9 Fishing Villages You Must See on The Coast Route along Vietnam

If you are in the journey of Vietnam’s beaches on the way of Ba Ria Vung Tau – Hue and want to discover further the lively images about local life in the coastal area, then these are top 9 fishing villages in Vietnam below you could refer in your Vietnam travel.

1. Mui Ne

Belonging to Binh Thuan province, and located along the beach of 1km long, Mui Ne fishing village is the ideal residence for boats, ships or rafts. If you come to the village in the early morning, you will see the bustling images of trading activities after the late trips at the sea of fishermen. 

Besides, here you can have chance to enjoy tasty fresh seafood at on – site or bring to your stay to cook with the affordable price such as fish, shrimp, crab, snail, etc. And don’t forget to drink the cool beverage of sweet coconut. 

2. Son Hai

Son Hai fishing village‘s location is near the Cape Dinh, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province. The locals here live by fishing and planting algae. Thus this is also the great opportunity for you to enjoy the tasty dishes creating from algae as well as the popular dishes here. 

Contrast to the busy atmosphere at the Mui Ne fishing village, Son Hai owns the quiet and peaceful space, which is suitable for relaxing outside the noisy life of the ordinary day. 

Visiting the village, you will understand more about the simple life of locals by sharing some interesting stories with the friendly people here and enjoy the fresh seafood. 

3. Bai Ngang – Tau Be

Located in the Binh Lap peninsula, Bai Ngang – Tau Be villages have the romantic landscapes of majestic mountains and seawater. 

Especially you will see many restaurants, and tourist areas such as Sao Bien, Dao Hoa Vang (Hoa Vang island), etc for relaxing in Bai Ngang village. Besides, coming to Bai Ngang you will feel the spacious space of the beach and enjoy the tasty fresh seafood which can be found in Cam Ranh area. 
Tau Be village is also the best place here, where you can hire a boat to get to Binh Ba island quickly. The locals mostly live by fishing. Visiting Tau Be village, you will see the bustling atmosphere of activities daily.

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4. Van Gia

Visitors have to cross Van Gia village to discover Diep Son island which is famous for the walking path with the white sandy beach under the sea level of 0.5 meters. Therefore, the village is becoming busy recently and known for oyster - the renowned specialty with delicious taste and cheap price. 

Visiting the village you will have the most relaxing moments in the pleasant atmosphere with the cool wind while drinking with a beverage of sweet fresh coconut and listening to the sound of the waves.

5. Xuan Hai

Xuan Hai fishing village is located north of Cau river, near Quy Nhon city and Binh Dinh province. Coming to Xuan Hai village, you will have chance to experience and discover the lively life of locals. The new day of locals often start from 4.00 am with daily works of fishing. 

If you travel on the day of full moon in Lunar June, you will see the traditional festival, which expresses the hope of locals about favorable weather. This is an activity belonging to the long – lasting tradition and culture of coastal residents in Xuan Hai particularly and Song Cau generally. 

6. Nhon Ly – Nhon Hai

Located in the Phuong Mai island, the fishing village of Nhon Ly and Nhon Hai are the best places for relaxing with their beautiful landscapes such as Eo Gio, Ky Co in Nhon Ly and Hon Kho or Kho island in Nhon Hai.

Here you will be warmly welcomed by friendly people and have chance to enjoy fresh seafood with cheap price and relax in the pristine beauty of cool water and smooth sandy beach. 

7. Tam Hai

Located about 40km from Tam Ky city, Tam Hai village belongs to Tam Hai island. Visiting the village, you will feel the hospitality of locals, peaceful space and see the simple images of boats in different sizes on the vast blue seawater.

8. Lang Co 

As the 250 – year – old village, nestled in the Lang Co gulf and surrounded by majestic mountains and vast seawater, Lang Co village attracts visitors by the serene beauty of nature and rustic people. Here there are also many famous resorts, and hotels with high standard for visitors to relax and overnight.

9.  An Bang

An Bang village is known as a strange, colorful and lavish cemetery, according to the British newspaper – Daily Mail. In Hue, the locals often call An Bang village as “The City of Ghosts” or “The City of Tombs”. 

90 % villagers have overseas relatives who send money home to build brilliantly colored graveyards in grand architecture. These tombs in this cemetery are constructed in different styles of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Vietnamese, Chinese and Western, etc. Some of them have the same architecture as Nguyen Kings’ tombs and Hue royal citadel. 


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