The special food in Ho Chi Minh City

In the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, you will find lots of foods and lots of restaurants. So, before diving into their foods, it is best to know about the special ones first so that you don’t miss those. The city is actually full of flavors. Everywhere you will find foods and lots of street carts as well.


The special food in Ho Chi Minh City

This dish is been many visitors to Ho Chi Minh city tour enjoy and praise. Yes It is Pho, one of the very popular and special foods of Ho Chi Minh City. It is actually a noodle soup which contains rice noodles of flat type, some herbs, broth and meat. The quality of pho varies from vendor to vendor but usually it tastes brilliant. Moreover, the soup noodle comes with a variety of sauces and condiments. The sides that come with pho depend on the vendor though. One of the most popular places for making pho is the “lunch lady”. They usually serve pho with limes, chili, basil and mint. They have the sweet chili sauce which is different from that is usually found in Western countries.

Rice Rolls:

The special food in Ho Chi Minh City

Rice is a very common dish in Vietnam. Rice paper rolls is one of the very special foods. The rolls are prepared in front of you. It comes with either seafood or pork and sauces. The dipping sauces usually include hoisin sauce and a fish sauce naming nuoc mam pha. It is an excellent snack. You can find these rolls in many places and generally they are very fresh and delicious.

Banh Mi:

The special food in Ho Chi Minh City
Banh Mi is actually a fusion food which is one of the top most favorite dishes. According to Vietnamese, Banh Mi means bread. French people at first brought this dish into Vietnam. It is a sort of sandwich that consists of meat including steamed or may be roasted pork belly and also grilled chicken. Banh Mi is served with a variety of vegetables including cucumber, pickled carrots, coriander, daikon etc. and condiments including mayonnaise, sauces, chilies, cheese etc. To get served with fresh bread it is better to have Banh Mi in morning or evening. You can find many places selling Banh Mi and they will arrange the filling according to your choice.


The special food in Ho Chi Minh City

While travelling Vietnam, you can see a lot of seafood on the street. Most of street carts keep the raw seafood on display from which you can choose whatever you want. Seafood include crabs, scallops, tuna, shrimp, swordfish etc. All you have to do is to choose or point the seafood you want to have and they will fry or grill it according to your order.

Bo la lot:

The special food in Ho Chi Minh City

Bo la lot is an interesting and tasty food. Travelers and visitors may find it different. In, Ho Chi Minh City, the beef grills are cooked in the street and whenever you go right past it, the fragrance will strike you definitely. They prepare Bo la lot by wrapping the grilled spicy beef in betel leaves which taste bitter and this brings a different taste to the beef, different but tasty. If you want to finish your meal with something sweet, then Banh kep is a very good one. All over the Ho Chi Minh City, ladies sell coconut milk waffle cookies which are quite crunchy. The whole thing is prepared in front of you. They put batter into waffle iron and then heat it on the charcoal fire. So, frankly speaking Ho Chi Minh City can give you a new perspective about the street foods. They are fresh and most importantly quite delicious enough to compete with even high quality restaurant dishes. Vietnamese are really good with flavors and cooking. So, whenever you walk down the street, the smell and look of the dishes will surely tempt you to have the foods. For food lovers, it is a really good place to try up the street foods and moreover, do not forget to taste the above mentioned foods. They are so good that I would say if you leave Vietnam without tasting those, you are going to regret it forever. Ho Chi Minh City is an excellent place for tasting new foods and getting surprised by the taste and flavors. The city is a real source of joy for the food lovers as well as for the amateurs.


Interesting blog post, i personally like Bo La Lot, taste good and its yummy. Also, i like Vietnamese cuisine cuz they are always company with a set of delicious tropical Vietnamese fruits


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