Spain Golden Visa Is Your Gateway To Rediscover Benidorm!

“Say ‘Benidorm’ and the images of high-rise buildings, mobile scooters, fry-up snacks and lighted halls would cross your mind.”

The moment you get to “Benidorm”, it’s like ultimate Spanish holiday paradise package coming alive. There’s more to the city than sun-drenched Costa Blanca resort beneath the soaring horizon. For Madrid residents as well as lucky applicants of the Spain Golden Visa program, Benidorm is a perfect get-away spot with its welcoming beaches, sunshine, fish-and-chips spots. Besides, this is a chance to rediscover the usually overlooked charming old Spanish town with all its wide-sandy shores, fine dining and amazing scenery.

The Beaches

The two vast beaches namely; Levante and Poniente are the primary attractions for almost any visitor. Of these, Levante is always busy but if you’re visiting Benidorm early or even late during particular season, head to the far side of west all the way towards Poniente and you’ll get to enjoy a fewer crowd.

As far as the view goes, you’ll see deep blue sea with golden sand creating a shadowy triangle on Benidorm’s horizon. The very vibe here is serene with lots of space and a breeze that can’t be ignored! A line of simple restaurants spread across the seafront is your spot for a delicious lunch and meal serving all sorts of mouth-watering food.

Stroll Around The Old Town

The old town is prettiest in all Benidorm, inhabiting in a privileged spot on a hill between the two beaches. Evenings here are utterly dreamy especially when viewing sunset from Mirador where a fortress stood once.  The nearby streets present a charming picture of vendors and musicians with pleasant buildings on either side.

The 18th century Iglesia de San Jaime is the town’s flagship sight with its blue domes and white walls. This is perhaps the best place in all Benidorm to stay if you don’t prefer staying in a high-rise hotel or a resort.

The old town is where you’ll have the best culinary experience with Calle Santo Domingo and the surrounding areas are packed with first-class tapas joints. Food here is as good as you can imagine and also lighter on your pocket so this is perhaps the best thing you can have with a Spain Golden Visa alongside exploring the country and Benidorm itself!

Points Of Natural Attraction

No doubt, the city is surrounded by gorgeous scenery with the very design of Benidorm sprawling upwards instead of stretching out. So it’s easier escaping to the high-rises and mingle in the natural aesthetics; a winning trait of Spain.

To the east of the city is the Sierra Helada Natural Park giving you fabulous views and a chance to further explore the lovely, isolated cover that are best snorkelling spots as well.

If you want to try something different, rent an electric bike and ride all the way to the Cross of Benidorm. The view of the shore, highlands and skyline from here is simply hypnotic and the vista during sunset give the feel of Rio more than Spain.


Let Spain Golden Visa be the ultimate opportunity to explore Benidorm like never before and get lost in its beauty.

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