4 Mysteries of Sapa Cuisine

Located in the northernmost of Vietnam, Sapa is widely well-known for not only its natural and cultural beauty but also its unique culinary characteristics. Sapa cuisine as well as specialties always surprises tourists thanks to their mysterious local flavours and ingredients. Today, I would like to present to you 4 mysteries of Sapa cuisine for your upcoming trip to this beautiful land. 

Sapa cuisine

1. Seasonal Fruits

Sapa has a wide range of fresh vegetables thanks to the ridiculously cool climate, which offers tourist an opportunity to taste many fruits they have never had before in their Vietnam excursions. Particularly, there are a lot of seasonal herbs and vegetables growing in Sapa only or they were discovered by local people many years ago. Therefore, Sapa is said to be the kingdom of fruits in northern Vietnam including fragrance peaches, Sapa apple, red plum, etc.

Sapa cuisine 2

2. Cooking Secrets

Sapa cuisine is totally one of the most outstanding of its kind in Vietnam which consists of many specialties that you will never forget during your Vietnam culinary tours. The secret is hidden behind skillful techniques and experiences of some ethnic minorities in Sapa who owns a long-term tradition of cooking from generation to generation. As always, they keep looking for their culinary ingredients from Northern forest and mountain which are really healthy and flavoursome, some of them can even cure serious diseases.

Sapa cuisine 3

3. Farming Methods

Just like other countryside areas in Vietnam, local Sapa farmers grow their plants and feed their poultry and cattle in traditional ways. Most of the farmers in Sapa are too poor to built large solid cages for their animals, they only have leaf-covered bamboo house for big cattle like cows and buffaloes, and set other animals and poultry free in the wild instead. As a result, those not-being-captured ones grow more healthy because they can feel free to eat whatever they want. Thus, their meats reach the best, making the cuisine in Sapa more and more nutritious.

Sapa cuisine 4
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4. Homemade Stuff

It is said that nothing is better than homemade stuff. Indeed, local people in Sapa have got many natural advantages to find the best ingredients in the wild for their homemade products. One of the must-try specialties here must be handmade wine, which is made of various ingredients including rice wine, corn wine, grape wine, apple wine and even snake wine etc. Once have tasted the wine, you will feel that it is really good for your health and even helps you enjoy your meals to the fullest.

Sapa cuisine 5

Overall, each regions has its own flavors and fascinating culinary mysteries. However, a trip to Sapa definitely promises to bring you nothing but a charming diverse cuisine together with a true local techniques in cooking.

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