8 Tips for Traveling in the Floods

Floods can turn out to be a bummer that can ruin your trip, or worse, threaten your personal safety. Here are 8 small tips that will help travelers who getting stuck in the floods.
2015 floods in Myanmar

1. Move to higher areas
In New Orleans (US), there is a famous saying: “Don’t ever book a room on the third floor or lower”. This is because, in higher rooms, you will be safe and will not interfere with emergency rescue efforts. And remember New Orleans had to endure historic floods a decade ago.

2. Store important travel documents and items
You should store your passport, important personal papers and other important items in waterproof bags or in a box placed in high position.

3. Flood situation updates
On a consistent basis, we should update information about floods and evacuate to safer areas if necessary. Inform your family and friends where you are heading to.

4. Pay high attention to notifications
It can take only hours or minutes for a flood to come in so staying alerts and paying high attention to the latest notifications are extremely important. “a flood WATCH” means floods is likely to occur in that area, whereas “a flood WARNING” means floods have appeared and may come in very quickly.

5. Don’t wade
You cannot foresee how deep or how powerful the floods are, thus it’s better to limit on traveling in the floods. Apart from that, you should not remove your shoes, this will prove to be vital to keep you from injuries caused by stepping on sharp objects.

6. Keep away from electrical wire
This is a common cause for fatalities in the floods as many people died of getting electric shock in the water.

7. Watch out for snakes and small animals
Animals that get dragged with the floods flow is likely to attack people. They also tend to stick with human shelter places as they are safe. Therefore, you should pay attention and keep them away from you using a stick.

8. Get off your car immediately

If you are in a car, immediately unfasten your seat belts and open the car’s windows. If you see the water level rising, quickly escape from your car and move to a higher position. In the worst scenario, you get dragged by the floods, be calm and let yourself dragged by the flow and keep floating to wait for somebody to help.
Floods in Hoi An Ancient City

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