Nam Du Islands - A Summer Destination of Paradise in VietNam

Being naturally favored 21 islands, Nam Du Archipelago, a Maldives of Vietnam Nam, has strongly attracted its tourists with charming beaches and magical sea world.

As a part of 2 communes, namely An Son and Nam Du, the farthest archipelago of Kien Hai district, and 80 km to the west of Rach Gia City, Nam Du remains unspoiled. It includes 21 islands, of which 11 ones are inhabited.

An ideal time to explore the “breath - taking” beauty of Nam Du is from the end of December to the end of May. During this time, the islands are very pristine with soft white sand and fresh sea air. Therefore, you definitely deeply fall in love with this amazing island right away.To get there from Ho Chi Minh city, you might get on a high-quality coach to Rach Gia ferry, then, board a ship to the island. It might take you 2 hours to reach the destination. 

There are numerous “must-explore” islands in Nam Du, namely, Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dap, and Bai Cay Men, but for the reason of the highly complimented ones, we would recommend following destinations that promise to satisfy your “hunger” of sea admiration and exploration. 

Nam Du Lighthouse

Nam Du Lighthouse is located at the peak of Hon Lon (Cu Tron) in An Son commune. This is considered the highest lighthouse in Vietnam thanks to the hill of 300 meters high above sea level. Although the lighthouse is not too majestic, it is the most ideal place that tourists definitely greet the panorama of the whole charming island and take “one-of-all-kind” pictures at the same time. 

Chuong Beach

As a charming beach, however, Chuong Beach was not naturally favored a “marvelous” home to coral as that of Nha Cu. The beach highly impresses its tourists by, the crystal blue sea water that can be compared with a natural giant mirror created by the mother nature, the peaceful and poetic scenery, and rustic daily life of the locals instead. The images of boats floating off the shore and berthing at dawn are naturally engraved on our mind. Thus, this beautiful beach is an ideal destination for couples and young tourists who are “craving” for indulging themselves into peaceful and tranquil nature and taking “virtual” check-in pictures at the same time.

Traveling a few kilometers further, you would probably access to two exhilarating rock beaches. Da Den Beach (black rock beach) features impressive stones of various shapes. As the name would imply, the beach is named after the color of the rocks. When the beach is bathed by rays of sunshine, the stones under the sea is sparkling with many eye-catching colors. Noticeably, some of them are characterized by the strange patterns and the same color as that of red marble. Additionally, you should definitely make a visit to Da Trang Beach (White rock beach) that take you 15 minutes of walking from Da Den Beach. Bai Da Den is home to various sizes of stone that scatter along the beach. Interestingly, the beach almost features rocks, so tourists often take several stones as souvenirs of the sea journey.

Nam Du Humiso tourist complex

Being naturally favored a landscape complex of beaches, coral reefs, a primeval forest featuring trees of hundreds of years old, and other charming scenes, the peak of Nam Nu Humiso enables tourists to greet the panorama of the amazing Nam Du Archipelago.

Visting Humiso, tourists have a chance to fully enjoy relaxation, pick up fresh air, and alluring scenery. If you stay here, you might sleep at bungalows heading to the sea or tents. How amazing!

Get there, you should definitely wake up in the early morning to greet the firsts rays of sunshine of the day when your hear might be melted by the breath-taking scenery facing you. It will be more wonderful if you take a cup of coffee when watching the stunning sunrise.  Then, you might wander around to explore the sea, engage in scuba diving to discover the diverse marine life, in general, and the colorful coral reefs, in particular. You should also give mountain climbing a try for the reason that above Humiso locating a hillside heading out to the sea, and a trail in which tourists can explore plants and animals in the forest.

In the late afternoon, you might stroll along the beach to enjoy the sunset, go fishing and enjoy fresh seafood. And, you could camp, participate in interesting games right on the beach, or sing a song in the evening. There are a lot of things to do to enjoy your day on the island.

Bai Soi Beach

Located in Hon Lon, Big Island (Cu Tron) of Nam Du Archipelago, Soi Beach is an ideal destination for those who love to indulge themselves into the unspoiled landscape.

The beach offers resorts and restaurants which stay away from the bustle of the residential area. These resorts and restaurant are built by natural materials, provide tourists with panoramic views of the sea, and offer coral diving right on the beach.

In addition to the distinguishing characteristics of charming and romantic space and architecture, Bai Soi Beach also has restaurants featuring different menus served by professional chefs of reasonable prices.

If you stay at the beach, you should definitely wake up early to watch the stunning sunrise. The point is that you just need to lay leisurely on your bed, open sea-view window to enjoy that wonderful scene.

Additionally, tourists who do not stay at resorts on the beach can have a swim and bath here with the cost of 1$ / person (including fee for fresh water bathing and resting)

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