Top 9 attractions in Vinh Long (part 2)

6. Van Thanh Temple, Vinh Long

Van Thanh Temple is located in the position being about 2 kilometers from the center of Vinh Long city, on a large land next to Long Ho river in Ward 4, Vinh Long city.
The temple is near the town, and the road is paved with concrete, so it is easy for visitors to freely visit it without any difficulty. Walking to Van Thanh Temple, tourists can feel the cool air brought from Long Ho River to the mainland. The triple entrance to the temple has two roofs painted in gold color - color is usually used by the king in the previous period. Gate is designed in the arched shape; the main gate is larger than the two secondary ones; on the gate, there is the Chinese words meaning 'Van Thanh Temple'. The columns of the gate is engraved a pair of parallel sentences praising of the merit of Confucius and the spirit of the Temple of Literature.
A long time ago, Vinh Long people have considered Van Thanh Teple as a pride, because this place has been a symbol of the tradition of "respecting for teachers". Therefore, Vinh Long authority has tried to protect and renovate the temple to become a tourist destination for tourists as well as a favorable point of all Vinh Long people.

7. The only garden of rocky tablet of Buddhist scripture in Vietnam

The garden of rocky tablet of Buddhist scripture is a unique destination in Vinh Long. This garden was built in a garden of 4,000 square meters wide belonging to Phuoc Hau Pagoda (Tam Binh District, Vinh Long Province). The construction of the temple is initiated by Thich Phuoc Can, the abbot of Phuoc Hau pagoda. This garden has 500 pages of Buddhist scripture engraved on 250 stone tablets. According to many people, the garden is a very meaningful, very aesthetic garden. In the future, this will be a place to attract many visitors in other provinces to visit.

8. Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is located at No.28, 8/3 Street - Area 4 - Group B, Ward 5, Vinh Long City. The pagoda is 1,800 meters away from the south-east of Vinh Long city's center. The pagoda was built in the middle of 19th century. The pagoda was originally built of simple bamboo leaves, later was rebuilt, and it passed through many reigns. Now, the pagoda has become one of the tourist destinations that visitors to Vinh Long have to visit.

 Long Khanh Pagoda 

Long Khanh pagoda has unique architecture, marking the cultural tradition of 3 ethnic groups: Vietnamese, Khmer, Hoa, so it attracts a lot of people coming here to visit. This place is also the main focus of a system of pagodas, temples with diverse architectural details. The pagoda has an unique beauty, and a diversity of cultural identity. Along with the scenery, bonsai trees grown througtout the yard creat the beauty of the temple.

The architecture of the pagoda is extended with successive buildings. The pagoda is divided into small areas: the main hall, the divine room, the living room, the medicine room, the canteen, the tru (kitchen) and the backyard. Long Khanh Pagoda is known as the place where there were many glorious victories in the war of national liberation. Long Khanh Pagoda was recognized by the People's Committee of Vinh Long Province as a historical relic in 2003.

9. Nha Xua ecological area of Vinh Long

This is a place you should visit and experience to get more knowledge about Vinh Long. The ancient eco-house is located next to Ong Me canal in Phuoc Nguon A hamlet (Phuoc Hau commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province). This house has been preserved intact for a long time. The house has an area of 450 square meters and is built entirely of precious wood in the style of 3-room bamboo house. Entering the house, you will be surprised by the beauty of the house, including the arched door carved flowers and birds that is very harmonious and other fine sculptures throughout the house. Only here, you can also see the fresh fruit garden, enjoy the special dishes of Vinh Long. Therefore, the ancient eco-area has become a popular tourist attraction in Vinh Long attracting many tourists in, outside the province and foreigners.

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