Things to Consider When Making Your Port Reservation for Your Cruise Vacation

Cruises are a popular vacation option for Australians, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. A cruise gives you the ability to enjoy getting to your destinations as much as you may enjoy exploring each port of call. You may relax by a pool, get a pampering spa treatment, spend time in the casino and enjoy a host of other activities and amenities while you travel across the water. In addition, you will be able to enjoy visiting several ports of call with most cruises rather than spending all of your time in one location. However, before you can enjoy all that a cruise has to offer, you need to make your travel plans. If you are going to drive your vehicle to the port, you will need to make plans to use cruise parking.

The Ability to Make an Online Reservation

The best cruise parking lot to choose is one that enables you to make reservations. Many will accept advance reservations, and this gives you the ability to know precisely where you will park on the day of your trip. With some parking lots, you need to call the office during normal business hours to make your reservation, and this can be time-consuming and inconvenient in many cases. After all, you may have to work during business hours and may not be able to make a reservation over the phone at this time. Therefore, the best port parking lot to use is one that will enable you to conveniently make your reservation over the Internet at any time of day or night.

Getting to the Port

The parking lots at the port are generally located within a mile or two of where your cruise ship will be waiting for you, but there is some variation in this. Even when you use the closest parking lot, you will not want to haul all of your luggage up to the cruise ship on your own. Instead, you may benefit from using a valet or shuttle service. The parking lots offer shuttle service, but some may only have one shuttle vehicle running at a time. On days when cruise ships leave or arrive at port, the shuttle may be very busy. This means that you could be kept waiting for a long time if you choose a parking lot that only has one shuttle running at a time. Therefore, pay attention to the shuttle service available and how many shuttles may be in operation at the same time.

Affordable Rates

The rates charged by different parking lots near the port may have different rates, and the variation in these daily rates can add up over the course of a longer cruise vacation. Therefore, finding the lowest rate possible may be ideal. When you are looking at rates, pay attention to whether the parking lot is gated and if on-site security is available. Rates may vary based on whether the parking lot is covered or uncovered, and this may be a matter of preference for you. When comparing rates for different parking lots, ensure that all of these factors are the same so that you can see the true difference in rates and find the best overall deal in the process.

Special Services Available

Some parking lots provide you with additional services that can be a true benefit to you. Some people may simply want to park their car and hop on the cruise ship, but others will take full advantage of services such as oil and filter changes, transmission services, car washing and detailing and more while they are away. These are things that may take up hours of your time once you return home from your trip, so it can be beneficial to put these services to use in a time-efficient way. You can explore the rates for these services as you make your decision about which parking lot to visit.

Reserving a parking space at a port parking lot ensures that you have a place to park your vehicle when departing for your trip. When comparing the options, pay attention to each of these factors before you make your reservation.

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