Unbelievable Ways to Get That First Class Seat For Less

It may seem too good to come true, but it does come true!

Many of us believe flying first class is beyond our possibilities because of the exorbitant airfares. But who says dreams don’t come true? The comfortable flat beds, luxurious cabins, divine cuisine and the world of top class entertainment are all within your reach. After all, who doesn’t enjoy freebies, especially if they come in form of an airline upgrade?

Learn some secrets of how you can fly first class to travel around the world without spending a fortune.

1. Loyalty Speaks

Remember the last time you were given a special treatment in a restaurant for being their regular customers? Airlines work in the same manner. Passengers who’ve loyally spent their time and money on a specific airline have a greater chance of earning an upgrade. This is because once the airline staff is going through the possibility to upgrade; they’ll go through the list of loyal customers as a priority.

2. Use Air miles

Frequent fliers have a better chance of winning an update because of the air miles they collect. Although this means you put in a conscious effort to earn air miles, using them to get a first class upgrade would be a treat for a traveler. It is important to go through the policies your airline has and the frequent flying program that they are operating.

3. Dress like you’re there

No, that never guarantees. However, dressing the part means you have a fair chance of earning an upgrade in comparison to a passenger who is dressed casually. Whenever you’re flying, it is best to dress smartly. This doesn’t mean you end up causing yourself discomfort, but some luxurious accessory would certainly do the magic!

4. Travel Alone

Admit it; airline would prefer benefiting passengers who are traveling solo. Simply because it is difficult to let the whole family get a first class upgrade. So the next time you’re traveling solo, lift your chin high because you’ve the amazing chance of flying first class.

5. Flying on your big day!

Well, you can’t possibly fake about it. Since you’re spending your birthday high up in the skies on a metal tube, you’ve a fair chance of turning left instead of right. This would be the airline’s gift for you! So the next time you’re flying and that too on your birthday, let your attendant know!

6. Escape a troublesome scene

You might have witnessed passengers rushing for an overbooked flight. Since there are limited seats, you can make the most of this troublesome situation. Instead of competing to grab the seat, opt to switch to the next flight. That means you’ll have to spend longer at the airport?

Yes, you guessed that right. This is your golden chance to ask the airline for the world class upgrade!

And then there are more; being more generous, breaking a leg, checking in a day before! Although none of it is guaranteed to work out for you, they are all tried and tested. It’s worth giving it a shot because this is your golden chance to fly first class to travel around the world!

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