What to Bring for a UAE Fishing Trip - Few Suggestions

Any fishing trip is incomplete or unsuccessful without proper fishing gear and essential equipment. It is best to be prepared for a fishing trip than to realize you are missing something while you are in the middle of the sea/lake/river. Preparing for a fishing trip involves preparing the best possible fishing techniques and to be well prepared for possible situations that can happen during your fishing experience.

Here are some of the basic and most important recommendations for equipment and things you should definitely bring in on your fishing trip. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge and benefit:-

Essentials and clothing -

Generally daily laundry services are available at the lodge. It is recommended to check out the weather few days before your trip to fishing in UAE. This way, you can plan your clothing for the fishing trip accordingly. If you are unsure about the weather conditions you can choose your fishing clothing suitable for all type of weather conditions.

You can choose to wear clothes in which layers can be added or subtracted according to the weather conditions. You can choose to wear top quality polar fleece, polarized glasses, wind shirts and other sportswear items according to your choice.

Cool weather clothing -

If you are taking your fishing trip in a cool weather make sure you have a quality rain gear, heavy socks and shirts, waterproof foot wear, insulated hat and gloves, insulated underwear, heavy jacket and layers like fleece, windbreaker and hoodie.

Warm weather clothing -

Preparing for warm weather is much simpler and easier. You must have t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes (anything casual like camp clothing or a workout gear for your exercise room).

Some essentials -

In addition to the fishing clothing according to the current weather there are few things that you should always have. You must have your passport, a small overnight bag with all the essentials that you require for one night, polarized sunglasses and your license.

It is also very important to bring some important essentials like medications and toiletries, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, body wash, camera, spare batteries, phone charger, insect repellant and waterproof bag to carry out all your essentials in the flyouts and in the boat.

Fishing gear -

Most importantly when you pack your fishing gears for the fishing trip you should keep in mind the type of fishing you are going for. The reels, rods and lines should be according to the fish you want to catch in your fishing trip. Even though you have a fishing rod in your backpack, make sure to pack a spare one.

If anything happens to your primary fishing rod, you wouldn’t have to cut short your fishing trip. Likewise it is better to carry an extra reel with you. You can choose to have less expensive gears for your backups but they still should be of considerable quality.

Fishing can be a fun experience, but you still have to be careful and prepared for the experience. Make sure you have all the essentials and fishing gears before you set out for the trip.

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