The weird fruits in Vietnam


The skin is green and hard but the flesh and pit are soft and tasty. It can be eaten fried or raw.


The similar but smaller fruit to the lychee, it can be eaten without biting. You cannot eat the black seeds inside. Actually, in Chinese Longan means Dragon’s eyes.


You can cut it in quarters and pull of the pink skin and eat the inside full of black small pips.


With the color of pink skin with green hairs, the rambutan is also called “hairy fruit”. You can cut or bite a scratch the skin into two pieces and eat the inside with milk-transparent and opp out the white pit.


The skin is cut with a knife and the flesh can be eaten with sweet chili powder or pure. The pomelo is a crisp citrus fruit with yellowish-green skin.


It is well protected by the hard purple skin but the fragrant fruit with a soft, white, edible fresh has the tangy taste.  


I really like Mangosteen, can eat them whole day. I guess it is a full source of Vitamin C.

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