The Most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Of course, there is no shortage of charming islands in Vietnam, but for the highly complimented ones by both tourists and travel websites, I would recommend following 5 islands. They promise to provide tourists with an unforgettable summer vacation right they set foot in them.

Cu Lao Mai Nha (Mai Nha Island), Phu Yen

Located at An Hai Commune, Tuy An, Phu Yen, Mai Nha Isle is favorably compared with the “Robinson” island. Although the Isle isn’t far from the shore, it is an amazing place to explore the primitive beauty of Phu Yen. The best time for a trip to this exhilarating isle is from March to August when the sea is calm.

Coming to this breathtaking isle, you will feel absolutely astonished by the magnificent wild nature mountains greenly covered with trees. Especially, there are no tourism services, no electricity, no hotels, lack of freshwater on the island. Therefore, you are required to carefully prepare foods, drinks, tents, and gadgets when visiting this isle.

The front beach is the soft white sand with pristine blue water, suitable for bathing when going picnic. Meanwhile, the back beach owns a large rock formation and, 10- meter deep caves near the brink which enable you to go fishing. Furthermore, there are many live coral reefs around the island which promise to drive diving lovers crazy right away.

Cu Lao Re (Big Island), Ly Son Island District, Quang Ngai

Being one of two islets of Ly Son Island, Cu Lao Re, also known as Big Islet, has fascinated holidaymakers with the pristine charm and tranquility that promises to mesmerize them right they set foot in it. Additionally, the island serves as home to local residents and farming land, in which they grow garlic. It is the long - lasting and characteristic occupation on this charming island. Talking about the beautiful tourist spots on the island, Thoi Loi Peak, in which we can hold an overall view of the charming sunrise, is definitely worth mentioning. Noticeably, the national flag also flutters in this breath – taking Peak. Walking along the concrete road which is still at work, you might go straight to reach the amazing Hang Cau (Cau Cave), in which you can explore the spectacular mountain formed by lava with the strands of wind erosion. From here, taking a right turn on the sea road, you reach the lighthouse, where you can greet the very first rays of the sunshine on the island in the early morning.

Climbing up to 190 winding steps (equivalent to 11 floors), you are at the summit of the lighthouse. Back to the road that you did follow, going round the island, you approach To Vo gate, an ideal place to watch the stunning sunset. Therefore, tourists flock to this gate in the late afternoon to enjoy one of the best moments and scenes of the day. Next to this alluring gate is Hang Pagoda, featuring the statue of Buddha Kuan - Yin heading out to the sea. According to the local residents, Buddha Kuan - Yin plays an essential part in their spiritual life, who does not only take care of their children when they are on the shore but also protect them against the sea monsters.

Traveling the island, you should definitely make a visit to Tien Beach, surrounded by magnificent cliffs to indulge yourself into the pristine blue sea water and engage in coral diving alike.

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