Plan A One Day Tour In Delhi And Enjoy The Best Sightseeing

Delhi, the National Capital Territory of India, is a storehouse of tourist destinations and landmarks. This seat of India’s medieval history abounds in forts, palaces, monuments, gardens, temples, mosques, memorials. It is difficult to cover everything in a day’s tour.
However, if you have just a day’s time to visit Delhi locally and make the most of it, you have to plan it well beforehand. You can set your venues to be visited based on your specific interests. If you are more into history, then the forts and monuments are a must. If you are looking for religious emancipation, the temples and mosques are a priority.

If there are children in your group, then the amusement and recreational parks must be covered. There are also some amazing shopping destinations and eating houses, which you just cannot miss.

Plan your tour to cover the maximum destinations-

There are some excellent tours to make sure you cover your one-day tour in Delhi with great sightseeing. For example-
    •       The Haveli tour along with Royal Heritages to give you a taste of nostalgia, historical, and cultural significance.

    • ·         The Old Delhi street food tour to ensure you get to taste the mouth-watering, lip-smacking delicacies offered in the streets of Chandni Chowk and Old Delhi.

    • ·         A special tour of the beautiful Akshardham Temple and getting the blessings of Lord Swaminarayan. 

    • ·         A relaxing tour and rejuvenating walk through the beautiful and peaceful Lodi Gardens.

    • ·         A tour through the Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

    • ·         A tour to experience the inviolability and sacred peacefulness of the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

    • ·         A tour to experience the love and sanctity of qawwali at the world renowned Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah.


    • ·         A tour to experience some national pride and patriotism with a touch of history and culture at the Indian National Museum.

    • ·         A tour to the majestic and beautiful Safdarjung Tomb Tour.

    • ·         A tour to the artistic Humayun’s Tomb.

    • ·         A picturesque walk and guided tour through the magnificent ruins of Tughlaqabad.

There are also so many personalized and customized tours that you can choose from.
For a one-day tour to Delhi, it is necessary for you to be perfectly at peace, without any hassle and visit the world-famous monuments and tourist spots of Delhi. Also, if it is possible, then have pre-planned tours by some of the tour providers. It will double up the fun in a planned way. 
The tours in Delhi will ensure that not only do you get to enjoy a full day of fun; you also get many opportunities to taste the delightful Delhi food, be it the local street food or the exquisite North Indian dishes which are extremely popular.

Tour guides will make sure you are informed of every important detail associated with the monument or attraction and its history and cultural significance. They are learned, mostly bilingual and willing to help you receive the best results for your one-day trip in Delhi so that you have a great and amazing holiday experience with your friends and family.  


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