Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

Can Tho is known as the capital of the Cuu Long Delta River. It is also one of the major economic centers of Vietnam. So, it has many cultural features and the typical cuisine of the west of the country. It is interesting to mention to Can Tho cuisine because of the variety, and rustic in each dish. Below, I would like to recommend you some food that you should try when traveling here. 

1. Pho Ca 

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

Pho Ca is a combination of cuisine between Hanoi and Can Tho. This bold and harmonious combination has created the special flavor of Pho only in Can Tho. Pho Ca is so delicious because of the moderate sweet taste. Moreover, soup is boiled from parts of fish such as head, and bones. This food is eaten with the favorite vegetables such as basil, and coriander together with a bowl of sweet spicy sauce. I think Pho Ca is not the bad choice for you.

2. Banh Tet La Cam ( Cylindric glutinous rice cake with magenta plant)

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

People say that The most unique cylindric glutinous rice cake is Can Tho. If you want to have good taste, you must choose the most delicious sticky rice. And then, it is soaked with the magenta plant to have a natural purple color. When eating this cake, you can find the sticky rice, sweet meet, and salted eggs extremely great. Today, Banh Tet is often sold in Xuan Khanh, An Thoi, Mit Nuoc markets. You can visit those markets to buy Banh Tet as gifts for everyone. 

3. Nem Nuong Cai Rang ( Cai Rang grilled pork hash wrapped in banana leaf)

Top “rustic” food that you should try when traveling Can Tho City, Vietnam

The best Nem Nuong is still made from fresh pork, and then it is grilled on charcoal until it is ripe. Moreover, Each Nem Nuong is pierced by small bamboo sticks and grilled carefully. This food is eaten with rice sheets, coriander, unripe banana, cucumber, pineapple, and starfruit. When eating this food, you put everything in rice sheet, roll it and try it with special sauce. Do not miss this dish when you come Can Tho city. 

4. Chuoi Nep Nuong (Grilled Sticky Banana)

In Can Tho, Banana is very small, not long, and not big. It is delicious most when the outside layer of sticky rice is brown, the inside layer is white, and the banana is ripe. When it is rain, you can buy this food in pedlars to both eat and chat with friends. You will feel the typical atmosphere of Can Tho city. I think that that time is extremely happy. 

5. Oc Nuong Tieu Xanh (Grilled Snails with Green pepper)

Snails are boiled and then put on fire charcoal with spiced such as pepper, garlic, sodium glutamate and so on. When the water boil, people put snails in plates. It is suitable to eat, slightly spicy, just sweet-salty, and crispy. You can drink water snails if you want because it is also great. Another recipe is that people grill raw snails directly. Its taste is extremely delicious. 

6. Cong Cake

Can Tho people see the cake as the nosh, so it is only eaten in the afternoon or evening, from 4 to 5 p.m. Cong Cake is enjoyed with sweet and sour sauce, houttuynia, mango, salad, basil, etc. Green beans smell, meat smell, fried shrimp smell are mixed together with other ingredients. It is extremely a diverse dish of taste and color. 

7. Tam Bi Cake 

The taste of cakes in Can Tho is very special. The cake is steamed on the stove so it is always hot. The skin pork is quite crispy and fish sauce is quite limpid. The aroma of the coconut milk is always mixed with the white Tam Bi cake together with vegetables, bean sprouts, and Pickles and salt. This is both cheap and delicious food. Wherever you go, I am sure that you always remember Tam Bi Cake's taste. 

8. Hoi Cake-Roasted Pork

If you have a chance to visit Phong Dien with orchards, do not forget to visit Minh Canh garden and enjoy Hoi cake - Roasted Pork. The cake is made from rice flour, served with roasted pork, and coriander. Therefore, Hoi Cake is small white color and it is eaten with raw vegetables, roasted pork, and fish sauce. Visitors who have ever tried this food find it extremely wonderful. 

9. Bun Nuoc Leo ( Sauce Noodles)

It is one of the dishes of Can Tho with reasonable price from 0.5$ per bowl and full of rotten meat, fish, shrimp, and fresh squid. Especially, the noodle soup is cooked in fresh coconut milk. When enjoying this food, you can eat with coriander, raw bean sprouts, banana flower, and spinach. This is one of the delicious dishes that you should enjoy when traveling Can Tho.

10. Phu Sa hotpot

The attractiveness of this hot pot is not only its name but also its taste. The sour taste of Phu Sa hot pot is very sweet and moderate. In the floating season, Phu Sa hot pot is served with many kinds of vegetable that are very typical of Can Tho land. Trying this hot pot is also a wonderful experience for visitors who want to have a fresh feeling.

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