The Inle Lake - Unspoiled Landscape and Fresh Air

Inle Lake is located in central Myanmar. In order to get into Lake Inle, all foreigners are required to buy entrance tickets at $ 10 per person, which is a compulsory environmental fee.

Travelling to Myanmar, visitors will see Inle Lake as the "blue sea in the hills of Shan State". Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar with an area of 116km2, the deepest point of the lake is nearly 4m and the average depth of the lake is 1.5m.

The lake attracts a lot of visitors everywhere to visit to enjoy its pristine and attractive beauty. Going to the middle of the lake, the boat carrying tourists will slow down and stop so people can take pictures of local people fishing on the lake, which is a beautiful image promoted by Myanmar tourism on the cards. Going to Myanmar and visiting Inle Lake, you will find it similar to water tourism in Vietnam, but a basic difference is the Inle Lake environment is completely cleaner than in Vietnam.

When going on the lake, the boat will cruise slowly, so tourists can see the scenery on the shore, which is considered as the green vegetables village of local people.

The population is sparse and concentrated around the lake in traditional villages. Visiting the traditional weaving village, guests will see here a very old and interesting method of weaving. They create cloth from a unique material in the world - the lotus growing on the lake. According to some reports, every 8000 lotus will be able to use to weave a cloth which is 0.6 meters wide and 2 meters long, with the price up to a hundred dollars.

One more day to visit Inle Lake, visitors will have more time to explore and contact with the women of ancient ethnic Padaung – the longneck tribe. This is the ethnic group still living in the border areas of Myanmar and Thailand. The life of the people here is normal. They are cheerful and friendly, willing to take pictures with the visitors, then continue to work and weave fabric.

Burmese women dress up very simply and the makeup is quite simple, most women in this country use the face powder from thanakha, grinded from the tree with the same name for skin care and sunscreen. At first sight, it may be a bit strange for visitors, but then you will find it charming and so cute.

Around Inle Lake there are sacred temples built centuries ago. Notably Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the pagoda is a gathering point for the local community of Inle Lake. The temple has five Buddha statues covered with gold, that is very holy to the local people as well as visitors. The temple also displays some photos of the president and senior Myanmar officials who came to the temple.

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