The Gems Of Vietnam

1. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is perhaps the most popular attracting visitors when coming to Vietnam. The magnificent limestone cliffs, numerous islands being hold by the blue sea and open sky. There are many beach activities, from climbing mountains, visiting caves, watching the scene of mesmerizing Halong Bay to kayaking over the green turquoise water.

2. Sapa

Situated in the Northwest of Vietnam, it wows travelers by its own natural beauty of terraced fields and spectacular vista as well as valleys. For those want to trek to discover the nature and ethnic minority groups to know about their life. When the sun is gradually rising over the hillside, Sapa gets out of the mist and brightens. The sunshine reflects green trees and terraced fields create the most extraordinary sights.

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

The oldest National Park in Vietnam, it’s abundant flora and fauna with wild animals. Nature lovers find their heaven here with 2000 spices of plants and 200 species of mammals and retiles, over 300 species of birds. Through each step, you find the diversity of nature, from animals to flora. It is surely the great place to relax and discover the nature.

4. Ancient Palace of the Cat King

Built in 1914 and finished in 1921, the Cat King is regarded as the most powerful house of Northwest. It is designed according to the Eurasian style (the mix both French and China design) with the simple columns, big entrance door, round stairs and tiled hallway.

5. Ba Na Hill

Among Vietnam destinations, Ba Na Hill is definitely what you need to reach the heavenly scenery. Take a cable car above 1300 mete to see the sea and mountain below, to wallow into the mist and clouds. The feeling of touching the pristine nature in the different height brings you the awe-inspiring views during your trip.

6.  Phu Quoc Island

Always the most romantic destinations for visitors, Phu Quoc Island with more than 3000 small islands, sugar sandy beach and green turquoise water pamper you the best. The journey to deeply discover the undersea world, especially the colorful corals and fishes by diving! Additionally, the wide range of best hotels well known for its own excellent services and beautifully settings fill your soul totally.

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