Sightseeing in Lam Dong the highland of Vietnam (part 1)

Dai Ninh Lake

Dai Ninh Lake is located in Ninh Gia Commune, Duc Trong District (Lam Dong Province) in the Dai Ninh Hydropower Project in the Dong Nai River area to supply water to Binh Thuan. This is a large project located in all 3 provinces, but perhaps only with the cold air of the plateau, Dai Ninh Lake in Duc Trong is considered a masterpiece. Dai Ninh Lake is about 50km from Da Lat city, about 50km to Bao Loc, next to National Highway 20.

Dai Ninh Lake in Lam Dong Vietnam

The scenery of Dai Ninh Lake is most beautiful in the morning when the mist still covered the Dai Ninh space. The dry trees in the middle of the lake appear to have a sense of both fancy and mysterious as the land of ancient fairy tales. The lower the water, the dry tree shows up more and more clearly, as an important point indispensable to create the attraction of Dai Ninh Lake. The moon is hanging somewhere in the sky as if shining down the lake of real damage Dai Ninh.

When the sun goes through every corner of the lake, smothering fog, Dai Ninh shows up beautiful glitter in poetry. The gentle girl gently touches the heart of the person looking at a beautiful charm unforgettable, the water wave of silver rolling like ripples happy welcome new day.
Some fishermen started their daily life on the small boats, people in Dai Ninh lake-wide with many contrasts as demonstrated by the great power before nature.

Besides sightseeing, the biggest attraction cannot be overlooked when visiting Dai Ninh lake is fishing, fish here a lot, so that these elegant pleasures are many visitors love. Just pick a corner of Lake Dai Ninh, visitors can gently let go to show his level. Once you have achieved the results, visitors can look for dried branches scattered around the lake rewarding themselves with the taste of freshly grilled fish on the bank.

If early dew covers the lake Dai Ninh is considered a beautiful scene when the sunset gradually let go red-tinted area will also be memorable moments to be saved.
This was also the time when many boats began to work in the night. Under the night began to invade the region, the bright lights fluttering on the lake as the flowers are blooming love.

Jraiblian Fall

Nestled in the forest Ta In the desert is a high waterfall majestic. Waterfall has a mysterious beauty just dreamed. Who once had to pass through the unforgettable impression of the waterfall as well as its wild beauty amidst majestic mountains.

Jraiblian Fall in Lam Dong Vietnam

From the cliff is about 70m high, a large stream divided into three branches poured straight into the deep stream; the water chasing each other, as fast as the shot fired, the water mist is a blurry area is magical. About two or three kilometres away, I hear the sound of water rumbling.

Stretching at the foot of the waterfall is a large rocky beach, there are many large stones evoked an interesting image for visitors when the opportunity to "stop trip". Legend has it that the bodies of animals, birds, and even humans are petrified when gathered here to hear the magical sounds emanating from the crocodile's tongue.

Contrasting with the strength of the waterfall, the coastal landscape is poetic. Right on the cliffs, climbing an old tree, letting go of the long arms as if playing with water. Then the branches, soft creepers crawling on the cliff. There, occasionally, the white orchid clusters appear from the branches of the tree to the point.

On the left side of the waterfall, follow a small trail, we will encounter a cave wall with a wall near the entrance of the trenches deep into the water to appeal to the desire to explore.
Cao Da Waterfall, Jr√°iblian or Bao Dai Waterfall is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lam Dong, promising a promising tourist potential. Not to be less than Pongour or Gouga waterfall in stature and height and still retain the pristine look like Elephant Falls.

Around the cascades are zigzag cliffs, forming slits like caves are quite attractive. The flora of this area is very rich and preserved relatively intact. The location of the waterfall can be organized tours camp, picnic favourable. Currently, the waterfall is being invested tourism business, repair embankment down the waterfall, building the foot home, garden rock, etc.
(to be continued)

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