6 coffee shops in Da Lat has “forest view” that you can not ignore

Dalat is famous for not only its delicious food, beautiful natural scenery, unique homestay quality but also the mountain boutique coffee. These unique and beautiful cafes are designed in such a young and creative way that contribute to the striking city of the highlands. It is extremely happy to sip a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the warm air together with the green forest spreading and high pine fields low. If you are into nature and coffee, I am sure the beautiful coffee shops in Da Lat below will not let you down. Let me discover them.

1, Me Linh Coffee Garden

Me Linh Coffee Garden
Located in group 20, Village 4, Ta Nung commune, Da Lat City, Me Linh Coffee Garden is the corner of the beautiful cafe in Da Lat that attracted hundreds of young people with the wonderful view of the beautiful pine forest. Me Linh is a small plantation in the rural mountainous area near Da Lat where there are green hills stretching. Besides, you also feel the beauty of water in Cam Ly Lake. With open space, it is quite simple with a sunroof to welcome natural sunshine and the wind from the sky. All things help you to feel the special beauty of this highlands. 
If you have the opportunity to visit, you do not forget to enjoy the delicious coffee flavor of Dalat, especially a cup of weasel coffee. 

2, Cafe Violet Flower Book On Wednesday

Cafe Violet Flower Book
Address: 16 Tran Hung Dao, Da Lat, Lam Dong.
Being one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Da Lat, Violet flowers on Wednesdays make anyone come here also admired by beautiful architecture and everything is elegantly decorated in combination with the separate garden area and flowery villa. Not only that, here you are also listening to a romance story between the soldier André and the beautiful singer Jennie. And nothing better if you come here with friends or lover to sip a cup of coffee that has the special flavor of the plateau.
The menu is quite simple and dishes are quite cheap, mainly tea, coffee, hot milk from 1$-2$ per cup.

3. Zen cafe & villa

Zen cafe & villa
Address: Address: 27C Pham Hong Thai, Dalat
Located quite near Xuan Huong Lake and about 2 km to move to Da Lat Market, Zen Café attracts people with a strange look. No noisy, no tussle are the adjectives to describe it. Instead of noisy atmosphere in Da Lat center, it has a green garden, overlooking the hills in the distance. Zen Cafe Dalat - Villa is a garden villa dining area. Therefore, you can enjoy breakfast, enjoy many special dishes such as Ham Huong tea, roses tea or a glass of Italian coffee.

4. Daily Coffee

Daily Coffee
Address: 11B Le Hong Phong, Da Lat
Daily impresses tourists by the natural color and beauty of Da Lat mountain city. With simple style, it takes the red and white color tone combined to bring a space that is both seductive and impeccable, plus incredibly beautiful feel with the scene of rolling hills in the window frames.
For food, drinks, you will see the price not cheap compared to the common ground of other beautiful coffee shops in Da Lat. It is about 1$ per vitamins, condensed, and delicious smoothy. 

5. Villa cafe Pensee d'Art

Villa cafe Pensee d'Art
Address: 17 Dang Thai Than - Commune 3 - Da Lat
Perhaps referring to Dalat, people immediately think of the flower gardens, pine trees, romantic scenery with villas, valleys and even sip a bit coffee that has the taste of "forest". That may be true for many people all over the world. This coffee shop is a large villa with a nice view because when you look down, you can see the panorama of the valley after Palace II that people call it Pink Valley. Do not hesitate to come to this coffee shop to enjoy the great things. 

6, Rainy Coffee 

Rainy Coffee
Address: 24B/1 Hung Vuong, Da Lat City
This is a garden cafe is famous for young people as well as tourists when traveling Dalat. The coffee shop is an open space with plants, lakes and especially artificial rain spray system regardless of rainy season or sunshine. Therefore, you always feel the rain flowing down the roof.  Perhaps, the name of this coffee shop is Rainy.
If you want to find a nice cafe in Da Lat with quiet and romantic space to chat or dating, this is definitely the best choice for you.

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