Although many travelers face the economy class phobia, it is still the most feasible option for traveling when it comes to frugal flying. Premium classes of all airlines are great, but not many passengers are able to pay a fortune to buy a ticket to any of the premium seats. Flying Economy class may be painful at times, but since it’s so popular airlines have tried their best to improve the services of its economy class and make it better for the passengers. Here are the top reasons for selecting economy class for your next trip!

1. Budget Friendly

No one loves the economy class for the sake of it but because it is budget friendly. The economical fares all year round makes it an ideal choice when it comes to frugal traveling. General travelers can hardly afford to get tickets of business and first class, so resorting to the humble air fares of the economy class works out to be the greatest option. For travelers within a strict budget, this is a wonderful option because the fares are economical. If you’re still apprehensive about flying economy class, choosing your seat at the time of booking can help you to travel at ease.

2. Luggage

Many airlines have become extremely strict when it comes to the limited baggage allowance. This is particularly true for the premium classes of the airline. Luckily when it comes to economy class, many airlines are still generous with the checked baggage and allow you to take a certain limit of luggage free of cost. This is particularly true for all the leading international airlines.

3. Premium Economy Class

Economy class can become a huge trouble on long haul flights because of the uncomfortable seating arrangement and lack of privacy. The solution to it is to opt for the premium economy seats. Many of the airlines are currently offering it and it’s a great way to enjoy the best of both the worlds. The seats of premium economy are much more spacious and offer a greater legroom. It is also a great choice when it comes to the food and drinks offered and the entertainment facilities.

4. Best Economy Class Seats

Even when the coach seats sound bad, some of the airlines have taken the lead in perfecting them in the best manner. Just because it’s economy class, they haven’t sacrificed over the services offered inside the cabin. These seats are much more spacious than the standard economy seats of airlines and offer a greater level of space as well. Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines are among these amazing airlines that have the finest economy class seats. With settling in these seats, long haul is not as problematic and a greater level of comfort can be enjoyed. Traveling through the award winning airlines in the economy class is a pleasure in itself and helps you to enjoy the finest facilities even when you purchase a ticket for the coach seat.

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