Mo Luong Cave, Mai Chau

Mo Luong Cave is not far from Mai Chau town center, adjacent to Highway 15 towards Lac, Pom Coong villages. The former name of the cave is Bo Luong, which means “the large water stream” in language of Thai ethnic. This water stream is originated from Pu Kha mountain range, flows to the west plains, the local people dug the reservoirs and named it Mo Luang lake.

Pu Kha mountain range is the eastern flank of Mai Chau valley. Mo Luang Cave has 2 doors overlooking the fields and the villages in the valley. Situated at a height of about 5 to 7m above surrounding land surface, Mo Luang cave is about 10 meters from road 15, near the residential area of Mai Chau town. The cave has a width of from 10m to 30m, average height of the ceiling is 10m, the highest point is 30m. Mo Luong has 2 doors: the door in the northwest faces Mai Chau Hotel and visitors can enter by road; the west door, where an be entered by waterway, faces Mo Luong cave

Mo Luong Cave has 4 main caves:

The first cave is 60m length, 16m wide and the ceiling is 20m high. The floor of the 1st cave is concreted with drainage ditches around, in the war against the US, the cave was the in weapons warehouse of our military. The cave is disposed as a large living room, on the ceilings in both sides, stalactites are like decorative ceiling lights, like the pictures, colorful flowers.

The second cave is about 10 meters higher than the first one, when you step into the cave, you will feel like you have just stepped up another realm, the wonderland of ice. On the rock walls in both two sides, stalactites are like the fairies, the Buddha, white, yellow, blue, gray stalactite strips on the walls are as the sparkling clouds. Going inside a few meters, visitors will see an archway, flanked by two white stalactite strip which look like fluttering silks, surrounded by stalactites fences, in the middle, there are winding cliffs which look like a mother dragon hatching her eggs and waiting for the appearance of baby dragons.

Keeping going to the inside, the immense stalactites appear as they are in a brocade gallery. In the center, there is a large block of fulgent, bright yellow stalactites like the filament clews. On the cliffs of two sides, the colorful stalactites are like the brocades stretching as far as the eye. These stone brocades are decorated with geometric patterns, dragons, peacock, beautiful flowers.

The next stalactites are like lovely white flowers such as roses, daisies, lotus flowers looked like a colorful spring flower garden. In the end of the cave, the stalactites which are as slim, soft, mischievous as the Thai girls playing the catching game appear.

The third cave is 7m lower than the first one. If you would like to visit this third cave, you have to lean to pass the archway, then go through a path of about 10 meters long, visitors will be suddenly stunned to see the white stone bowl of milk whose the water is shaking on the rocks in front of the eyes. Going on the route, the entrails of the cave extends to 20m, the ceiling is about 20m high, the walls of the cave have alleys looking like lovely rooms with sparkling silver inside. The stalactites strips fall from the wall look like lithophones, when being touched, they create different echoing sounds.

The forth cave is 15m long, 12m wide with 25m-high dome. Especially, in this heart of this cave, stalactites blocks of different shapes grow from the ground. The stalactites are as crowded as stalactites trees, in another place, they look like a crowded market session, in the other, stalactites are like a herd of animals running dancing very lively. Inside the cave, the crystal-clear spring water reflects the soft stretch of stalactites flowing down from the ceiling.

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