Advice for Your Trip to Inle Lake, Myanmar

General speaking, if you travel to Myanmar without visiting Inle Lake, then you cannot say that you have traveled to Myanmar at all. This is enough to see how attractive and charming this place is for visitors.

Inle - The Blue Sea of Shan State

Inle is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar in Shan State, it is called the "blue sea of Shan State." The Lake lies at the altitude of 800 meters above sea level and occupies a large area of about 116 square kilometers. The deepest point of the lake is nearly 4m and the average depth of the lake is 1.5m. 

Appealing destination around Inle Lake
You can visit the unique floating villages such as the village planting flowers, the one producing cigars, the village of long-necked Pa-o people, the villages that weave cloth and produce handicrafts, In Dein village. In addition, there is also Ywama Floating Market that meets once every 5 days. Or you can visit the dance monastery or admire the sunset in the poetic afternoon.

Poetic afternoon on Inle Lake

One of the great points of Lake Inle is the beautiful and romantic natural scenery and especially fresh, pleasant climate. Therefore, Inle Lake is suitable for excursions around the year, especially ideal for couples or travelers looking for relaxation. In addition, if you go to Inle Lake from September to October every year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of vivid, colorful festivals.
The lake attracts a lot of visitors everywhere to visit to enjoy the beauty of the lake by its pristine and attractive beauty. Going to the middle of the lake, the boat carrying visitors will slow down and stop so people can take pictures of local people fishing on the lake, a beautiful image often promoted by Myanmar tourism on postcards.

When going on the lake, the boat will go slowly so that tourist can see the view of the shore, which is considered as the village of green vegetables of indigenous people. The population is sparse and concentrated around the lake by traditional villages. Upon visiting the village of Sendu, tourists will see here, people weave cloth from a unique material in the world, they take silk from the lotus to spin and weave into fabric. According to some sources of information, it takes 8000 lotus stems will be able to weave a piece of fabric with the width of 0.6 meters and 2 meters long with the price up to hundreds of Dollar.

One more day to visit Inle Lake, visitors will have more time to explore and contact with the women of the ancient Padaung group. This is the ethnic group still living in the border areas of Myanmar and Thailand. The life of the people here is tranquil, not entangled. They are cheerful and friendly, willing to take pictures with the visitors, then continue their work of spinning and weaving fabric.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda - an iconic sight of Inle lake

Around Inle Lake, there are sacred temples built centuries ago. Notably Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the pagoda is a community gathering point for the community of Inle Lake. The temple has five golden Buddha statues that the local people here, as well as visitors, pay homage when visiting. The temple also displays some photos of the president and senior Myanmar officials who came to the temple.

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Nice one, the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda look like those pagodas ive seen in Nepal.
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