5 Landmarks on Vietnam Dong Notes

The banknotes of a country often demonstrate some of the most famous landmarks on it. Vietnam is no exception. There are several different famous landmarks that are printed on the Vietnamese Dong Notes. Let’s take a look at five of them:

20.000 dong  - Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

This roof-covered bridge was built with the involvement of the Japanese traders in the 17th century, hence the name. For a long time, it has been considered the symbolic landmark of Hoi An ancient town. It is believed that the bridge was built to restrain an enormous monster whose body spanning from India to Japan from causing tsunamis.

50.000 dong – Phu Van Dinh and Nghenh Luong Dinh in Hue

These two landmarks are both located right in front of the Flag Tower and parts of Hue Citadel Complex. They used to play as the place for the emperor to take a rest and watch the scenery before taking a leisure boat trip along Perfume River.

100.000 dong – Constellation of Literature Pavilion (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi

Ask 100 people living in Hanoi: which landmark is considered the icon of the city. The majority of those people will share the same answer: the Constellation of Literature within the Temple of Literature. All four sides of the pavilion are decorated with round windows with rays resembling the shining sun. Constellation of Literature Pavilion symbolizes the spirit of learning and education in Vietnam.

200.000 dong – Kissing Rocks in Halong Bay

Among 2000 or so islands and islets scattered around Halong Bay, the Kissing Rocks stands out because of its thought-provoking shapes. Looking from the distance, they look like a loving chicken couple falling into each other for a kiss despite standing above the sea for millions of years.

500.000 dong- Cottage of Ho Chi Minh in Nghe An

This place is the hometown of Ho Chi Minh, the greatest ever figure throughout the history of Vietnam. Visiting the cottage where he was nourished will help you understand more about the incredible youth life of Ho Chi Minh.

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