The most Romantic “Love Roads” in Hanoi (part 1)

Hanoi has been famous for the poetic roads, beautiful and antique street corners. Specifically, the beauty of the capital varies from seasons and spaces. Therefore, in different times, different moments, we can see the beautiful Hanoi at different angles.

However, Hanoi has the roads and streets which many young people often literally call the "love roads" for their romantic and poetic beauty, and is the ideal places for dating or taking lovely photographs of the couples.

1. Korea- Japan Roads

Talking about the beautiful and romantic streets in Hanoi, we should not forget to mention the two roads surrounding West Lake, namely Korea and Japan roads. No one knows who named these roads, they just hear their friends call these names, then they imitate. In fact, they are only the cute names called by the young based on the scenery and houses surrounding this two roads, on one side, there is the vast lake, and on the other side, there are houses with modern and luxurious architecture, which creates a similar scene to the Korean films on television.

Korea road (also called Korea Habour) is the favourite dating place of couples

Japan road is the road stretching from the West Lake villa area, passing West Lake Hotel to the water park. There is a fact that since this is the villa area, it is only busy on some certain periods, the remaining time is quite romantic and quiet; therefore, this is an ideal dating place of the couples.

JAPANESE road in West Lake at night !
Most notably, in the evening, the 2 road becomes more sparkling with high voltage lights, striking on the peaceful lake. The part which is closest to "Korea" is the giant ferris wheel at Water Park creating a really romantic and sweet scenery.

In summer, this is truly the "love" road for the fact that in two sides of the road, lotus flourishes and brings a pleasant scent and a poetic space for the couples. For a long time, these road has become two dating places of a lot of young people, couples in love.

2. Kim Ma Street

Perhaps this street is not a strange place of the young in Hanoi, especially those who are keen on photography. Everyday, this is a pretty nice street with the ancient trees planted along the 2 sides and in the middle of the road, the sidewalks with red bricks. Howerver, in mind and feelings of many people, this path offers the most emotional moments in winter- the yellow leaves falling season. With the perspective and talent of the photographers, many romantic, loving photos of sweet couples in love on a road full of yellow leaves with scrubby twigs or the colour of the leaves turning red have been introduced.

The simple and peaceful beauty of Kim Ma street

In addition to this, walking on the old-fashioned and quaint appearance road, hand in hand with our darling in the cold winter of Hanoi would rather be a memorable date .

Kim Ma street is full of dropped yeallow leaves
Going through Kim Ma, we will certainly would like to halt and linger for a while to contemplate the road with full of yellow leaves falling down, or be interested in the lines of very green tree along the street. If we have time and opportunities, we can walking in the vault of the green leaves and enjoy that poetic scenery which is a special gift that the nature is affectionate towards Hanoi.

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