From Madrid to Vietnam with Travelgenio

Ok, it is time to connect two important destinations that are separated by a minimum of 15 flight hours and also a scale.

If you decide to bet and travel to Vietnam you must know, before starting the trip that you will immediately fall in love with the country.

Vietnam is tradition, nature, beaches and landscapes. It is also magic and there are some unique destinations you can choose as a traveller. Just take a look to the flights you can book with an online travel agency like Travelgenio and decide the city you want to visit as starting point. You should visit some of them to understand the real beauty of this country. Let’s see the options!

Hanoi: we have to start with the capital of the country. Hanoi is the city where you will have all the country connected. Let all the spirit of this city get inside of you because it will be the best way to discover places like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda, or the history of this country in the History Museum. Don’t forget also to take a look to the Fine Arts Museum. One of the stunning temples in the city is the Literature one, just plan a visit if you want to enjoy it.

Danang: the third biggest city in the country and maybe the connecting city between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh as it is just between them. Da Nang is also well known because of the Marble Mountains, where you can enjoy nature and outdoor sports. If you want to practise Snorkel, you will have it easy if you just have to arrive to the Cham Island, where there is a huge tradition in this watersport.

Hue: it is the ancient Empirecapital and it is real this last city. You have to discover it to understand the history of this country. It is the place to see pagodas, temples, castles…

Finally, we cannot forget Ho Chi Minh, where the old Saigon will be revealed if you just have a walk in the city center.

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