Travel Routes for Cloud Sightseeing in Vietnam

Ta Xua Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La is now a popular cloud hunting site. Immerse yourself in the sea of Ta Xua clouds, you will feel like you are wandering in a heaven on earth. The appropriate time to hunt for cloud is from December to March. So this is also an ideal site to explore.

The road from Bac Yen town to Ta Xua is 13 km long. On the way, you can watch the whole town of Bac Yen hiding in the clouds, hovering over the mountains.

Y Ty is a mountainous northwestern border commune, bordering China, located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This is a popular cloud hunting destination with the people. The best time to hunt cloud in Y Ty is from August to March.

When spring comes, Y Ty is not only magical with the sea of white clouds like cotton, but also gorgeous blooming peach blossom. The romantic scenery along with the warmth of the people of this place is so interesting that not everyone can resist.

Da Lat city (Lam Dong) not only captivates people with brilliant colors, but also beautiful natural scenery. What is more romantic than in the early morning, admire the clear sunshine, through the sea of  floating clouds.

Camping on the high, airy hills to enjoy the beautiful sea view clouds are interesting experiences in Dalat for those who love to travel.

Ba Den Mountain (Tay Ninh) is the highest mountain in the Southeast. In recent years, this place has become a popular cloud hunting site.

On cloudy days, the scene here appears magical, especially the moment when the sunrise, the white cloud of the sky, the bright yellow of the early sun, the green of the grass. All combine to create a romantic natural painting.

Ba Na Hill (Da Nang) is located in Mount Chua, 1,489 m high in the middle of the sea of white clouds, cool weather all year round. This is an ideal place for family and friends to celebrate Tet holiday.

Coming to the occasion of the Lunar New Year, besides participating in modern entertainment services, visitors can admire the Buddha's door and watch the vast sea of clouds at sunrise or sunset.

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