5 Things to ask before rent or sell an apartment to Traveler

Finding your dream house in a new city is not an easy task. You may not be interested in spending time seeing one property after another. So many people without asking some basic question sign the lease agreement when an apartment makes you look attractive, the first time itself. This is the wrong decision you would be taking and finally you may end up in a big trouble. So it is very important to ask some questions to the landlord directly relating to the space and features. When looking for real estate Chennai properties, you must spend time to make sure whether your values, goals and interest fit in the right place you are going to rent out.

Ask about the lease terms

You should be aware when the lease begins and end before you move into a place to live. Ask the landlord how many months the lease is for and on which date he needs the rent to be in his account. What is the late rent policy and if there is any grace period? Ask the landlord about lease terms and policies before you sign the lease agreement.

Ask about your pet policy

If you own a pet or planning to have one next year, you must ask your landlord whether pets are allowed in the house or not. Barking can disturb other tenants and dogs can scratch doors, so it is very important to ask your landlord about pet policy.

Ask how often the rent goes up and by how much

Renewal of the lease happened every year, but some landlord may renew the rent after 6 months. So it is very important to clear about the renewal policy. You must have an idea how much rent he may increase every year, if you want to live in the same apartment.

Ask about the parking space

Before you move in to your rented apartment, you must ask about the parking space assigned to you. You will get a parking spot to park your vehicle, but what about your visitor’s vehicle. Ask the landlord about the guest parking area and make sure there is enough space for your guests to park vehicles.

Ask about the rules for garbage

When looking for real estate Chennai properties to rent out, in some building you have to keep plastic and food waste separate, so ask your landlord the rules for keeping garbage.

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