windbreaker and hoodie.

Warm weather clothing -

Preparing for warm weather is much simpler and easier. You must have t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes (anything casual like camp clothing or a workout gear for your exercise room).

Some essentials -

In addition to the fishing clothing according to the current weather there are few things that you should always have. You must have your passport, a small overnight bag with all the essentials that you require for one night, polarized sunglasses and your license.

It is also very important to bring some important essentials like medications and toiletries, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, body wash, camera, spare batteries, phone charger, insect repellant and waterproof bag to carry out all your essentials in the flyouts and in the boat.

Fishing gear -

Most importantly when you pack your fishing gears for the fishing trip you should keep in mind the type of fishing you are going for. The reels, rods and lines should be according to the fish you want to catch in your fishing trip. Even though you have a fishing rod in your backpack, make sure to pack a spare one.

If anything happens to your primary fishing rod, you wouldn’t have to cut short your fishing trip. Likewise it is better to carry an extra reel with you. You can choose to have less expensive gears for your backups but they still should be of considerable quality.

Fishing can be a fun experience, but you still have to be careful and prepared for the experience. Make sure you have all the essentials and fishing gears before you set out for the trip.

18 Amazing Photos of Myanmar

AP Soe photographer – who was awarded Myanmar photographer has recorded fascinating moments about his country and people. Surely after watching these photos, you will not want to miss a Myanmar Travel.

The eyes of light
The ancient wall in Mrauk U, Myanamr was rediscovered in this century. The mysterious empire of Mrauk U has more than 700 pagodas and works covered by forests.
Girls of Akha ethnic groups in the area of golden triangle 
The heart of Chakra, Bagan, Myanmar
The black clouds in the sky in Bagan
Novices in the festival of Ananda temple, Bagan. Thousands of monks at different ages flock to Bagan once a year to attend the festival in Ananda Temple
Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar
Night in Bagan
The purple dawn in Aung Ban
The only road with the height of 100 meters leading to Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Buddha statues in the East Bago
Monks also like football
Jumping into the river
This photo which was taken by Iphone has been rewarded and posted on Instagram – Bagan
Children are children – Yangon
A novice
A fishermen on Inle Lake
Shwedagon with the view from Yangon commercial center.

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10 Interesting Experiences in Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay city in Myanmar –home to the charming and hidden beauty will become close than ever through the lens of Philipp- a famous travel blogger.

Hire a bike and explore the city by your own way

Bikes are vehicles can be found everywhere in Mandalay with a very cheap rental. There are numerous interesting destinations in Mandalay you could easily visit by bike. The traffic of the city is quite convenient and. More important, during your biking tour, you will find out many interesting things which are even more interesting than visiting a famous place.

Visit a gold leaf workshop

The most impressive thing in Myanmar is maybe gold. Gold is not only used to decorate on Buddha images, outside pagodas, but also used to plate on the ceiling or on furniture in rich households.
King Golon is one of the most famous and oldest gold workshops in Mandalay. Visiting this place, you will have a chance to observe the process of making gold leaf. All people at King Galon are happy and enthusiastic so you may try yourself by hammering on packages of gold leaf.

Visit stone carving workshop

 Mandalay is a city owing a lot of traditional workshops but the most highlighted one is stone carving. You could move to Sagaing region to visit these workshops. The entire area seems to be covered by smooth dust from marbles.

Visit Maha Muni Pagoda

Maha Muni is the most sacred pagoda of Mandalay which is just after Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon in terms of fame. The pagoda is large and beautiful with many doors and balconies leading to the main shrine. You will be impressed with the large Buddha statue plated with gold. The special thing of this region is that only men are allowed to enter, all women only watch the statue from outside.

Relax at Shwenandaw Monastery

After riding a bike and strolling around areas of Mandalay, you could spend some time to relax. Shwenandaw – a famous monastery built of teak. It will be an interesting experience when relaxing and admiring complicated architectural sculptures of the monastery.

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Enjoy street food of Mandalay

The advantage of a biking tour is that you could stop anywhere you want. You could stop regularly to enjoy delicious street food in Mandalay. The best thing in Myanmar cuisine is that after enjoying dishes, you will be offered a warm pot of tea for free. Strange dishes of Mandalay will be unforgettable impression during your journey.

Explore Amarapura and U Bein Bridge

Amarapura was once the capital of Myanmar. Currently, this ancient capital has been known for silk products, Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Monastery and U Bein- the world’s longest teak bridge.

In the Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Monastery, at around 10 am each morning, there will be a lot of novices standing in line for making alms.

Admire scenery from Sagaing Hill

Sagaing is the area outside Mandalay. To get there, you need to cross Ayeyarwady River. Sagaing is specially famous for its hill named Sagaing Hill – one of the major Buddhist centers in Myanmar which is home to more than 600 monasteries and stupas as well as 6000 monks.

Take a boat trip to visit Inwa village

Inwa as well as Amarapura and Sagaing are the three most ancient cities in Myanmar. You need to take a boat from the bank of Ayeyarwady River to get there. The road from the riverbank to get into the region is quite poor, so most of the tourists travel by horse drawn cart. Like most of the ancient cities in Myanmar, you will be amazed by majestic pagodas with unique architecture and stunning views there.

Visit the ancient village of Mingun

Mingun is about 11 km from Madalay, you could get there by road but most of the tourists travel by waterway. Almost all the tourists visiting Mandalay do not miss this impressive destination because it owns many most important historical relics of Myanmar, including Mingun Pahtodawgyi, relic – a pagoda built with red bricks. If it was completed, it would be the largest brick Buddhist work in the world with the expected height of 150 meters.

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