Things You Should Do When Traveling To Laos

       1. Greet by saying “sabai-dee”

“Sabai-dee” means “hello” or “how are you?”. The formal gesture, “Nop”, is one kind of expression of thanks or saying goodbye. You raise your hands at chest level while praying. It is very polite if you address properly the Laos by their first name, for example Mr. or Mrs but in an intimate relationship, Mr. Uncle or Ms. Ant is acceptable.

Nop to show your respect to others

 2. Speak with soft tones

Laotian always wants to avoid any argument when talking to each other by speaking with soft tones. So, try to talk discreetly to make to show you politeness. A loud voice in Laos is regarded as the threatening. Therefore, why don’t you keep a cool conservation to make your trips to Laos perfect.

3. Ask before taking photos

Whenever you go, you always want to take photos to keep the most excellent moments in your journey. But, when traveling to Laos, you should photography with permissions. Especially, you will be in trouble if taking photos of praying person in temples. By that way, you will be well-respected during your travel to Laos.

 4. Take off your shoes when entering Laos’ houses or temples

Laotian expects you to put your shoes outside before entering into their houses. In the holy places such as pagodas, temples and chapels, you should not wear short skirts or sleeve skirts. However, nowadays foreigners can be tolerated also. They are required to cover a Laos skirt layers before coming into the chapel.  

5. Keep a low profile

Don’t take it seriously. Just don’t touch any statues in temples without permissions. And never touch or indicate other by your fee as it means that you don’t respect the people you are talking to. Don’t show that who you are and what position you have in social. It won’t help you at all.

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