The benefits of frequent flyer programs are many for the passengers. Whether you’re an avid traveler or not, registering to the program is free of cost and can yield many benefits. The advantages of these programs can best be enjoyed is a flyer carefully picks and chooses the right program. Each one of these is unique and to maximize your benefits, you must know your needs. Airlines are very smart when it comes to giving any kinds of benefits to the passengers. Although there are many ways of earning air miles, with some airlines it is very difficult to redeem the miles. In the end, there is no option but to let them expire. Here are some of the best frequent flyer programs of 2016.

1. American Airlines AAdvantage

The flexibility when it comes to earning and redeeming miles through the amazing policies of American Airlines AAdvantage is one of the top reasons for choosing this frequent flyer program. This is why it has gained popularity among all the major cities of America.
For accessing all the major American cities in central, southern and eastern part of the country, the program is an ideal pick. With its merger with US Airways, redeeming miles gets even more convenient. The program is affiliated with over 1000 partners. This makes it an amazing one because flyers can earn and redeem miles through any of these many partners. Whether it comes to air travel or a hotel stay, these air miles can be utilized in the best manner.

2. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

This is one of the top frequent flyer programs due to many reasons. If you’re traveling to the West Coast cities or Alaska, it’s ideal to make use of this extensive mileage plan.
The 16 airline partners of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan are extremely strong and this affiliation is very beneficial for the frequent flyers. Delta Air lines and British Airways are some of these strong partners that can be used to earn and redeem the valuable air miles. Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card is also a great option for the frequent flyers registered to this program. The program is also linked to hotel partners. Along with your airfare being taken of, you can stay at any of the premium classes of hotels through the pool of air miles you collect through the mileage plan.

3. Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest is an amazing budgeted airline for the frugal frequent flyers. Anyone residing in the southwest of U.S. can potentially take the greatest advantages through this frequent flyer program. Because the frequent flights are in operation to all the major cities of U.S., Southwest Rapid Rewards works out ideally for the frequent flyers. Flyers registered on this plan are also benefitted through the absence of any blackout dates. Whether you wish to avail the best hotel deals or travel through the premium classes, Southwest Rapid Rewards is the ultimate frequent flyer program of 2016.

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