How visitors live when discovering Son Doong Cave ?

Travelers will have many exciting experiences in the wild such as spending 5 nights sleeping in a tent under the cave, enjoying BBQ with chicken or pork prepared by local chefs, relaxing swim in underground rivers...

Each conquest Son Doong tour has only to 10 guests with a professional staff consisting of experts, medical staff, guides, chefs and luggage porters.

The Son Doong adventure lasts 7 days including 5 days experience entirely in the natural environment with fantastic activities like picnicking, camping, sleeping tents, bath springs ... This journey will include 2 nights in En Cave and 3 nights in Son Doong cave.

Travelers will have chance to enjoy the delicious meal amongst the lush green jungle, on the way trekking from Doong Village to En Cave.

The tour offers a professional chef and 2 partners, who prepare meals and arrange seats for all travelers.

In addition to the delicious dishes prepared at the Son Doong Cave, visitors also have chance to savor fresh seafood and specialties of the surrounding villages of Phong Nha.

It takes around two hours to prepare a meal. The menu features many yummy dishes including BBQ of chicken or pork eating with salt, which is a local specialty of Quang Binh.

In the evenings, visitors can enjoy leisure activities like playing chess, singing, chatting with the porters...

The tent also has sleeping bags for travelers.
A flush toilet using rice husks compact is prepared for guests during the Son Doong tour. Each campsite has at least two clean toilets for travelers.

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