Sightseeing in Lam Dong the highland of Vietnam (part 2)

Dambri Fall

Located about 18km east of Bao Loc city centre, about 100km away from Da Lat tourist city and 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, along with the highway 20, through tea, coffee and fruit trees. The tourists will come to Dambri Ecotourism Resort and enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool climate of the South Central Highlands. Dambri according to K'Ho means waiting to be associated with the beautiful legend of the iron son of the young man for his love.

Dambri Fall is very famous and mighty in Lam Dong Vietnam

Dambri waterfall is considered the largest waterfall in Lam Dong with a height of 60m, forming two extremely high flow low. The road to the waterfall has a cement bridge over 20m long across the stream, near the top of the falls. Standing on the bridge, tourists can completely enjoy the majestic spectacle of the water flowing down from the top of the waterfall.

There are three ways to conquer the falls for visitors to experience that is walking about 138 stairs, take the elevator or experience the thrills with slider 1. 650 km long, each way will give the visitor a distinct feeling. Dambri waterfall.

But most visitors come here to choose 138 roads on the slopes, have been concretized very convenient to enjoy the full view of the Dambri waterfall. Around the waterfall is a forest still preserved intact beauty wild uncovered with an area of nearly 300ha full of birds.

Many ancient trees such as stars, vultures, with the original to several three arms embrace are also here. On sunny days, visitors can come here to explore the beauty of the primaeval forests, participate in the big game, fire camp is extremely exciting and exciting.

In the rainy season, visitors can comfortably sip a cup of hot coffee, watching the mist as a thin blanket covering the forest and enjoy the lyrical songs, listen deeply to the waterfall rumbling words Upstream that goes a few kilometres and hear the sound.

Come to Dambri, visitors also witnessed the life, social and cultural life of Chau Ma ethnic village extremely interesting. Along the way up the stream, going to the shore, you will have the opportunity to test the skill and bravery when the difference on the bridge in the style of an ethnic minority in the local do.

The bridge is intertwined with the vines are available in the forest, such as rattan, gang, Loo. In the village of Chau Ma ethnic - one of the ethnic culture villages in the Highlands, guests will enjoy the ceremony gongs, explore and learn about traditional brocade weaving and can also bring tents to organize picnic activities.

Dambri Dam guarantees to bring guests the moments of comfort and full of enjoyment when enjoying a very enjoyable and comfortable holiday with family and friends. Not only that, Dambri waterfall also brings visitors many surprises and interesting as visiting the area of mammals.
Here, the monkey island has hundreds of children, deer are raised freely released tourists are not surprised and excited when caught. Not only that, Dambri waterfall also has the area of raising bears, turtles, shrimps. In particular, elephants were domesticated and obediently followed the instructions of the monk. Guests can sit on elephant's back for souvenir photos.

Dambri falls - a beautiful legend, with charismatic and majestic charisma, ensures visitors will have the best time and comfort. Dambri Waterfall Resort, a wondrous midst of thousands of green, a mark never fade in the heart of every visitor when set foot in the land around the year fragrant tea with aromatic coffee gardens stretched to the ground.

Tam Chau Tea Hill

Tam Chau Tea Plantation, located in Bao Loc city, is known as "tea city", which owns the largest tea growing area in Lam Dong province as well as the Central Highland and Southern provinces.
Although there is no long history as well as famous not by Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat, any visitors coming here will feel a very strange attraction. If possible, come here early in the morning when it is still misty to admire the early morning dew still on the tea leaves, or walking on the red dirt road with yellow flower carpet between green tea, and especially the chance to enjoy the hot aromatic tea in the cold weather of the plateau.

Tam Chau Tea Hill is one of the largest and nicest hills in Lam Dong Vietnam

Tea is grown in Tam Chau mainly O Long. If you are a tea lover, tea connoisseurs, surely you can not ignore the brand B'lao tea (old name of Bao Loc city). B'lao tea is very unique, not bitter, but slightly after a glass of tea, you will feel a sweet and fragrant very deep. Tam Chau owns four tea farms specializing in growing high-grade O Long tea varieties: Kim Xuyen, Thanh Tam, Tu Quy and Thuy Ngoc. At the tea farm, you can admire the green tea hills, embracing the atmosphere of cool and generous, as well as touching the tea leaves freshly opened when to Tam tea processing factory Chau, you can visit, learn about the process of producing O Long tea extremely meticulous and thorough.

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