Travelers to Europe have for a long time enjoyed the passport free traveling. Europe is an amazing travel destination that is brimming with life all year round. Each country within the continent is completely unique when it comes to the culture, history and attractions.

Tourists from all over the world wish to make their way to this wondrous continent to enjoy the most magical break of their lives. Just recently, the interior ministry of Europe has suggested suspending passport-free travel because of the latest migrant influx. This has caused huge security threats all over the continent. Since many migrants look forward to settling in Europe, the continent has moved a step ahead to tackle with this situation in the most secure manner.

Schengen Zone has always been increasingly popular when it comes to tourism. Because the security reasons can hamper tourists coming to the continent, the ministry is trying to introduce urgent measures in order to keep the situation under control. According to them, this proposal may be adopted for at least two years, until the situation gets better.

If these changes are implemented, the Schengen Zone is going to witness significant changes in the times to come. This will ultimately affect everyone entering Europe, including the tourists. In the end, it is meant to make Europe a secure place for settling and traveling.

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