Experiencing Homestay and Visiting Orchards on An Binh Island

Escaping from the sun and dust in the city, coming to An Binh Island, you will feel the cool, the fresh air of a peaceful countryside with lots of fun and attractive activities.

Located about 135 km from Saigon, alluvial land of Vinh Long attracts visitors with recreational activities. Here are some hints for you when visiting An Binh Island, a popular tourist spot in Long Ho district, Vinh Long province.

Exploring the river by boat

With terrain is land dunes surrounded by rivers, An Binh Island is an ideal place for tourists to visit the life of the locals by boat. The cool breezes and the singing on the boat will bring you unforgettable impressions.

If luckily passing the coastal fruit trees, you will be given the opportunity to pick up and enjoy delicious fresh fruits without worrying about being complained by local people because with the life of the farm all year-round, the fruit is often seen as the gifts to invite tourists.
Experiencing Homestay and Visiting Orchards on An Binh Isle

Visiting orchards

The gardens lush with fruits all year round are the specialty of the Southwest Provinces. Depending on the season and time, the gardens have different kinds of fruit. Summer is usually the main fruit season in the West, so many tourists visit this place at that time.

Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutan is one of the famous specialties on An Binh Island. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the orchards with ripe rambutan fruits on the branches. You can visit this garden during the harvest season (from May to July).
Experiencing Homestay and Visiting Orchards on An Binh Isle

Guests can also visit the extensive gardens of fruit to directly participate in “catching fish in the drain” in the traditional costume of áo bà ba, cooking and enjoying the "spoils" earned at the garden. These are activities designed to serve foreign visitors of some resorts.

Visiting ancient houses, traditional craft villages

Cai Cuong ancient house is known as an architectural work with European architecture mixed with ancient Oriental features. Located on Binh Hoa Phuoc commune on the bank of Cai Muoi canal busy with boats, this is the place attracting tourists to visit in the spring.

The most attractive features of the house are the wooden parts carved with dragon, phoenix, birds, trees.. figures which are all gilded.
Experiencing Homestay and Visiting Orchards on An Binh Isle

Added to this, you can visit the house of Mr. Hai Hoang built in French architecture with a very wide airy yard. Behind the house is the garden of rambutan and longan. This usually is the place for lunch and overnight of visitors.

Besides, the traditional villages such as Phuoc Dinh yellow apricot, Mr. Sau Giao’s bonsai gardens will bring you comfort and peace.

Visiting ancient pagodas and temples

When traveling to An Binh Island, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the old temples and shrines here. In addition to the restored old pieces of wall, statues of the Buddhist can make you “shudder” each time you pass.

The architecture of the temples here is quite unique. At the temples which was built hundreds of years ago, ancient space with exquisite carvings lines will help you open up the eye.

Experience "homestay" tourism

After a day of walking around on the island, you can relax in the houses at night in the type of "homestay" tourism. Visitors will stay and live with local people as members of the family. Through learning activities, you can experience the values of life and local culture.

You can visit some famous homestay addresses such as: Phuong Thao, Nam Thanh, Ngoc Sang, Vinh Sang, Ngoc Phuong, Ba Linh, Bay Trung ...

Enjoying local cuisine

Tasting the rustic flavor of the dishes in this land is something you should not miss. Some dishes you should try on this isle are fried gourami, catfish cooked with pepper, boiled vegetables, goby sour soup, steamed chicken with lime leaves, sweet potato...
Experiencing Homestay and Visiting Orchards on An Binh Isle

Tourists can visit the resort of Mekong - Dong Phu aquaculture farm to catch the fresh fish in the small canals and be guided to make delicious dishes on the spot. The prawns change their color continuously on attractive charcoal fire will leave much impression in your heart.

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