Top “stunning” restaurants in Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho City attracts visitors not only with natural lyrical beauty but also the rich cuisine in the West of Vietnam. Below, I will give you 7 best quality restaurant in Can Tho that you cannot be ignored when coming to this land.

1. Hoa Su Restaurant

Hoa Su Restaurant
Address: Le Loi Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist, Can Tho.
Reference price: 15,000 - 350,000 VND / person.
Located in the busiest center of entertainment and dining in Can Tho city, Hoa Su restaurant is a place where converging all elements of water tourism and the quintessence of South Vietnam cuisine. It is designed as a garden tourism with large and airy space. Tourists can both enjoy specialties in the West of Vietnam and relax your soul in the sweet sound of the music as a view of the panoramic beauty of Hau romantic riverside. Attractiveness in food service at Hoa Su restaurant comes from the specialties having a wonderful flavor. They surely will make visitors feel satisfied.

2. Lua Nep Restaurant

Lua Nep Restaurant
Address: Cai Khe alluvial ground, Le Loi Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist, Can Tho.
Reference price: 200,000 - 2,000,000 VND
Designed from the inspiration of the thousand-year-old rice that became fon of the life of the Tay Do people and Cuu Long area. Lua Nep restaurant was founded to inherit and honor the cultural quintessence of West Vietnam together with the lyrical beauty of nature garden and the rich and unique folk cuisine. Moreover, the uniqueness of the western culture has been highlighted most prominently in the rich food with natural flavor in the garden of the restaurant. Typical food of southern part is the highlight in the menu of Lua Nep restaurant. Coming here, you not only enjoy the delicious food but also admire the romantic scenic of the western river.

3. East Sea Seafood Restaurant

East Sea Seafood Restaurant
Branch 1: No. 30, Le Loi Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist. Can Tho.
Branch 2: No. 168, 30/4 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist. Can Tho.
Branch 3: No.100, Cach Mang Thang Tam street, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho.
Reference price: 20,000 - 200,000 VND
If you are a big fan of seafood dishes, definitely do not miss seafood in South East Sea restaurant when you have the opportunity to visit Can Tho. As its name implies, you will find "an East Sea" in the rich cuisine made from fresh and quality seafood ingredients in this restaurant. Moreover, In the East Sea restaurant, they bring the distinctive flavor of the majestic sea for you to have the great taste but keep the quintessence of the natural products from the East Ocean.

4. Can Tho Boat Restaurant

Can Tho Boat Restaurant
Address: Ninh Kieu wharf, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist. Can Tho.
Reference price: 50,000 - 500,000 VND.
Known as the largest floating restaurant in Tay Do, Can Tho Boat Restaurant is a place to relax, admire the immense river with Hau romantic river, and enjoy the quintessence of Southern Part Food. This restaurant has a height of 3 floors with a capacity of 600 guests with luxury and splendor design. Boat Restaurant not only gets the love from visitors in all regions visiting Can Tho but also the proud symbol of each local people here. When the night falls down, the boat began the familiar journey to introduce beautiful river to the tourists in the smooth and tormenting of traditional music. And nothing is more wonderful than watching the scene in the mellow music and enjoy the delicious food at this unique restaurant.

5. Phuong Nam Restaurant

Phuong Nam Restaurant
Address: No. 48, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho province.
Reference price: 250,000 - 330,000 VND
Located on the opposite side of Ninh Kieu wharf - the most expensive tourist center in Can Tho, Phuong Nam restaurant is an ideal place to eat, which is popular with many travelers, especially international tourists. With the small space, it creates a cozy feeling like being at home with convenient geographic location. You can enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Ninh Kieu Wharf. Besides, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes and they are suitable for meeting and family gatherings, friends, and business partners.

6. Sao Hom Restaurant

Sao Hom Restaurant
Address: Zone E, Long Co House, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist. Can Tho.
Reference price: 300.000 - 550.000 VND
Located in the Long Co House - an ancient historical site of Can Tho, the design of Sao Hom restaurant is boldly ancient in the olden times and it reflects the ancient culture of Southern Part. After walking around Ninh Kieu wharf, visitors can visit here to enjoy the wonderful richness of the food and watch the stunning sceneries surrounding here. Although the restaurant has the average area, it attracts tourists by the beautiful view overlooking the banks of the Hau river with the delicious taste of cuisine here.

7. Gony Restaurant

Gony Restaurant
Address: No. 8, Nguyen An Ninh Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho.
Reference price: 20,000 - 220,000 VND
With a prime location in the center of Ninh Kieu District, Gony Restaurant is a favorite place for locals and international travelers because of the excellent food and luxurious design space. In the restaurant, there are individual areas with impressive decoration such as young people's area with Been Bag chairs, other guests' area to enjoy the beautiful city or the VIP area to meet and exchange work and so on. It is because of the harmonious arrangement that each guest who comes to eat here feel familiar and warm as at home.

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

Can Tho is known as the capital of the Cuu Long Delta River. It is also one of the major economic centers of Vietnam. So, it has many cultural features and the typical cuisine of the west of the country. It is interesting to mention to Can Tho cuisine because of the variety, and rustic in each dish. Below, I would like to recommend you some food that you should try when traveling here. 

1. Pho Ca 

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

Pho Ca is a combination of cuisine between Hanoi and Can Tho. This bold and harmonious combination has created the special flavor of Pho only in Can Tho. Pho Ca is so delicious because of the moderate sweet taste. Moreover, soup is boiled from parts of fish such as head, and bones. This food is eaten with the favorite vegetables such as basil, and coriander together with a bowl of sweet spicy sauce. I think Pho Ca is not the bad choice for you.

2. Banh Tet La Cam ( Cylindric glutinous rice cake with magenta plant)

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

People say that The most unique cylindric glutinous rice cake is Can Tho. If you want to have good taste, you must choose the most delicious sticky rice. And then, it is soaked with the magenta plant to have a natural purple color. When eating this cake, you can find the sticky rice, sweet meet, and salted eggs extremely great. Today, Banh Tet is often sold in Xuan Khanh, An Thoi, Mit Nuoc markets. You can visit those markets to buy Banh Tet as gifts for everyone. 

3. Nem Nuong Cai Rang ( Cai Rang grilled pork hash wrapped in banana leaf)

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

The best Nem Nuong is still made from fresh pork, and then it is grilled on charcoal until it is ripe. Moreover, Each Nem Nuong is pierced by small bamboo sticks and grilled carefully. This food is eaten with rice sheets, coriander, unripe banana, cucumber, pineapple, and starfruit. When eating this food, you put everything in rice sheet, roll it and try it with special sauce. Do not miss this dish when you come Can Tho city. 

4. Chuoi Nep Nuong (Grilled Sticky Banana)

In Can Tho, Banana is very small, not long, and not big. It is delicious most when the outside layer of sticky rice is brown, the inside layer is white, and the banana is ripe. When it is rain, you can buy this food in pedlars to both eat and chat with friends. You will feel the typical atmosphere of Can Tho city. I think that that time is extremely happy. 

5. Oc Nuong Tieu Xanh (Grilled Snails with Green pepper)

Snails are boiled and then put on fire charcoal with spiced such as pepper, garlic, sodium glutamate and so on. When the water boil, people put snails in plates. It is suitable to eat, slightly spicy, just sweet-salty, and crispy. You can drink water snails if you want because it is also great. Another recipe is that people grill raw snails directly. Its taste is extremely delicious. 

6. Cong Cake

Can Tho people see the cake as the nosh, so it is only eaten in the afternoon or evening, from 4 to 5 p.m. Cong Cake is enjoyed with sweet and sour sauce, houttuynia, mango, salad, basil, etc. Green beans smell, meat smell, fried shrimp smell are mixed together with other ingredients. It is extremely a diverse dish of taste and color. 

7. Tam Bi Cake 

The taste of cakes in Can Tho is very special. The cake is steamed on the stove so it is always hot. The skin pork is quite crispy and fish sauce is quite limpid. The aroma of the coconut milk is always mixed with the white Tam Bi cake together with vegetables, bean sprouts, and Pickles and salt. This is both cheap and delicious food. Wherever you go, I am sure that you always remember Tam Bi Cake's taste. 

8. Hoi Cake-Roasted Pork

If you have a chance to visit Phong Dien with orchards, do not forget to visit Minh Canh garden and enjoy Hoi cake - Roasted Pork. The cake is made from rice flour, served with roasted pork, and coriander. Therefore, Hoi Cake is small white color and it is eaten with raw vegetables, roasted pork, and fish sauce. Visitors who have ever tried this food find it extremely wonderful. 

9. Bun Nuoc Leo ( Sauce Noodles)

It is one of the dishes of Can Tho with reasonable price from 0.5$ per bowl and full of rotten meat, fish, shrimp, and fresh squid. Especially, the noodle soup is cooked in fresh coconut milk. When enjoying this food, you can eat with coriander, raw bean sprouts, banana flower, and spinach. This is one of the delicious dishes that you should enjoy when traveling Can Tho.

10. Phu Sa hotpot

The attractiveness of this hot pot is not only its name but also its taste. The sour taste of Phu Sa hot pot is very sweet and moderate. In the floating season, Phu Sa hot pot is served with many kinds of vegetable that are very typical of Can Tho land. Trying this hot pot is also a wonderful experience for visitors who want to have a fresh feeling.

Top 10 destinations for visitors who travel to Can Tho City, Vietnam

Can Tho is the largest city in the west of Vietnam. It has a typical cultural lifestyle of the river area that is different from other countrysides. Thanks to this, Can Tho is more and more attractive to many visitors coming to this city. Below, I will recommend you some destinations that you should visit. 

1. Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang Floating Market is the largest floating market in Mekong River Delta
Cai Rang floating market is a familiar destination when you come to Can Tho city. The market specializes in buying fruits, agricultural products of the region. Every morning, hundreds of small boats parked close and local people sell many products to guests who visit this market. Besides to specialties here, visitors can also eat breakfast and experience the interesting feeling when sitting on the boat.

2. Binh Thuy Ancient House

Binh Thuy Ancient House is one the most beautiful ancient houses in Can Tho

The house is located at Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City. It is designed with 5 rooms and 2 roofs and it looks like French architecture house. With many cultural and architectural values, this is really an intact antique house that helps visitors learn more about the living, the culture as well as the development of local people in Cuu Long delta river. 

3. Bang Lang stork garden

Located in Thoi An hamlet, Thoi Thuan commune, Thot Not district, Can Tho city, Bang Lang is one of the largest bird sanctuaries of Cuu Long Delta River. If you visit here in the spring, visitors will see purple velvet crepe myrtle on two sides of the river. Moreover, to admire the beautiful landscapes and bird life here, visitors can come early in the morning to see the flocks of the stork flying to search for food. 

4. Fruit Garden

Orchards stretch in many roads and waterways in Can Tho city. There are many large fruit gardens for visitors such as My Khanh, Mr. Sau Duong, Binh Thuy orchid gardens, or arc gardens on the Phong Dien, Phung Hiep rivers, and otherfamily tourism gardens in O Mon, Thot Not. Do not hesitate to visit here to enjoy many delicious fruits. 

5. Ba Bo Flower Village

Ba Bo flower village is considered as one of the interesting tourist attractions. It contributes to the enrichment of the garden trip in Binh Thuy district. In 2015, there are nearly 250 flower growers with many kinds such as marigolds, sunflowers, apricot blossoms, and roses. With an area of nearly 20 hectares, visitors can completely see and take some beautiful pictures with different flower gardens.

6. Ninh Kieu Wharf

Ninh Kieu is known as a symbol of growth and youth of Can Tho city. It attracts many visitors due to the stunning landscapes together with the view is overlooking Hau River. Located on the right bank of the Hau River a, Ninh Kieu Wharf is famous for not only many interesting activities like walking, or taking photos but also a place for young people and visitors to meet and enjoy food in restaurants. 

7. Tay Do Night Market

Tay Do Market is a major trading center of the Southern provinces, and it is also an attractive entertainment destination that you cannot be ignored. In the past, the market was the place for transshipping goods from many countrysides and abroad. Today, it also offers food, drink, and other entertainment services at night. I hope you will have a wonderful experience when walking around this market. 

8. Southern Monastery

Southern Monastery is located on an area of nearly 4 hectares in My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city. The monastery is located in Lo Vong Cung historical vestige and about 15 kilometers from the city center. When visiting Southern Monastery, you will admire the peaceful scenery there. Moreover, you can see the cultural architecture of the Ly - Tran dynasty when going through the largest temple in the west of Vietnam. 

9. Can Tho Museum

Can Tho Museum with a large area of nearly 3000 m2 located right at No. 1 Hoa Binh Avenue, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District. This place displays many antiquities of the country, Can Tho people as well as Cuu Long Delta River through many different periods. Moreover, The artifacts of the Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer people have been also kept in this museum for many years.

10. My Khanh ecological zone

Going downstream Hau River about 20 minutes from the Cai Rang floating market, tourists will come to the My Khanh ecological zone. With the cool fresh atmosphere, you will feel relaxed, comfortable and pleasant than the city center. You can have a chance to enjoy more than 20 kinds of fruits in the large garden, visit traditional villages, cook wine with local people, enjoy the specialty food, and visit Nam Bo ancient house and so on. It is extremely a wonderful experience.

Top 10 food that you should try when traveling to Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake of Hanoi Capital is no longer a strange destination for foreigners and visitors. It has not only beautiful scenery, and fresh air but also the famous food. Below, I will recommend you some dishes you should enjoy when traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

1. Pho - Ly Quoc Su Street

This dish is not a strange food for everyone. Although each place has its own characteristics and flavor, you will feel the special taste of this dish in Ly Quoc Su street. Pho Bo Ly Quoc Su is considered as the most delicious in Hanoi because of its meat and soup. In addition, the crunch of fried wheat flour also makes this dish greater. 

2. Tofu Noodle with shrimp paste - Hang Khay Street

Tofu Noodle is contained in a flat winnowing basket with green banana leaves. Visitors who come here to eat this dish find it delicious. Moreover, this food is eaten with thick pork bolognas, and shrimp paste. I think you will be impressed by its aroma smell and spicy, sweet, and salty taste of fish sauce.

3. Lan Ong Bread - Cha Ca Street

If you are into bread, you should not miss Lan Ong Bread, Cha Ca Street. Bread has simply pate, onion, cilantro, cucumber and chili sauce, but visitors who ate bread here remember its taste forever. Especially, Its pate is very delicious because it is not fishy. Therefore, this bread attracts people everywhere. When traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, do not miss this place. 

4. Nem Chua Ran (Fried Fermented Pork Roll) - Hang Bong Street

Hang Bong is famous for Nem Chua Ran due to its aromatic taste. When you try this food, it is not too fat and greasy. This dish is usually dipped in chili sauce with spicy and sweet taste. Moreover, it is also eaten when people drink beer. The aroma of Nem Chua, the spicy taste of chili paste, and the cool of beer makes you find wonderful. 

5. Grilled Beef - Ma May Street

The recipe for this food is very simple. After soaked in special spices, beef is wrapped in a silver paper and grilled. When baking beef, the sweet taste of meat mixed with other spices make Grilled Beef have aromatic flavor. Grilled Beef is eaten with tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes. When the weather is cold, you can enjoy this food with family and friends. It is extremely a wonderful experience.

6. Van Than Noodle - Hang Chieu street

Van Than is famous for aromatic tough noodle together with the sweet soup. Wheat flour is made from flour and eggs and boiled carefully. Small shrimps, mushrooms, and meat are wrapped in a thin layer of wheat flour and also boiled until it ripes. A bowl of noodle includes meat, mushrooms, a piece of boiled eggs, vegetables, chives, and field cabbage together with the sweet soup. Everything makes this food so great. 

7. Trang Tien ice cream

Trang Tien is always crowded in winter or summer because it is famous for delicious ice-cream. There are many kinds of ice cream with various flavors of cacao, green rice flakes, coconut milk cream, green pea, and green tea. In particular, cinnamon ice-cream cone is more popular than all. Moreover, the price of ice cream here is also very cheap so anyone can also enjoy it.

8. Bun Oc ( Snail Noodle) - Dong Xuan market

When you try this food at the first time, you will be attracted by delicious taste of snails, stir-fried unripe banana, and soft yellow tofus. The water is quite sour and slightly aromatic. This food is often served with noodles with sliced banana, basil, shiso. When traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, do not hesitate to try this food. 

9. Bun Cha ( noodles and grilled meat) -Hang Than Street

This is also familiar dish of the people of Vietnam. This dish is quite simple, but it requires the ingenuity of the person who makes this food. The grilled meat is soaked in special spices so that it is sweet, sour, and spicy enough. In addition, fish sauce is also delicious enough for everyone to eat. When trying this food, many visitors are attracted by the great of Bun Cha.

10. Chao Suon - Ngo Huyen Street

Ngo Huyen Street is famous for simple food but delicious taste. Gruel is ground carefully before it is cooked. Moreover, pork bones are also stewed many hours to have sweet taste. To my experience, when the weather is cold, you can go with friends to enjoy this food and chat with each other. The atmosphere is extremely warm and happy.

Top 10 famous foods in Dalat that you should try

Da Lat is well known as a tourist destination that attracts many native people and foreigners. Coming to this "paradise of love", everyone hopes to have a wonderful trip. Beside visiting beautiful landscapes, eating local specialties is an important thing that every tourist would like to enjoy here. Below, I will introduce you some dishes you should enjoy when traveling Dalat.

1. Xap Xap

I do not know how it is called in English. But, you can understand that this is like Nom Bo Kho (dried beef sweet and sour grated salad) in Hanoi and dried beef in Saigon. However, this food here has the distinctive flavor. When trying this food, you are impressed at the first time because of the crisp and sweet of the papaya, and the salty taste of the pig liver, peanuts, and basil. You can stroll Xuan Huong Lake and stop at the small pub on the lake to enjoy this dish.

2. Grilled Rice Sheet

This dish is very common in other countrysides in Vietnam. But in Dalat, its taste is different. This is probably the most famous dish in Dalat. Unlike the aromatic flavor of Binh Thuan grilled rice sheet, Dalat grilled rice sheet is not so sweet and salty. So, visitors are impressed by this. Imagining in a cold afternoon, you sit on the sidewalk with your family or friends and enjoy this dish. The feeling is so great. 

3. Bap Ram (Corn Rice Sheet)

This kind of food is very popular in cold weather like Da Lat. Of course, it cannot lack Corn Rice Sheet. Young corn is puréed, marinated that is not too salty and tasteless. People usually do it as a kernel in rice sheet. Afer that, people roll up and fry it until yellow. When eating this food, Bap Ram is once again wrapped with rice sheet, cucumber, carrots, and raw vegetables. This dish dipped in peanut sauce is extremely delicious. 

4. Steamed thin rice pancake

You can create a little surprise for yourself with breakfast is a dish of "strange" steamed thin rice pancake in Dalat city. Few visitors know this dish before coming to Da Lat. The unique combination of steamed thin rice pancake and chicken hearts has attracted the curiosity of many visitors when coming here. And when you taste it, you will be passionate to the soft taste of Steamed thin rice pancake and the sweet meat and chicken wings.

5. Xiu Mai Bread

Xiu Mai Bread is usually held in a small bowl which is filled with soup, Xiu Mai ball, Grilled chopped meat, or skin pork. They are sprinkled with onions and they make Xiu Mai eye-catching. A bowl of Xiu Mai Bread is only 0.5$. When trying this food, you can feel the sweet of meat together with baked bread and a bit oniony. It is definitely a wonderful experience. 

6. Can Cake

Although it is not originated food here, Can Cake is always in the top delicious dishes in Dalat that many people would like to try. You can find this dish in every corner of Dalat city. Those small restaurants in Da Lat are not too spacious. But they are always attracted visitors by Can Cake hot ovens. It is not eaten with sauce as in other places, Can Cake here is soft and crispy. I believe you will have a great experience here. 

7. Snails are stuffed with meat

The snails stuffed with meat has long been a famous dish of Dalat, especially on rainy days. Visitors can feel the crispy, sweet, and fragrant of snails, meat, and citronella together with a little bit of ginger sauce. Especially, The aroma from the charcoal stove will make you remember this food forever. 

8. Thanh Thao avocado Ice-Cream

Avocado Ice-Cream here can be considered as a special Dalat specialties. This dish is not mixed with much ice like many other places, so it is very delicious and great. The aroma of avocado with a bit Vani Cream and durian makes you feel cool and delicious. When thinking about this dish, it really makes my mouth water. 

9. Me Linh Coffee Garden

Me Linh Cafe is far from Dalat about 20 kilometers. This is a famous mink cafe with the casual style. This place brings to you not only a cup of quality coffee but also a unique scenery in Da Lat. Its balcony is no roof and decorated simply to have natural sunshine. You can see Dap Cam Ly Lake from the far distance, enjoy the cool wind and see many stunning sceneries. 

10. Ba Toa beef hot pot

Do not hesitate to try the Ba-Toa hot pot here and you can feel the typical taste of Ba Toa hot pot. Besides, you are also fascinated by the space and cold of Dalat land. Another special thing is that the main ingredient is highland mountain beef. It makes this dish more aromatic and delicious than other countrysides. Moreover, hot pot soup is made elaborately to create sweet taste.

Sightseeing in Lam Dong the highland of Vietnam (part 2)

Dambri Fall

Located about 18km east of Bao Loc city centre, about 100km away from Da Lat tourist city and 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, along with the highway 20, through tea, coffee and fruit trees. The tourists will come to Dambri Ecotourism Resort and enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool climate of the South Central Highlands. Dambri according to K'Ho means waiting to be associated with the beautiful legend of the iron son of the young man for his love.

Dambri Fall is very famous and mighty in Lam Dong Vietnam

Dambri waterfall is considered the largest waterfall in Lam Dong with a height of 60m, forming two extremely high flow low. The road to the waterfall has a cement bridge over 20m long across the stream, near the top of the falls. Standing on the bridge, tourists can completely enjoy the majestic spectacle of the water flowing down from the top of the waterfall.

There are three ways to conquer the falls for visitors to experience that is walking about 138 stairs, take the elevator or experience the thrills with slider 1. 650 km long, each way will give the visitor a distinct feeling. Dambri waterfall.

But most visitors come here to choose 138 roads on the slopes, have been concretized very convenient to enjoy the full view of the Dambri waterfall. Around the waterfall is a forest still preserved intact beauty wild uncovered with an area of nearly 300ha full of birds.

Many ancient trees such as stars, vultures, with the original to several three arms embrace are also here. On sunny days, visitors can come here to explore the beauty of the primaeval forests, participate in the big game, fire camp is extremely exciting and exciting.

In the rainy season, visitors can comfortably sip a cup of hot coffee, watching the mist as a thin blanket covering the forest and enjoy the lyrical songs, listen deeply to the waterfall rumbling words Upstream that goes a few kilometres and hear the sound.

Come to Dambri, visitors also witnessed the life, social and cultural life of Chau Ma ethnic village extremely interesting. Along the way up the stream, going to the shore, you will have the opportunity to test the skill and bravery when the difference on the bridge in the style of an ethnic minority in the local do.

The bridge is intertwined with the vines are available in the forest, such as rattan, gang, Loo. In the village of Chau Ma ethnic - one of the ethnic culture villages in the Highlands, guests will enjoy the ceremony gongs, explore and learn about traditional brocade weaving and can also bring tents to organize picnic activities.

Dambri Dam guarantees to bring guests the moments of comfort and full of enjoyment when enjoying a very enjoyable and comfortable holiday with family and friends. Not only that, Dambri waterfall also brings visitors many surprises and interesting as visiting the area of mammals.
Here, the monkey island has hundreds of children, deer are raised freely released tourists are not surprised and excited when caught. Not only that, Dambri waterfall also has the area of raising bears, turtles, shrimps. In particular, elephants were domesticated and obediently followed the instructions of the monk. Guests can sit on elephant's back for souvenir photos.

Dambri falls - a beautiful legend, with charismatic and majestic charisma, ensures visitors will have the best time and comfort. Dambri Waterfall Resort, a wondrous midst of thousands of green, a mark never fade in the heart of every visitor when set foot in the land around the year fragrant tea with aromatic coffee gardens stretched to the ground.

Tam Chau Tea Hill

Tam Chau Tea Plantation, located in Bao Loc city, is known as "tea city", which owns the largest tea growing area in Lam Dong province as well as the Central Highland and Southern provinces.
Although there is no long history as well as famous not by Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat, any visitors coming here will feel a very strange attraction. If possible, come here early in the morning when it is still misty to admire the early morning dew still on the tea leaves, or walking on the red dirt road with yellow flower carpet between green tea, and especially the chance to enjoy the hot aromatic tea in the cold weather of the plateau.

Tam Chau Tea Hill is one of the largest and nicest hills in Lam Dong Vietnam

Tea is grown in Tam Chau mainly O Long. If you are a tea lover, tea connoisseurs, surely you can not ignore the brand B'lao tea (old name of Bao Loc city). B'lao tea is very unique, not bitter, but slightly after a glass of tea, you will feel a sweet and fragrant very deep. Tam Chau owns four tea farms specializing in growing high-grade O Long tea varieties: Kim Xuyen, Thanh Tam, Tu Quy and Thuy Ngoc. At the tea farm, you can admire the green tea hills, embracing the atmosphere of cool and generous, as well as touching the tea leaves freshly opened when to Tam tea processing factory Chau, you can visit, learn about the process of producing O Long tea extremely meticulous and thorough.

Sightseeing in Lam Dong the highland of Vietnam (part 1)

Dai Ninh Lake

Dai Ninh Lake is located in Ninh Gia Commune, Duc Trong District (Lam Dong Province) in the Dai Ninh Hydropower Project in the Dong Nai River area to supply water to Binh Thuan. This is a large project located in all 3 provinces, but perhaps only with the cold air of the plateau, Dai Ninh Lake in Duc Trong is considered a masterpiece. Dai Ninh Lake is about 50km from Da Lat city, about 50km to Bao Loc, next to National Highway 20.

Dai Ninh Lake in Lam Dong Vietnam

The scenery of Dai Ninh Lake is most beautiful in the morning when the mist still covered the Dai Ninh space. The dry trees in the middle of the lake appear to have a sense of both fancy and mysterious as the land of ancient fairy tales. The lower the water, the dry tree shows up more and more clearly, as an important point indispensable to create the attraction of Dai Ninh Lake. The moon is hanging somewhere in the sky as if shining down the lake of real damage Dai Ninh.

When the sun goes through every corner of the lake, smothering fog, Dai Ninh shows up beautiful glitter in poetry. The gentle girl gently touches the heart of the person looking at a beautiful charm unforgettable, the water wave of silver rolling like ripples happy welcome new day.
Some fishermen started their daily life on the small boats, people in Dai Ninh lake-wide with many contrasts as demonstrated by the great power before nature.

Besides sightseeing, the biggest attraction cannot be overlooked when visiting Dai Ninh lake is fishing, fish here a lot, so that these elegant pleasures are many visitors love. Just pick a corner of Lake Dai Ninh, visitors can gently let go to show his level. Once you have achieved the results, visitors can look for dried branches scattered around the lake rewarding themselves with the taste of freshly grilled fish on the bank.

If early dew covers the lake Dai Ninh is considered a beautiful scene when the sunset gradually let go red-tinted area will also be memorable moments to be saved.
This was also the time when many boats began to work in the night. Under the night began to invade the region, the bright lights fluttering on the lake as the flowers are blooming love.

Jraiblian Fall

Nestled in the forest Ta In the desert is a high waterfall majestic. Waterfall has a mysterious beauty just dreamed. Who once had to pass through the unforgettable impression of the waterfall as well as its wild beauty amidst majestic mountains.

Jraiblian Fall in Lam Dong Vietnam

From the cliff is about 70m high, a large stream divided into three branches poured straight into the deep stream; the water chasing each other, as fast as the shot fired, the water mist is a blurry area is magical. About two or three kilometres away, I hear the sound of water rumbling.

Stretching at the foot of the waterfall is a large rocky beach, there are many large stones evoked an interesting image for visitors when the opportunity to "stop trip". Legend has it that the bodies of animals, birds, and even humans are petrified when gathered here to hear the magical sounds emanating from the crocodile's tongue.

Contrasting with the strength of the waterfall, the coastal landscape is poetic. Right on the cliffs, climbing an old tree, letting go of the long arms as if playing with water. Then the branches, soft creepers crawling on the cliff. There, occasionally, the white orchid clusters appear from the branches of the tree to the point.

On the left side of the waterfall, follow a small trail, we will encounter a cave wall with a wall near the entrance of the trenches deep into the water to appeal to the desire to explore.
Cao Da Waterfall, Jráiblian or Bao Dai Waterfall is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lam Dong, promising a promising tourist potential. Not to be less than Pongour or Gouga waterfall in stature and height and still retain the pristine look like Elephant Falls.

Around the cascades are zigzag cliffs, forming slits like caves are quite attractive. The flora of this area is very rich and preserved relatively intact. The location of the waterfall can be organized tours camp, picnic favourable. Currently, the waterfall is being invested tourism business, repair embankment down the waterfall, building the foot home, garden rock, etc.
(to be continued)

Top 9 attractions in Vinh Long (part 2)

6. Van Thanh Temple, Vinh Long

Van Thanh Temple is located in the position being about 2 kilometers from the center of Vinh Long city, on a large land next to Long Ho river in Ward 4, Vinh Long city.
The temple is near the town, and the road is paved with concrete, so it is easy for visitors to freely visit it without any difficulty. Walking to Van Thanh Temple, tourists can feel the cool air brought from Long Ho River to the mainland. The triple entrance to the temple has two roofs painted in gold color - color is usually used by the king in the previous period. Gate is designed in the arched shape; the main gate is larger than the two secondary ones; on the gate, there is the Chinese words meaning 'Van Thanh Temple'. The columns of the gate is engraved a pair of parallel sentences praising of the merit of Confucius and the spirit of the Temple of Literature.
A long time ago, Vinh Long people have considered Van Thanh Teple as a pride, because this place has been a symbol of the tradition of "respecting for teachers". Therefore, Vinh Long authority has tried to protect and renovate the temple to become a tourist destination for tourists as well as a favorable point of all Vinh Long people.

7. The only garden of rocky tablet of Buddhist scripture in Vietnam

The garden of rocky tablet of Buddhist scripture is a unique destination in Vinh Long. This garden was built in a garden of 4,000 square meters wide belonging to Phuoc Hau Pagoda (Tam Binh District, Vinh Long Province). The construction of the temple is initiated by Thich Phuoc Can, the abbot of Phuoc Hau pagoda. This garden has 500 pages of Buddhist scripture engraved on 250 stone tablets. According to many people, the garden is a very meaningful, very aesthetic garden. In the future, this will be a place to attract many visitors in other provinces to visit.

8. Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is located at No.28, 8/3 Street - Area 4 - Group B, Ward 5, Vinh Long City. The pagoda is 1,800 meters away from the south-east of Vinh Long city's center. The pagoda was built in the middle of 19th century. The pagoda was originally built of simple bamboo leaves, later was rebuilt, and it passed through many reigns. Now, the pagoda has become one of the tourist destinations that visitors to Vinh Long have to visit.

 Long Khanh Pagoda 

Long Khanh pagoda has unique architecture, marking the cultural tradition of 3 ethnic groups: Vietnamese, Khmer, Hoa, so it attracts a lot of people coming here to visit. This place is also the main focus of a system of pagodas, temples with diverse architectural details. The pagoda has an unique beauty, and a diversity of cultural identity. Along with the scenery, bonsai trees grown througtout the yard creat the beauty of the temple.

The architecture of the pagoda is extended with successive buildings. The pagoda is divided into small areas: the main hall, the divine room, the living room, the medicine room, the canteen, the tru (kitchen) and the backyard. Long Khanh Pagoda is known as the place where there were many glorious victories in the war of national liberation. Long Khanh Pagoda was recognized by the People's Committee of Vinh Long Province as a historical relic in 2003.

9. Nha Xua ecological area of Vinh Long

This is a place you should visit and experience to get more knowledge about Vinh Long. The ancient eco-house is located next to Ong Me canal in Phuoc Nguon A hamlet (Phuoc Hau commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province). This house has been preserved intact for a long time. The house has an area of 450 square meters and is built entirely of precious wood in the style of 3-room bamboo house. Entering the house, you will be surprised by the beauty of the house, including the arched door carved flowers and birds that is very harmonious and other fine sculptures throughout the house. Only here, you can also see the fresh fruit garden, enjoy the special dishes of Vinh Long. Therefore, the ancient eco-area has become a popular tourist attraction in Vinh Long attracting many tourists in, outside the province and foreigners.