8 Beautiful Coastal Cities for Holidays in Vietnam

8 Beautiful Coastal Cities for Holidays in Vietnam
1. Hai Phong City

Known as the biggest harbor city in the north of Vietnam, Hai Phong is a tourism attraction thanks to its long coastline of over 125 kilometers and a large number of romantic islands.

Mother Nature has given Hai Phong an amazing beauty, which is the combination of beautiful beaches, coastlines, and green islands. These are the major advantages for the Red Phoenix- flower City to promote tourism development. The most fascinating beaches in Hai Phong should be visited include Cat Ba, Do Son, Hon Dau, Bach Long Vi, etc.

Ha Long Bay

Especially, Cat Ba is a World Biosphere Reserve island with dessert sand and blue sea in sunshine, as well next to a World Heritage Site, Ha long Bay that will be an ideal destination in Hai Phong. If you once coming to Cat Ba, you would not think of coming back home.

Cat Ba

2. Da Nang City

Come to Da Nang, tourists can easily recognize a modern city standing on the Han River bank, and next to the South China Sea. Spending time on discovering this city, you will not be disappointed at its unique charms comparing to others in Vietnam.

Da Nang plays an important role to the development of Vietnam travel in particular and Vietnam economy in general. Located among three Vietnamese World Heritage Sites including Hue former imperial capital, Hoi An ancient City, and My Son Sanctuary, Da Nang is the conjunct and the transportation of the Middle area. Moreover, Da Nang is also the city of many scenic landscapes that attract millions of visitors annually.

● Some Tours in Hoi An for Those Interested:

3. Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is the capital city, as well the center of politic, culture and economy of Binh Dinh province. It is a city of a long semicircle coastline and wonderful neglected beaches. Most tourists came to Quy Nhon have been surprised at the both romantic and majestic beaches there.

The most well- known beach in Quy Nhon is Hoang Hau, which has a perfect combination of desert sand, blue sea, giant stones on the curving coast. In addition, visitors can also spend time to explore the coastal rocky mountain range in Genh Rang.

Hoang Hau Beach - Quy Nhon

4. Tuy Hoa

The coastal city Tuy Hoa, located in Phu Yen province, in South Central Coast, is known as the granary of Central Vietnam. With a peaceful beauty and images of blue water beaches, Tuy Hoa is called one of the paradisebeachesthat people should come to for rest. Besides the lovely beaches, Tuy Hoa also has a lot promising landscapes for tourists to enjoy like Vung Ro Bay, Da Dia Reef, Bai Mon, Dai Lanh Lighthouse…

5. Nha Trang

No wonder that Nha Trang, the Pearl of the Far East, has named as one of most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam. It fascinates tourists by its beaches with stretched white sand or exotic islands such as Ba Binh, Binh Hung…

Like other seaside cities, Nha Trang processes a number of poetic beaches including Dai lanh, Son Dung, Doc Let, Bai Tru, Hon Tam, Bai Dai (Van Phong), Hon Chong, etc. Besides, Vinpearl Land Resort is also a ideal option for those who love sea travel and thrilled entertainment activities.

Vinpearl Resort - Nha Trang

6. Phan Rang

Though having a pretty harsh climate, Phan Rang is still one of the most tourist attractive coastal cities in Vietnam Come to the city, visitors have chances to discover neglected lands with lots of mysterious charm.

All of wonders like Ninh Chu Beach with its blue water and long coastline; Vinh Hy Bay considered as a water-color painting; Mui Dinh with the sea, stone, and hillock; Rai Cave with the picture of fairy tales of mountain, sea, and colorful corals, Ca Na beach with a crescent coastline… are major highlights in Phan Rang. Once came here, you would not like to leave.

7. Vung Tau
Located 120 kilometers from Saigon, Vung Tau has become a familiar tourist city for families, and young people. Not only the beauty of both sea and mountains, Vung Tau also has many special features that many people inadvertently missed.

In Vung Tau, besides the Bai Truoc, Bai Sau, or Thuy Van beach in the city center, there are some beautiful unspoiled beaches which are suitable for tourism promotion. If visitors would like to experience a pleasant trip, and stay away from the noise of town or the crowd of tourists, coming to some silent beaches in Vung Tau such as Spring Oh, Ho Coc, Ho Tram, Chiling, Counterfeit Hill, Loc An, ... is definitely a perfect choice.

8. Phan Thiet - Mui Ne
Lovely sea and desert sand, these are what nature has bestowed deals Phan Thiet. This clean and clear beach, with the climate of warm sunny in most days of year, is an ideal destination for all sea travelers. Besides, Mui Ne with many original pristine beaches and no exploitation of natives, majestic scenery, the fresh environment, as in Mr. Dia, Hon Rom dump… is also a remarkable option for tourists.

Coming to Mui Ne, visitors are able to soak up in the blue sea or relax on the desert sand dunes. For those who are looking for a fantastic picnic, they can pitch tents on the sand dunes to campfire, organize some group activities and stay overnight there.

Consider a beach holiday in Vietnam?



All are great! The city most is DaNang impressed, its attractions are located next to Bach Ma mountain ranges and fertile landscape so interesting.


Impressive, the Phan Rang and Though having a pretty harsh climate, Phan Rang is still one of the most tourist attractive coastal cities in Vietnam Come to the city, visitors have chances to discover neglected lands with lots of mysterious charm.
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