Top 10 food that you should try when traveling to Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake of Hanoi Capital is no longer a strange destination for foreigners and visitors. It has not only beautiful scenery, and fresh air but also the famous food. Below, I will recommend you some dishes you should enjoy when traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

1. Pho - Ly Quoc Su Street

This dish is not a strange food for everyone. Although each place has its own characteristics and flavor, you will feel the special taste of this dish in Ly Quoc Su street. Pho Bo Ly Quoc Su is considered as the most delicious in Hanoi because of its meat and soup. In addition, the crunch of fried wheat flour also makes this dish greater. 

2. Tofu Noodle with shrimp paste - Hang Khay Street

Tofu Noodle is contained in a flat winnowing basket with green banana leaves. Visitors who come here to eat this dish find it delicious. Moreover, this food is eaten with thick pork bolognas, and shrimp paste. I think you will be impressed by its aroma smell and spicy, sweet, and salty taste of fish sauce.

3. Lan Ong Bread - Cha Ca Street

If you are into bread, you should not miss Lan Ong Bread, Cha Ca Street. Bread has simply pate, onion, cilantro, cucumber and chili sauce, but visitors who ate bread here remember its taste forever. Especially, Its pate is very delicious because it is not fishy. Therefore, this bread attracts people everywhere. When traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, do not miss this place. 

4. Nem Chua Ran (Fried Fermented Pork Roll) - Hang Bong Street

Hang Bong is famous for Nem Chua Ran due to its aromatic taste. When you try this food, it is not too fat and greasy. This dish is usually dipped in chili sauce with spicy and sweet taste. Moreover, it is also eaten when people drink beer. The aroma of Nem Chua, the spicy taste of chili paste, and the cool of beer makes you find wonderful. 

5. Grilled Beef - Ma May Street

The recipe for this food is very simple. After soaked in special spices, beef is wrapped in a silver paper and grilled. When baking beef, the sweet taste of meat mixed with other spices make Grilled Beef have aromatic flavor. Grilled Beef is eaten with tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes. When the weather is cold, you can enjoy this food with family and friends. It is extremely a wonderful experience.

6. Van Than Noodle - Hang Chieu street

Van Than is famous for aromatic tough noodle together with the sweet soup. Wheat flour is made from flour and eggs and boiled carefully. Small shrimps, mushrooms, and meat are wrapped in a thin layer of wheat flour and also boiled until it ripes. A bowl of noodle includes meat, mushrooms, a piece of boiled eggs, vegetables, chives, and field cabbage together with the sweet soup. Everything makes this food so great. 

7. Trang Tien ice cream

Trang Tien is always crowded in winter or summer because it is famous for delicious ice-cream. There are many kinds of ice cream with various flavors of cacao, green rice flakes, coconut milk cream, green pea, and green tea. In particular, cinnamon ice-cream cone is more popular than all. Moreover, the price of ice cream here is also very cheap so anyone can also enjoy it.

8. Bun Oc ( Snail Noodle) - Dong Xuan market

When you try this food at the first time, you will be attracted by delicious taste of snails, stir-fried unripe banana, and soft yellow tofus. The water is quite sour and slightly aromatic. This food is often served with noodles with sliced banana, basil, shiso. When traveling Hoan Kiem Lake, do not hesitate to try this food. 

9. Bun Cha ( noodles and grilled meat) -Hang Than Street

This is also familiar dish of the people of Vietnam. This dish is quite simple, but it requires the ingenuity of the person who makes this food. The grilled meat is soaked in special spices so that it is sweet, sour, and spicy enough. In addition, fish sauce is also delicious enough for everyone to eat. When trying this food, many visitors are attracted by the great of Bun Cha.

10. Chao Suon - Ngo Huyen Street

Ngo Huyen Street is famous for simple food but delicious taste. Gruel is ground carefully before it is cooked. Moreover, pork bones are also stewed many hours to have sweet taste. To my experience, when the weather is cold, you can go with friends to enjoy this food and chat with each other. The atmosphere is extremely warm and happy.

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