6 Reasons to Choose Myanmar for Your Next Destination

1.     Explore a mysterious Buddhism country

Travel to Myanmar, visit ancient temples, pagodas and monasteries is the best way to explore the mysterious Buddhism. If Cambodia is well-known with the name “the Kingdom of stupas”, Thailand is “the land of golden pagodas”, Myanmar might be called “the country of temples”. Indeed, anywhere you visit within this country lie temples and pagodas. All kinds of shrines are numerous from the huge ones such as Swedagon in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay, Swezigon and Ananda in Bagan, etc to other small ones.
In some religious areas, pagodas are built close to each other so that you can bike from one to another in a pre-arrange itinerary. Visiting pagodas, you will see monks praying or chanting for hours. If you would like to explore details of the worship protocols, you are recommended to bring along with foods because it would take you a lot of time and there are few restaurant around this religious sites.

2.     Communicate with gentle and friendly people
Burmese are extremely kind and friendly. If you lost anything on bus, attractions, or restaurant, you might find it back. Moreover, if you need any guide or advices from locals you meet during your trip, you will be guided very details thanks to their willingness. Most of Burmese are very loyal and punctuate, if someone promise you anything, he won’t never forget.

3.     Explore rich traditional culture
Traveling means not only relaxing but also discovering local culture. Myanmar is definitely a heaven for culture-lovers. It’s a “fertile” land to explore new interesting legend stories and strange daily customs. The Burmese traditional costume is Longyi (for men) and Tamain (for women). In Myanmar, people maintain their traditional wearing habit until today, which is quite special when travelling to the country. 
Another interesting custom of Burmese is their use of “thanaka” as a natural cosmetic. “Myanmar face paint” became one of the most-searched terms on the internet due to the curiosity of travelers when they see Burmese women in white face paint.

4.     Fortune-tellers
It’s interesting that Myanmar people really enjoy fortune-telling. There are many places opened by fortune-tellers around famous pagodas such as Sule, Kaba Aye, etc. It’s also what tourists would try once when visiting to Myanmar. Many find it curious and interesting when joining a Burmese traditional fortune telling.

5.     The country of festivals
Like any other rich-cultural countries in the regions, Myanmar is known as the country of festivals with many colorful and unique festivals, best time for you to join in your Myanmar tours. The most important festival is the New Year Festival – Thingyan often taking places within 3 days from 12 to 14 April. This time is low season of Myanmar tourism so it would be a good idea to take a trip here to enjoy this festival.

6.     Burmese cuisine experience

Food lovers shouldn’t miss Myanmar in your food discovery around Asia. Myanmar features a diversity of cuisine, which is a mixture of many neighboring cuisines such as Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. In Myanmar, you have more than a choice for tourist food; it could be a luxury or a local restaurant, and even a real local meal at a local house if you pre-book this service. Curry is typical flavor in Burmese food, but it’s not as spicy as Thai curry and not as strong-flavor as the Indian one.
Once travelling to Myanmar don’t forget to try Myanmar tea at some tourist tea houses and the famous Tea-salad, a specialty of Burmese.  A cooking class in Inle Lake with Intha tribe family is a recommendation.

Some Tips for your Myanmar tours:
- To entering any shines or local house, you have to put off your shoes, so you are advised to wear sandals or easy-putting off shoes for convenience.
- Myanmar features 2 seasons including dry season and rainy season. Check the weather clearly before you go. Don’t forget a hat and suns cream.
- Should bring a lot of long-pants and few short skirts because you would have many visits to pagodas and temples where short pants and skirts are banned.
- Don’t by Buddha statues in Myanmar because it’s illegal to abroad-trafficking them.

- Consider about book day tours or package tours with travel companies if you don’t want to miss something special and feel regretful back home. 

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