A Few Tips to New Car Drivers

Driving is a skill that takes years of practice in order to perfect. It comes with no surprise when research indicates that new car drivers are the most likely group of people to be involved in accidents that any other. This article has put together a few tips that will serve as a guide to new drivers to enable them perfect the skill that is driving.

Good preparation new drivers must learn to prepare accordingly before going for a drive. One should:

Check the condition of the car.

It is essential to make sure that the headlights are working properly.
1. Adjust the seat for correct seating position.
2. Strap on the seat belt comfortably.
3. Adjust the mirrors properly for good back view.
4. In case one has passengers in the car, he/she is advised to properly check if they too are seated properly.

Looking around

1. During driving, one must properly monitor all road intersections.
2. Slow down at intersections at all times regardless of right of way.
3. Always keep looking around to scan the situation.
4. Always look behind your shoulders in case you want to switch lanes.
5. Constantly check the mirrors to scan the situation behind you.


1. Always use indicators before pulling out of the kerb.
2. Always indicate to the correct direction before changing lanes.
3. Indicate whenever coming in to or out of a roundabout.
4. Always indicate before making a turn.
5. Always check your mirrors before indicating.

Adhere to the road signs

1. Keep your eyes on the road to spot any road signs.
2. Always stop in case you spot a STOP sign.
3. Keep your speed under the specified speed limit. Some sections of the road require drivers to drive at lower speeds.
4. Adhere to traffic lights andthe lights are green.

Be careful on the road

1. Always keep your distance when following another vehicle on the road.
2. When stopping, keep distance between your car and the one in front.
3. Always slow down at green traffic lights to be sure no one is running the red lights.

Driving in a city

One needs to be completely careful when driving in a city. A driver should;
1. Stick to only one lane if possible. With the high number of cars in a city, chances of collision are high when changing lanes.
2. Plan carefully where he/she is going.
3. Stay calm in case of slow traffic and not cut lanes to save time.
4. Always check the lanes to make sure one is in the correct lane. Lanes in the city are usually marked.
5. Properly check the car park to avoid parking in restricted areas.
6. Always leave enough space between your car and the adjacent one when parking.

DSA practical test

The dsa practical test will enable a new driver to learn the how to handle driving under different driving conditions. New drivers can prepare for the test by;
1. Taking practical lessons from parents or friends before taking the test.
2. Practicing on how to drive appropriately without the help of the driving instructor.
3. Practicing under different driving conditions. This should however be done under the supervision.

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