Unique Special Dishes in Madagui - Lam Dong

Wild fish, chickens living on trees and strange vegetables made Madagui forest become an attractive tourist attraction.

Located on Highway 20, Madagui is 152 km from Ho Chi Minh City and is the midpoint of the road from Sai Gon to Da Lat fog city. Although it is only a small town, yet this is the first place that visitors can feel the difference between the low of the lowland and the cool climate of the highlands. Madagui begins with endless green forests, rolling hills and rolling streams, where many of the Ma people live.

Legend has it that the name of the land, Madagui, appeared when the first Ma people came here, chose the stream of red water all year round swirling upstream of the Dong Nai River as a place to live nearly a hundred years ago, Food and drink of the hills south of Lam Dong also from that rich. In the photo is the stream fish that the ancient Ma found themselves.

In Madagui, despite the season of the year, besides the fish from Tien streams with golden water, diners are also treated locally with fish dishes, catfish, sweet water. If the lowland fish is used to fry La Vong fish, here, the fish is well cooked and served with rice. 

The big fishes also used to cooked with noodles, mushroom, bacon. According to the chefs of the Muong Xanh restaurant in the Madagui Forest Resort, the fish in streams is the most delicious.

Along with the fish in the streams, chickens on the tree is also a specialty. Due to being raised in the jungle, eat natural food, exercise a lot, the chicken here is firm meat, crispy skin. Just boil chickens, take the banana tree trunks chopped salad mixed with salad, then we can enjoy the best chicken salad.
Chicken is also cooked with turmeric or ginger. Although big fire or reheat warm many times, the chicken here is still crispy and sweet meat. It is very suitable to eat with white rice, or can also be eaten with vegetables.

To Madagui, we can not ignore the ecological pig- the hybrid pig between pigs and boar, breeding in the natural environment. Compared with normal pigs, this type of pig is more delicious with crunchy skin, lean meat, less fat, suitable for roasting or grilling.

Pork chop is also cut into skin, marinated with ginger and then steamed with onions. Just dipping sauce, the food is enough to conquer the most demanding diner.

Grilled rabbit is also one of the specialties of Madagui because of the fragrant crispy buns that are crispy on the charcoal stove. Because rabbits are raised in the natural environment, the quality of meat is not less than that of wild rabbits.

Frog dishes such as fried frog, baked frogs... are also attracted because frogs are caught from the area near the stream so the meat is very firm and fragrant.

Because of many bamboo, rice bamboo dishes are also used by Mạ people to treat guests, however unlike the cooking of bamboo tube as in Gia Lai, Madagui lam rice cooked with glutinous rice grown on the hill. Rice is very delicious when eat together with grilled chicken.

Along with the animals, wild vegetables also contribute to the cuisine of this place. The most popular is the green leafy vegetables. This is a sweet-tasting vegetable with a characteristic aroma. Madagui people often make soup or boil. This forest type grows all over the forests stretching from the Lam Dong plateau to Nam Cat Tien forest in Dong Nai province. According to the ethnic chefs, this kind of vegetables is very good for health.

Go to Madagui, whether on a sunny day or rainy day, it is nothing more interesting when sitting by the steamer hot pot smoked or grilled charcoal grilled, then sipping a bit of specialty wine just listening the stream echoed from the upstream.

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