Co To Island - A wild beauty

Co To is known as a paradise island paradise in northeastern Vietnam. With wild landscape, majestic nature and less affected by the devastation of human beings, Co So still retains its natural beauty. On Co To Island, there are many beautiful beaches with clear blue waters, long white sand beaches, casuarinas murmuring in the wind. Besides, Co To owns many tourist attractions that anyone visiting it should visit once. Do not miss the 8 tourist destinations below.

1. Co To lighthouse station 

Co To lighthouse station
Co To lighthouse was built in the late 19th century and is one of more than 30 "eyes of the sea" operating throughout the territorial waters of Vietnam. To climb the lighthouse, you have to cross the steep cliffs. Then, climb up the 72 stairs from the bottom to the top of the lighthouse. From here you can comfortably take in the panoramic view of Co To Island, from the beautiful seaside town, interspersed with smooth green forests, and humble roofs. 

2. Cau My Stone Ground

Cau My Stone Ground
A paradise that anyone Co To island cannot ignore is Cau My Rocky Area located to the south of Co To big island. Cau My has a system of sedimentary rocks eroded about over ten of thousands of years because the seawater created a scarce wonder compared to other famous islands in Vietnam. The rock layers are visible as soon as you come in a variety of colors. Moreover, the rock layers, many colors, and many shapes make the area as a vivid picture of the process of tectonic nature.

3. Hong Van Beach

Hong Van Beach
Coming to Co To, you will definitely be impressed by the pristine beaches of this beautiful city, and Hong Van is one of the destinations will make you feel that way. Located in the east of Co To Island, Hong Vain sea is quiet and the sea waves rolling like a lake due to Thanh Lan island located off the wind from the sea. Besides, the soft sandbanks along with the blue sea in this place will make visitors do not want to leave. 

4. Van Chai Beach

Van Chai Beach
At the end of the island is the beautiful Van Chai beach that nestled on the beach with smooth sand stretching sand. Especially, the sea water here always has a beautiful blue color because the blue color reflects the sun and changes the different shades of blue whenever there are small waves connecting each other to the shore. If you like peace, take a moment to come here to rest.

5. Love Road

Love Road
Traveling to Co To, certainly, you will hear a romantic road named Love Road. This road is more than 2 km long, along with the coast, and located about 100 meters from the center of Co To town. The two sides are two green trees swaying lightly in the wind. Calling Love Road is also true because walking or cycling slowly is extremely romantic. Spending a little time with lovers on this road is definitely a wonderful moment. 

6, Co To Small Island

Co To Small Island
As an uninhabited island, Co To small island attracts tourists by the beautiful pristine beaches. Co To small island is about 1 km from Co To big island. Therefore, tourists can rent wooden boats to Co To Island with a travel time of about 25 to 30 minutes. The rent for a boat is about 26$ - 34$ (according to the route) and each boat can carry about 12 people. Here, you can try the feeling of sleeping on the tent near the beach. It is an interesting experience for those who like new strange feeling.

7. Ho Chi Minh Memorable House

Ho Chi Minh Memorable House located in District 3, Co To town is a population of relics on Co To Island, including monuments, tombstone, and a memorable house belonging to the historical system ranked historical and cultural monument at the national level. This monument was built in 1968 and rebuilt in 1975, and located only 50 meters from the coast. This is one of the only places that Ho Chi Minh wanted to build the statue. Moreover, this area is always a prominent destination that everyone would like to travel. 

8. Ho Chi Minh Beach

Ho Chi Minh Beach
Uncle Ho Beach is located just outside the entrance of the island. From the pier, you can see this 15 km long beach running towards the end of the island. This is the main beach for residents here and the most crowded place to bathe. It is because the beach was full of white sandy beach surrounds the green casuarina forest with a paved road running along the coast. At this beach, People Committee has built nearby Ho Chi Minh monument to celebrate him on the island. Perhaps, this beach was named Ho Chi Minh Beach. This is the favorite walking point of the residents and also the most beautiful sunrise view for all visitors.

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