Mount Popa, Myanmar: Monetary on Top of Extinct Volcano

A sacred monetary on top of an extinct volcano, which is like something out of “Harry Porter”? It sounds strange but you can see it in real life if you visit Mount Popa in a Burma travel.
Located in Mount Popa National Park in central Burma, the mount, 1,500 meters high, is the headquarter of Myanmar’s most powerful Nats.During the trip to Burma, if you have flexible time, climbing Mount Popa is very worth trying. Though the weather in the region is very dry, the mountain and surrounding area is green and look like an oasis in the desert. Moreover, the plunging valleys around the peak are dramatic and ona clear day, you can view stretching vast distance.

Climbing Mount Popa

The monastery on top of Mount Popa is famous for being home of 37 most important Nat spirits (Burmese spirits). To reach here, you must climb a stairway of 777 steps.Make sure that you pack plenty of drinks and snack because there is no food or drink available at any point on the ascent. However, along the staircase to the top, many temples and shrines provide a chance for rest and spiritual reflection on why you tackling such a climb.You will also find an impressive array of flora and fauna including a variety of  species of birds and butterflies. One special thing in this visit is that you will see a lot of monkeys, both along the stairway and in the monastery itself. They are always on the lookout for food and the food opportunities were enough to keep them busy.

Popa Taungkalat Monastery on Top

There are two giant golden colored Chinthes and a lion like a creature that guards the entrance to most temples in Burma. Once you enter the monastery area, please take off shoes and socks as it is usualin Burmese temples. Other requirements at Popa are no vests, no shorts and removing hats and bags, which is to protect you from the monkeys.. Here you will find a golden pagoda surrounded by many smaller pagodas. Besides, a shrine in PopaTaungkalat monastery has statues of the 37 most important Nats, all wearing very colorful clothing. Many pilgrims from all over Burma visit Mount Popa to pay homage to Nats, especially during the full moon festivals of Nayon and Nadaw. From the top of Mount Popa, you can see for miles and miles across the land. The views are very spectacular, which is worth your climb of 777 steps. You can even see as far as Bagan and the Irrawaddy river providing the weather is clear.

How to Get to Mount Popa

After arriving in Myamar on Burma river cruises, you can start your journey from different places.The mountain is about 50 kilometers South East of Bagan and Nyaung U airport. Fromeither place it takes around 1 and half an hour by car to get there. The most convenient way is to book a private car for the day, which offers you a chance to stop at many other places along the way.
In conclusion, a trip to Mount Popa will be one of the most memorable one in your life because you will have opportunity to know more about animportant Burmese pilgrimages site. Beside, you will dive into the nature and get close to the monkeys because the mount is in a national park area.

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