What to Expect in a trip to Mai Chau?

140 kilometers to the North of Hanoi, a trip to Mai Chau is a good choice for 2 day trip from the capital city of Hanoi. Not as famous as Sapa, Mai Chau is less-talked by travelers but it’s not the reason to miss this lovely valley. Mai Chau valley offers the mixture of mountainous and countryside landscape, adventurous and leisure activities. What to expect in a trip to Mai Chau, let’s see and prepare for your 2 day trip Mai Chau valley adventure.

1- Homestay Experience

What to Expect in a trip to Mai Chau?
Homestay in Mai Chau

Homestay is seen a highlight in any Vietnam adventure tour, a most-expected experience of foreign travelers. In Mai Chau, homestays are traditional wooden stilt houses of Thai tribe, where you experience authentic local life. Travelers when seeing the “shared” bedroom of the stilthouse think “Oh God, I cannot sleep here”, but they all then think it’s quite funny and forgettable experience. Each traveler has their own mattress and blanket; the “shared bedroom” can be occupied up to 15 guests.

2-Excellent local food

Local food in Mai Chau appeals almost every guest. Your host and hostess will prepare meals for you with many specialties of Thai and also some dishes in Western style for breakfast. You will be surprised with excellent crepes made by “Thai people” with fresh honey taken from the garden. Some special dishes you shouldn’t miss are Thai steamed fishes, sticky rice, local pork, and especially their traditional wine. It tastes sweet and light but never underestimate its “strength”. It’s strong enough to keep you talkative all the meals.

3-Traditional Dance Performance

Thai traditional dance is performed before or during your dinner at the homestay. The dancers are “virtual Thai ladies” who are very beautiful and gentle in their traditional costumes. Their moves show you a special custom of Thai tribe, very impressive.

4-Trekking Tour to Uphill to Waterfalls

Trekking tour is definitely a must-do at a mountainous destination. The treks in Mai Chau are quite soft with beautiful tracks up hills to explore hidden villages and waterfalls. A local leader will show you different ways to discover different things by the tracks. Some little charming villages with stilt houses similar to your homestay surrouned by flower hence and their orchards. The hidden waterfalls in Mai Chau will appeal you for sure with powerful streams and beautiful layers.

5-Biking Tours

Biking tour is another choice for outdoor activity. With a mountain bike, you will conquer each bend and steep slope of Mai Chau valley. Mai Chau is indeed a perfect place for biking with picturesque landscapes and perfect routes for bikes.

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