6 Things To Pack For Your Halong Trip

Halong Bay, a gem of Northern Vietnam, always deserves to visit thanks to its stunning beauty as well as luxury cruises. Before each journey, you probably consider what to bring with you and what to leave at home. At Exotic Voyages, we recommend some things you should pack to your Halong trip to have a super-efficient carry-on bag.

1. Camera

Of course, to record each fantastic moment in your voyages, camera shouldn’t be missed.  More than 2000 karst formations, several majestic caves and grottos, Halong Bay is like a mesmerizing picture with both clear water and incredible limestone islets. The fabulous seascapes change seconds by seconds, so to keep its own beauty, no way better than take some intriguing photos as well as selfie! Keep the most wonderful moment of splendid sunsets and sunrise or the low tide through the chinks in the cliffs. You, actually, are a part of sea.

2. Warm clothes

As a tropical climate, the temperature in Halong Bay changes a lot in a day. It can be extremely hot in daytime but at night, it decreases considerably. Bring warm clothes is highly advised for everyone before the trip to Halong Bay. Especially when you travel with your family, make sure you and your kids feel warm anytime! A cardigan or light jacket that goes with several of your tops, some three-quarter-sleeve shirts, jeans that look good rolled up at the bottoms that will allow you to adapt to any changing conditions. 

3. Shoes with Nonslip soles

They will give you the traction you need to wander around the boat safely. Nonslip shoes are also great for comfortably hiking up to contemplate cave formations. It is often wet, slippery and humid inside so unsuitable footwear may make your journey a little harder.

4. Baterry items 

In the list of gadgets you want to bring with, never forget your chargers. It is one of the most essential packing items for anyone when traveling. Not many tech gadgets such as tablet, phone and laptop can survive more than one day without having to be charged. It is also hard to borrow from others. Forgetting one of them won’t only be expensive but can be very frustrating and time consuming in being able to locate the right kind while away from home. So don’t let the battery out of. 

5. Sunscreen and sun glassess

Go to the beach doesn’t mean that you have to put your skin under the sun light. Not to protect your skin from the risk of unwanted consequences caused by the sunlight in Halong Bay, particularly in summer. 

6. Snacks and water

It is true that you can enjoy meals at restaurants throughout the day, but don’t forget to bring your own bottle of water and snack. Keep within the confines of your daily food allowance by packing some quick snacks in your carry-on bag or purse. In case of hungry or thirsty, you can use it immediately without finding somewhere to buy it. What is more convenient?

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