Sapa – the Queen of the Mountains in Vietnam

Beautifully setting overlooking a spectacular valley, Sapa is definitely the getaway for all of you, from the adventurous travelers to the leisure visitors. Sapa’s main attraction is its proximity to the mountains, villages and rice terraces.

The immense terraces spreading in Spa

In the town of Sapa, the Old Street Café and the Stone Church take you back to time to enjoy the most taciturn moment that you can’t find anywhere else in the noisy cities. Holding a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the rhythms of the simple daily life. 

Stone Church at night
Go to the “Love market”, the highlight of Sapa, and feel the outstanding culture of minority ethnic. Girls and boys get date and play many interesting games, dance together in the vivid sounds of music. They fill the town with colorful clothes and accessories. The most iconic feeling among the exciting atmosphere is one of the best experiences when visiting the town of mountain.

Sapa Love market

Thanks to mesmerizing landscapes, the sunsets and sunrises here always are the most wonderful moments lightening your trip to Sapa. Inherent in this prosperity is cultural change for the hill-tribe people. Many of H’mong people have had little formal education, yet all the youngsters have a good command of English, French and a handful of other language that make you excited when communicate and buy things from them.

Trekking and camping are must-do when visiting Sapa. Ham Rong Mountain or Fansipan Mountain are two popular destinations for any visitors who want to discover the “real” Sapa.

The Fansipan Mountain Peak

Listed as one of the top 6 romantic destinations in Vietnam, Sapa has real enchance and if you get into the rhythm of this quirky little mountain town, you’ll find it’s an easy place to get comfortable and a very hard place to leave. Whether sunny or rainy, the town retains a unique beauty that inspires your dream of discover the charming Sapa of Vietnam.

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