The best time pass activities in a long train journey

Flight journey costs a lot but a train journey values a lot. Yes, this is really true if you love to spend few days on the train watching the culture, architectural excellence, natural wonder and more passing by. Train journey gives you a great opportunity to study the culture and character of different people from different locations. If you are looking for the best time pass activities in a long train journey, then here are them for you.

Enjoy good sleep
Don't wonder why to sleep. If you are on to train for a long train journey after a tedious work or from a busy business schedule, then it is better to take a good sleep to calm your mind and body. There is no doubt, movement of the train give you the experience of a rocking cradle. Take a cup of coffee after the sleep to feel rejuvenated and refreshed and to enjoy the real spirit of the travel.

Keep your favourite books
Get your favourite book before you get into your seat. It is certainly a good idea to complete one or two novels before you reach your destination. The movement of the train and the breeze passing by gifts you with a fantastic time to get indulged in the real spirit of the novel.

Music on the go
This is one of the fantastic ways to spend time on the train. Make use of tablet, laptop, iPad or phone to listen to your favourite track. Enjoy the cool wind to get some fantastic moments of experiencing the favourite music. Thanks to the internet service providers. Tune your favourite FM store or download the favourite tracks to enjoy music on the go.

Take time to taste the delicious food
Food seems to be a serious problem for most of the train travellers. At present, the problem is completely solved by train food delivery services. Yes, you can book your food online through your mobile and that too within minutes. Make use of the mobile app to get the menu and book the favourite dish. If you are traveling with friends or family, make the food time a good experience by taking some snaps and sharing it.

Have chat with strangers
This is another important time pass with good values. Yes, have a chat and share the experiences. It is something really values and provides you with a great learning experience.

Watch the wonders
The real happiness of train journey lies in watching the fields, towns, villages, rivers and other amazing sceneries. If you start watching something filthy or boring, you can turn back to books or music. 

Watch a movie
Keep some of your favourite movies with your iPad or mobile. There is nothing going to happen if you forget to make it. Now you can download your favourite movie within minutes. It is really good to watch a full movie when you move with the fantastic movement of the train.
Now you better know how to enjoy the long train journey. Have a happy train travel.

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